by believer2

What if Christians made an advertisement in the newspapers of Saudi Arabia announcing that we have a lot in common, we love Muslims and respect their religion, but we don’t believe Allah is God or Muhammad is a prophet of the God of the Bible?

Would they let us run these advertisements in their newspapers?
Would they see this as an expression of love and respect?
The answer is a resounding NO. Not only would they not allow such advertisements, but the Muslim world (as usual) would go into a rage with uproar of insults and cries of accusations against all Christians for blaspheming their prophet and Allah, followed by fatwas to kill the people that dared to even suggest those advertisements.

Well, this is exactly what CAIR is doing to the Christians of America and the world by putting these deceiving, blasphemous and hugely insulting ads on the pages of American newspapers. And to add insult to injury, CAIR offers us the poison wrapped in Islamic honey as an act of love and respect, expecting us to swallow it with tears of gratitude in our eyes and choked of emotion as we, the kafirs that believe falsely in a God incarnate Jesus of the Bible, rejoice and recite after CAIR thank you Islam.

Now, let’s prove this deception and this insult from the Koran point by point:

First of all, how would Muslims like it if we call Muhammad “Medo”? Would they take that as sign of respect?
That’s exactly what Muhammad and Muslims did with the name of Jesus; they transformed it to Eissa. Of course, they use the deception of saying that Eissa is the Arabization of the name Jesus, which is a lie. Why do the Christians of Arabic speaking countries never use the name Eissa, but Ya’ssou, derived from the Hebrew Ya’shou, the origin of the name Jesus? Why in the Arabic Bible is there no mention of Eissa? The established doctrine of the Bible is that every name have a specific meaning. Therefore, the name Ya’ssou means The Savior. What does Eissa mean? No Muslim will be able to tell us the meaning of Eissa. Simply, because it has no meaning. Even if we go with the Arabization excuse, how would they like us Americanizing Muhammad to Moody or Modison or Muhamadelson, or Africanize it to Mamadou, and in Italiano it would be Muhammadiano or Muhammadsconi. Isn’t that in itself a big insult to Jesus, the Bible and Christians?
5:51, 9:29, 5:9, 5:57
Second, CAIR ads tell us “Like Christians, Muslims respect and revere Jesus. Islam teaches that Jesus is one of the greatest of God’s prophets and messengers to humankind.”
And this is the POISON, “like Christians.”
Let me make it clear from the beginning that my aim here is not to indulge in comparative religions debate. But to expose a DELIBERATE deception with the intentional aim of disinformation and misleading lies. Slandering the Christians of the world and the Christians of America in particular by insulting their intelligence, abusing their religious tolerance, and making them in spite of themselves having things in common and partners with a so called religion of an Allah that desire nothing less than their extermination unless they follow that Allah and Muhammad, and ad to the manpower of Islam to fulfill its commandments in spreading the extermination of others. All this, in full sunlight, proudly displayed by (who else) CAIR in a perfidious media blitz campaign with full blown ads on the pages of American newspapers.

There is a wealth of material from the Koran and Islamic sources that not only refute that deceiving claim “Like Christians”, but actually warns Muslims that they have nothing in common with Christians, and call the Christians and Jews “Kafirs” which is the most degrading Arabic insult used by Muslims towards Christians and Jews that literally equal pagans and allude to something unclean. And since the most unclean animal for a Muslim is the pig, that’s what the word popularly alludes to, and not the Western understanding of the deliberate misleading translation as “unbelievers” which is a different Arabic word. To emphasize the degrading insult of the word kafir let me ad this detail. In a respectful discussion or (as usual) when addressing Western audiences a Muslim would never use the word Kafir. He will use “non Muslim” or “unbeliever.” Last but by all means the most condemning point of the degrading and insulting language of the “holy” book of Islam the Koran towards Christians and Jews, is specifically this particular point of its use of the word Kafir while a Muslim abstain from using it when addressing Western audience. This is but one example that shows the embarrassment and shame or the de-facto implicit condemnation of none other but Muslims of the hostility of their “holy” Koran. Furthermore, Christians and Jews are accused of being polytheists, damned, people that strayed from the right path, sons of apes and pigs that should not be taken either as friends or as associate, co-workers, authority (meaning no allegiance to any Christian or Jew in any position of authority whether in a work place or the institutions of the country), and ultimately should either pay the Jeziah (blood money), convert to Islam or be killed.

And what’s the reason for all this? And why have Christians “strayed from the right path,” damned and deserve to be killed as kafirs? Very simply, because they believe in the Jesus of the Bible and denounce the Eissa of the Koran.

According to the Koran, all who believe in the crucified Jesus, the Son of God, His crucifixion, death on the cross, the trinity of the Godhead (which includes every Christian on the face of this earth) are Kafirs “Kafirs are those who say Allah is one of three in a Trinity, for there is no god except One Alah”. Surah 5:73, which means, to apply on them all the above as commanded in the Koran.

Then we see CAIR, with a magical twist of “advertisement”, trashing in one stroke all Christians’ belief in the divinity of Jesus and lowering Him to a second class Prophet behind Muhammad. After all, according to Islam, Muhammad is the most honorable of all creations, of all messengers, the seal of the Prophets, the light of the Throne of Allah, and the one that Allah and his Angels pray on and greet every moment of day and night. Trashing the Bible that declares the divinity of Jesus and his atonement by the redemptive life and death of Jesus on the Cross.

Muhammad the prophet of Islam, 600 hundred years after Jesus, also with a stroke of a pen, trashed the crucifixion of Jesus and His divinity, thereby destroying the foundation of Christian dogma (Hebrew 22:9) since there wouldn’t be any Christianity on the face of this earth if there was no crucifixion and death on the Cross of Jesus. The Cross is the cornerstone of Christianity, no Cross no Christianity, period, coupled with the denial of His divinity “And behold! God will say: O Jesus the son of Mary didst thou say unto men, worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of Allah? He (Jesus) will say: Glory to thee, never could I say what I had no right (to say)”. Surah 5:116. Here the Koran is denouncing the Jesus of the Bible as a blasphemer and liar for His claim of divinity, corrupting and crediting the Bible with the false teaching of the divinity of Marry the mother of Jesus. Then, according to Islam, all Christians have been fooled and scammed for 2000 years, deceived by a corrupted Bible (which is another claim fed to Muslims worldwide since birth by their Islamic authorities to deny them the reading of the Bible).

The question now for every Christian on the face of this earth, and more pointedly, the Christians of America who are the target of this deceptive advertisement, what did the advertisement of the Islamic organization CAIR leave of your Christianity? In other words, WHAT IN CHRISTIANITY AND CHRISTIAN FAITH DID CAIR, ACCORDING TO THE ISLAMIC “HOLY” BOOK THE KORAN, NOT TRASH PROUDLY IN THEIR ADVERTISEMENT? And which Christian on the face of this earth would see himself or herself included in that “Like Christians….”?

CAIR states that “Muslims respect and revere Jesus.” How much respect would it be to tell people that their King, let alone the King of Kings for the Christians worldwide, is a great second class ambassador?

If that was all, we could still live with it. After all, every one is free to believe or not to believe whatever he chooses, EXCEPT in Islam where Muslims face death if they dare to think differently or choose another religion. No, the poison in CAIR’s advertisement was designed to be wrapped well in sweet honey for the victim’s delight so as not to feel the lethal harm.

Now, back to “Muslims respect and revere Jesus” which CAIR advertisement as well as Muslims addressing Western audiences. Ohhh .. let’s not forget the “Like Christians ..”

I’ll start this by a question. What is the symbol of Islam? For who doesn’t know , it’s the crescent (don’t ask me why now, that’s another story.) Another symbol of Islam is the black banner with two crossed swords and the inscription of “La Ellah Ella Allah Wa Muhammad Rasoul Allah” which translate to “No God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” As for the two swords, you don’t need a translation