Articles by Bat Ye’or

//Articles by Bat Ye’or

Eastern Christians Torn Asunder

Challenges — new and old. By Bat Yeor The dhimmi mentality cannot be easily defined and described. An endless variety of reactions has been provoked by the evolving historical situations in the civilization of dhimmitude, which spans three continents and close to fourteen centuries. Generally speaking, dhimmi populations can be described as oscillating between alienation [...]

European Fears of the Gathering Jihad

By Bat Ye’or February 21, 2003 The pro-Saddam Hussein European manifestations of February 15th that brought millions into the streets of European capitals are the culmination of Charles de Gaulle’s political vision of a European destiny led by France. During World War II de Gaulle was the leader of French resistance against the Nazis, [...]

Jihad and Human Rights Today

An active ideology incompatible with universal standards of freedom and equality. By Bat Ye’or Human rights and the concept of jihad are two incompatible ideas. In Judeo-Christian societies, the concept of human rights is based on the biblical interdiction against killing, and the equality of all human beings. Though it has religious roots, this notion [...]