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//Articles by Ahmed Simon


by Ayesha Ahmed Brothers and sisters in Islam, mashallah our taqiyya is doing wonders in America . We have successfully pulled wool over american eyes in making them believe that Islam is not a religion of straight jacket but it is a religion of peace and personal freedom . Here in the video our CAIR [...]

Sex With Daughters-in-Law: Divinely Ordained in Islam

By Ayesha Ahmed Sex with daughters in law is a very pious and sacred relationship which is promoted by Quran and was practiced by 'insan kamil,'” our prophet, the perfect man. Our prophet had a beautiful daughter in law Zainab, wife of his adopted son known as Zaid Bin Mohammed. One morning he walked into [...]


By Ayesha Ahmed QURAN IS PURE BUT HADITHS AND SIRAS ARE SHADY Jibraeel personally put on billions of miles on his wings daily to fly to earth and verbally deliver verses of Quran to our prophet. Since angels do not have a lieing bone in their bodies, Jibraeel’s words can be accepted as uncorrupted Allah’s [...]

Golden rule of Islam

By Ayesha Ahmed Golden rule of islam is, " If you deliver infidels to Allah, Allah will deliver houries to you". Thus the only pillar of islam is killing and delivering infidels to Allah or in other words, carrying out violent Jihad against all infidel unless they submit to Islam. That is what our prophet [...]


By Ahmed Simon The answer to this question is – ‘A lot’ - ‘A colossal amount’ - I mean, way too much is missing in the Quran, if a comparison is made with the Bible. That could be so unfair to the Quran and Islam/Muslims to even make a comparison. But, Muslims falsely broadcast and [...]

TRUE ISLAM What is Allah’s ‘True Islam’?

By Ahmed Simon. Though Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world; the overwhelming majority of Indonesian Muslims are of the Hannafi sect {with their own Hannafi Quran}. The Shia sect’s Quran differs fundamentally from the Sunni Quran; as most Muslims would already know. The Shia sect and a few others, observe Ashura {Flagellation} [...]

FOOD FOR THOUGHT On Muslim illogic

By Ahmed Simon This article refers to Muslims in general, and not to all Muslims. I know that not all Muslims are terrorists, though most donate for terrorism {as the court cases, worldwide shows}. But, almost all terrorists are Muslims. If you donate money for terrorism, then, you cannot avoid being an accomplice for terrorism, [...]


By Ahmed Simon Muslims call this stone structure Bait-ul Allah {Baitullah, Bayt ul Haram, Bait llah, etc} or The House of Allah. Literally, the word Kaaba means a high place of respect. This word also may be a derivative word of a cube. { } [ ] are symbols of the author’s input/comments. Logic {or [...]


As Allah confirms in the Quran. By Ahmed Simon Allah says Issa is an ordinary Islamic prophet in sura 5:75. Muslims have gone one step further than Allah, and claim that Issa is the same Jesus Christ of the Bible. But, Muslims do not give any evidence to justify their claim. {Please read all the [...]

111 QUESTIONS FOR MUSLIMS On what the Quran says

By Ahmed Simon The Quran is the centre of Islam. In other words, it is the most important focal point {foundation, basis} in Islam and also in a Muslim’s life. Nothing in Islam overrides or replaces the words of Allah in the Quran {sura 2:97 & 39:23}. To a Muslim, the words of Allah in [...]