Articles by Abdullah Al Araby

//Articles by Abdullah Al Araby


By Abdullah Al Araby Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson courageously stated that he could not support the election of a practicing Muslim to the presidency of the United States. The reason was that he doesn’t think Islam is consistent with the American Constitution. Is Mr. Carson justified in his statement? Let’s examine the facts. Islam [...]

Senators McCain and Graham: You’re knocking on the wrong door!

By  Abdullah Al Araby Several years ago, I attended a human rights conference held at the Congress building in Washington, DC.  A session went long and I felt bodily pressures. I did not have a clue about the layout of the building.  I was wandering the corridors like a babe in the woods. I saw [...]

What Could Possibly Be Wrong About Building A Mosque Named Cordoba at Ground Zero?

By Abdullah Al Araby The news is out.  The Muslims of America are planning to build a $100 million mosque across the street from 9/11’s Ground Zero in New York City.  So far, for most Americans there is nothing notable about such news.  We are getting used to seeing magnificent multimillion dollar mosques spring up [...]

American Muslims and the Question of Loyalty

By Abdullah Al Araby Today is the fifth of November, 2009, and the hot news that is circulating the American and international media comes from Texas. An American officer of Palestinian Islamic heritage opened fire on his American officers’ colleagues in Ft. Hood, killing at least thirteen and injuring thirty while he was crying “Allaho [...]

Apostasy in Islam

The Point of No Return By Abdullah Al Araby For fourteen centuries, Muslims were able to conceal some of their most outrageous teachings from the rest of the world.  Their deceptions were hidden behind language, cultural and geographic barriers. Modern technology and new communication methods have made it difficult for Muslims to hide the dark [...]

What Islam Wants

Let's Hear From Pakistan Jamat-e-Islami Leader, Maulana Nabiullah Khan "Jamhooria Islamia", a monthly Baluchi magazine published from Panj-gar, published an interview with Maulana Nawabzadaa Nabiullah Khan, a confidant of and adviser to the Amir of leading Pakistani Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami, Maulana Qazi Ahmed, which was conducted by Jalil Amir. The following constitutes are excerpts from [...]

America’s Values can contribute to its Vulnerability

By Abdullah Al Araby Recent news about the events surrounding Saddam Hussein’s hanging has revealed interesting insights. Hours before his execution Saddam Hussein and his legal team desperately pleaded that he remains in the hands of the Americans. The Butcher of Baghdad knew that once he fell into the hands of his fellow Muslims, his [...]

The Islamization of Europe

America, take note before it’s too late By Abdullah Al Araby It has been said, “Those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat them.” Another famous quote says, “History repeats itself.” The moral is that people often have short memories. Whether we observe bad things happening to other nations or experience such [...]

The Quran’s Doctrine of Abrogation

Prepared by Abdullah Al Araby In an attempt to polish Islam's image, Muslim activists usually quote verses from the Quran that were written in the early days of the Islamic movement while Mohammed lived in Mecca. Those passages make Islam appear loving and harmless because they call for love, peace and patience. Such is a [...]


  Print the booklet   MS Word   PDF THE ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICAN SCHOOLS A critique of the course and textbook on Islam taught to the 7th grade students in California Public Schools   The Pen vs. The Sword P.O. Box 661336, Los Angeles, CA 90066 First Printing December, 2004 This Booklet…. This book is not an attempt to [...]