Jim Croft

It is important for anyone wanting to discuss Islamic issues intelligently to understand that the popular term “Moderate Muslims” is a rather misleading term.  The Liberal Media and the governments of many democracies apply it to most every Muslim living anywhere and especially to those residing in their nations. They insist that only a minuscule percentage of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims have inclinations favoring Islam’s harsh intolerance of other religions and inclinations toward Jihad terrorism.

Moderate Muslim Needs Definition

Yes, there are many Muslims living in democratic countries and even in Islamic republics that are not disposed toward hyper-religious activism. They are Muslim by birth and culture.  However, mosque attendance and adherence to Islam’s various laws are not front-burner concerns in their lives.

For all intents and purposes, they are secularized people who simply want to provide prosperous lives for their families and don’t mind if those of other faiths do the same.  The “Moderate” term is applicable to them in the sense that they are equivalents to nominal Christians who are Christian in name only.  Religious involvement is not of interest to them.  Secularized Muslims are truly “harmless moderates.”  They do not endorse terrorism and would try to avoid participation in enactments of Shariah Law penalties on Muslims who violate Mohammed’s policies.

Nonetheless, there is another massively larger group of Muslims that are referred to as “Moderate Muslims.”  They by no means are as harmless in all respects as Islamist spokesmen and the News Media would lead us to believe.  This group is comprised of the majority of the world’s Muslim population.  On one hand, they do not belong to or knowingly aid and abet any international Islamic terrorist organizations.  In that sense they are “Moderates.”

However, Islamic terror is not restricted to fanatics igniting bombs to kill the citizens of Christian nations.  Terror is built into Shariah Law.  The majority of the globe’s “Moderate Muslims of whom I’m now speaking feel obligated to live compliant to Shariah Law.  That qualifies them as potential participants in terrifying acts at the societal and family level.  The truth is that in order for them to be considered authentically Muslim by their peers they must comply with Shariah Law. It is like water and wet.  You cannot indulge in water without getting wet.

Shariah Law calls for vehement anti-Semitism; beating wives deemed insolent; honor killings for those who marry outside of Islam; death by stoning for girls charged with premarital sex and wives accused of adultery; amputating the hands of thieves; and the public flogging of any Islamic citizen who breaks Shariah Law.  In addition, Islamic Law endorses marriage to child brides and permits pedophilia with little boys and in many Islamic strongholds, a blind-eye is given to slavery.

Muslims who are labeled as “Moderates” carry out those terror ridden policies and practices everyday in cities and remote villages throughout the Islamic world. In that regard there is nothing truly “moderate” about the mass majority of the global Islamic population.

Not at War with Islam?

Western diplomats whose governments are engaged in the War on Terror frequently assert that their nations are not at war with Islam.  That is accurate in that the war declarations do not include the objective of eradicating Islam as a religion.

Religionists who want to appear ecumenical and knowledgeable often stress that they are not at war with Islam.  They do so out of ignorance.  There is plenty about Islam that should be opposed with passion.

I must ask how the same people would respond to the following questions: Are you OK with wife beating and stoning suspected adulteresses?  Do you believe that it is right for a rape victim to need four male witnesses to prove the act was not consensual?  Would you enthusiastically support legislation that decriminalizes the likes of pedophilia and the marriages of girls who are under 12 years of age?  Would you vote in favor of the reinstatement of slavery?

If your answers to all of the questions are affirmative, you are indeed at peace with Islam.  However, if your answer to all of the questions is an adamant, “No”; you my friend are at war with Islam.

Had your understanding of Islam included the full implications of its Shariah Law, you would resist it.  Like any person of sincere faith who knows the facts, you would be opposed to Islam for conscience sake.  And, most likely within your heart, your opposition would carry an indignant, warlike flame.

As a youngster in 1954, I saw a terrified little girl of around 9 dragged screaming through a market in Tripoli, Libya.  I asked our Muslim guide what was happening.  He casually said, “She has just been purchased by that man to be one of his house servants and concubines.”

In the mid-‘80’s, I made a trip to Nigeria.  I saw a young boy of 8 getting kicked to death by a group of men.  His crime was stealing a piece of fruit from a street vendor.  On the same trip, I learned that during any given month, hundreds of girls with torn bladders were abandoned at clinics and left to sit in their own urine.  I asked why so.  I was informed that the girls’ bladders had torn while in the rigors of giving birth to children.  Their wealthy husbands who had purchased them from impoverished parents no longer had any use for them.  I asked what I needed to do to get a team of physicians into Nigeria to help such girls.  I was told, “Don’t bother to try.  Even if our Muslim led government permitted it, all of the doctors would have to be women.  Surely, you are aware that it is a sin for a man to look on another man’s wife and an insult to Islam.”

The incidents I have just described all happened decades prior to the now common acts of international terrorism driven by Mohammed’s Koran and his sayings in the Hadiths.  What I witnessed inspired me to explore Islam.  I wanted to know how a major world religion could allow and even fuel such unconscionable attitudes.  My studies have revealed there is a lot that is very, very wrong with Islam.

In discussions about Islamic issues, when someone applies the term “Moderate Muslim” to most every Muslim on the planet; it is appropriate to ask the speaker how they define “Moderate.”   Most likely their answer will be vague.  You can enliven the discussion by giving clarity to the term through what you have learned in this article.

The same goes for broad statements about how we are not at war with Islam.  At that point you might affirm that the assertion is factual in regard to armed conflict.  However, you might quickly add that Islamic terror is not limited to acts of terrorism on foreign shores.  Then ask them how they feel about some of the grievous policies and practices of Shariah Law that are cruel, unusual and unjust.  After listing a few, you might inquire: “If you are not morally and ethically at war with such practices; pray tell, what are the societal wrongs that you would passionately decry?”