Articles by Abdullah Al Araby

//Articles by Abdullah Al Araby

“Nikah” The Islamic “N” Word; What Does It Exactly Mean?

By Abdullah Al Araby Those who master the Arabic language, and who have read the Quran in the original Arabic, are usually stunned when they read it translated into a foreign language. They can’t help but notice that there are numerous discrepancies between the original Arabic and the translation. Careful examinations would lead one to [...]


By Abdullah Al Araby It happens almost daily, from Bali, to Moscow, to Tel Aviv, and it is a daily occurrence in Europe. Now it is beginning to be a serious threat to our peaceful way of life in the United States. The word is TERRORISM, and almost every time you hear or read about [...]

Democracy in the Middle East?

A response to President Bush's speech calling for the establishment of democracies in the region By Abdullah Al Araby & Jim Croft On November the 6th of 2003, President Bush addressed the members, guests, and press gathered for a meeting of the National Endowment for Democracy. His speech has been defined as his “vision for [...]

Save America

By Abdullah Al Araby Jump to:     A Religion and a State    A Religion of the Sword A History of Terrorism   A 7TH Century Way of Life   Could Islam someday rule America? After the collapse of communism, almost everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Many thought that all threats to our freedom had finally [...]

Why don’t they go back to their countries?

By, Ibrahim Saada Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper, May 10, 2003 Translation from Arabic by Abdullah Al Araby There is presently a crisis between the French government and the Islamic communities living in France. The tension exists because France insists on imposing secularism on its citizens and those who have sought residency in the country. It [...]


Deceptive Iraqi Tactics Of War Are Based On Islamic Principles By Abdullah Al Araby Jump to: Unfair forms of deception are prohibited by International laws The Islamic basis for deception The Quran alleges that Allah sanctions lies and deception: In the Hadith, Mohammed, emphasizes the same concept. The principle of Al-Takeyya As the war in [...]


Examining Islam's Expansionist History By Abdullah al-Araby Muslims often claim that Islam is the world's fastest growing religion. This boast empowers them with increased fervor as they race down the road for conquest of the New World. They argue that the number of new adherents embracing Islam is an indication of Allah's vindication and Islam's [...]

The Christian Difference By Abdullah Al Araby

Jump to:    Jesus is The Difference    The Big Question, The Big Decision   Jesus vs. Mohammed: What the Bible teaches about Jesus What the Quran teaches about Mohammed Jesus is the Son of God (John 10:36) Mohammed was a man (Surah 18:110) Jesus performed miracles (Mark 7:37) Mohammed Did not perform miracles (Surah 17:59) [...]

Nothing In Common

By Abdullah Al Araby Islam, in the West, is fighting its battle of acceptance and legitimacy. Muslim activists are working fervently trying to improve Islam's image. Their goal is to create an environment in which Islam can be easily propagated. Their tool is as old as Islam itself, but they have just rediscovered it. This [...]

God of Christianity vs. Allah of Islam

By Abdullah Al Araby Jump to:   The God of Christianity The Son   The Holy Spirit    The "ALLAH" of Islam Both Christians and Muslims share belief in a sovereign Deity who is one, heavenly, spiritual, the creator of heaven and earth and the judge of all mankind. Christians call Him " God" and Muslims call [...]