America and Muslims

By Sally Bode

Avi Lipkin, an American born Jew, moved to Israel as a young man and made Israel his home. He married an Egyptian-born Jewish woman named “Rachel” who as an Arabic speaker, has worked for the state of Israel listening to Arabic broadcasts and telling the world what the Arabs tell one another which is quite different from what they tell the West.

Avi Lipkin did not like the Christians of America and told his wife: “The Goyem hate us.” “Goyem” is a term Jews use for which we would say “Gentiles”. Having been raised in Egypt and seen the Coptic Christians endure similar persecution to the Egyptian Jews, she exclaimed: “You don’t know anything! Christians believe in the same God of the Bible unlike those of the Muslim faith, who hate both Jews and Christians and are likewise called “the people of the book”. Avi listened but it took, some time to really change his opinion to that of his wife, noting that the true descendants of Abraham are those who love and those whose lives are devoted to hate, are the religion of God’s enemy, Avi now spends time speaking to churches so for the purpose of American revival to help Israel’s survival. He has great wit and insight living in the Middle East.

It is hard sometimes as I focus on the evil which Islam has done to not hate Muslims. It does help me to remember that the first victims of Islamic hatred begins with their own children who are taught from early on to hate both Jews and Christians. Hating is not healthy, it creates its own brain-chemistry, such that makes it like an “atomic bomb exploding all the time in my mind” as one of my Muslim friends has described his mental health. This robs a person of peace and when you do not have a calm mind, can you make decisions which are sound? When a person’s mind is running on pure adrenaline, memories are sketchy at best as in emergency mode, it is like operating in safe mode on a computer. Not even the screen looks normal.

Critical thinking is something we use in the West to determine even if a person is guilty before a jury of his peers. Our Founders endowed the common man with this right, though many of us cannot scarcely afford it in this economy and many employers do not cover wages for their employees who must serve on a jury. In the West, the benefit of what was said by God in the book of Isaiah gave a flavor to the religion of the Jews and later the Christians, that we are supposed to understand. There is nothing wrong with questioning if there are good and consistent answers. This is from Isaiah 1:18 though God invites us into dialogue with Him. “Come let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they will be white as snow; though they are as red as crimson, they will be like wool.” Questioning is not a virtue in the Islamic faith. The God of the Bible is not an abrogator, He does not change, nor does Jesus Christ who we know is the same yesterday, today and forever.” The Koran is full of abrogation, kind and tolerant verses done away with by later stern and harsh ones. So to understand the Koran by how it works when Muslims find themselves in a position of strength, just look at chapter nine. If you have only time to read one chapter, then this tells you enough and explains the constant wars against Jews and Christians we see today and in the history of Islamic jihad and their holy wars, if we care to look.

Now Avi Lipkin in his study of what Arabs would likely do, made a prediction before we saw it happen. I suppose based on the migration of Muslims to Europe, and the constant wars and displacement of people since the Arab Spring, he predicted that there would be huge numbers of Muslims coming to America as refugees. He said that the Saudis would pay for it and that this would require new housing starts and that these housing starts would be good for the American economy. The part about the Muslims coming to American shores is correct, but I disagree in this point, that it will be beneficial to the American economy based on what is happening in Germany where German citizens are pulled out of their homes to make way for the Muslim immigrants. In Turkey, Muslim refugees were confined to camps and living in tents. Many Syrians have even lived in such camps in Syria. Both Syria and Turkey get really cold in the winter so this is no picnic in the park for sure. But German winters are severe, though they have nothing on cold winters in comparison to what Russian people have lived with. As to what is happening to the displaced Germans, I cannot report on this as I haven’t found articles to describe this yet.

So what will happen in America? Based on the revulsion of Muslims on houses built by the Kafir (non-Muslims) in Germany, only if the Muslims build the houses and apartments will they be good enough to keep Muslims happy. So if jobs go to anyone to build houses in America to house these refugee Muslims, it will be the immigrant Muslims, not the American contractors, carpenter, electricians, plumbers, concrete masons, who will benefit though some will at first.

What we have seen and will likely be the case, that the transportation and the food and housing costs are not being on the tab of the Saudis with deep pockets as Avi Lipkin supposed, but to destroy further the economies of the Christian nations whose faith has been undermined by secularism and Darwinism. So for our abandonment of God, God has promised as He did to the Jews that they would suffer wars, be invaded, suffer loss and be uprooted. We should expect that though all of us do not deserve this, that our nation surely had strayed out from under God’s protective covering by despising His councils, His laws and the relationship with Him we were called to and our nation was dedicated to.

What the Saudis will fund is the building of mosques and jihad while continuing to send large endowments to universities so that their sons and grandsons now born here will be ready to be those who will govern America in its future. They do not want to see the Christian West propped up even if Muslims within them suffer which they will as this added burden of immigrants to the United States and to Europe, along with fighting home-grown terrorism and that of the newly imported jihadis, will be a disaster on the already depressed economies of these nations. It will help the sale of guns but when Americans must choose between self-defense and paying rent, car payments, food or buying shoes for their children as most already live one pay check to another, unless they can pay over time on credit, they may buy guns but not afford ammunition. As the Saudis will fund jihad and even on American soil, mosques becoming armories as they frequently have been shown to be in the war in Iraq, is to be expected. That the Obama administration has a supply of ammo that has been bought up by Homeland Security, is jaw-dropping. Obama has spoken about an internal army inside America and as he finds not enough fit for this task or virulent enough to kill, kill, kill, he is importing an army of Muslim jihadis to fulfill this promise.

Obama has made mincemeat of our laws and our Congress is weak and divided, they do not understand what Islam will do to the United States nor are they listening to voices from the Middle East to educate them. They have turned off this advise as says Robert Spencer of and Brigitte Gabriel, Noni Darwish, Brother Abdullah al Araby, Walid Shoebat, Avi Lipkin and the second generation bloggers who in the wake of 9/11 have educated themselves on Islam. A new voice to pay attention to which offers much insight is Bill Warner in his many videos on YouTube on Political Islam. We must encourage our hearts by standing with those who resist the spread of Islam.

At the same time, we must educate ourselves of why our schools are failing and our culture has become so immoral and pray for revival in America, in Europe and in the rest of the world as well as for the prayers of the persecuted church.

Darwinism has undermined our faith, even those who attend church may not believe the Bible fully. If you can take the story of Creation and turn it into “once upon a time”, can you really take any of it as seriously as we should?

As if there isn’t enough to learn, but in case you would diversify your ability to stand in these last days, to know that God did indeed create this world as He said. We must stay strong in our faith and as it is weakened, follow the advise of scripture to strengthen ourselves. There are many voices which are reputable and give a good testimony of God’s creation and the Biblical flood that can inspire us and help us to witness to Darwinists as well. As many Darwinists are virulent in their hatred second only to that of Muslims, that the two would become allies of one another is certainly what we see. Liberalism in politics is in bed with Islam and we see it in our own government giving many positions of power to those who are Muslim Brotherhood. Until Darwinist also see that this paints as much a target on their back as it does for Christians and Jews, and that their arguments are false, they will continue to say “all religions are equal”. Not all religions worship the true God, some like Islam, have mad Satan, who calls himself “Allah”, theirs. Allah wants to be worshipped and will not be content with atheism or agnostics either. These are what the Muslims find among us as “useful idiots” and are just as likely to be killed in time as we who are Christians or Jews. Even Muslims do not have respect towards cowards or traitors to their own culture. Until we can also help our neighbors and friends and alright, let’s be honest, even our enemies see that it is in everyone’s best interest to believe in the God of the Bible, our witness will be incomplete. Of note among Christian apologists for Creation are Dr. Carl Baugh, Dr. Don Patton, Dr. Kent Hovid, Ken Ham. Then there are the scientists who became creationists such as in astro-physics, biology. One needs only to Google or to search on YouTube for excellent lectures on the subject of why Creation is the best description of the fossil record and not evolution.

However the rotten house of Islam though it should collapse under its own weight nor Darwinist will do likewise as despite evidence to the contrary, men and women cling to these things because their deeds are evil and they know not the God who made them, they do not know His love or His grace and we must be ready to give an answer to any for the faith within us. We are told to “study to show ourselves approved” but that does not mean only the scriptures but to be wise and find those arguments raised against us by Darwinism and by Islam to do as the men of old of faith like Daniel who shut the mouths of lions.

It is like if one were to wash their windshield, washing just one part is insufficient. So also are we like guns without bullets if we do not know arguments we will need in the future to help us win souls or to strengthen the resolve of others to do what we cannot do ourselves.

It seems like a daunting task. But we must recall as St. Paul stated “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”