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By, Jim Croft There's no denying that the Christian Bible and Islam's Quran contain similarities that both groups might wish didn't exist.  Strong cases in favor of the following could  be made from both volumes: Genocide, ethnic cleansing of conquered lands; mass beheadings; cruelty toward animals; gender bias against women; forced conscription of captive women [...]

Suspicion: Shariah Law Concept Hijacked From Jews

By Jim Croft Anyone whose studied Islam knows that Mohammad was well acquainted with Jewish and Christian holy writ and concepts. Both religions predate Mohammadism on the Arabian Peninsula by hundreds of years.  When the Jews returned from Babylonian captivity in 538BCE, some eventually settled there and established community synagogues.  The Apostle Paul cut his [...]

Muslim Guilt Trip Trojan Horse

By Jim Croft Marty Skinner asks: Syria has had a civil war for almost 5 YEARS. Why all the "refugees "NOW and why so all of a SUDDEN and why in such VAST NUMBERS? With an Honors degree in History and a lifelong student of the subject, I smell a rat.  This is a highly [...]

Islam’s Tendency to Spawn Violence

By, Jim Croft In November 2003, Abdullah Al Araby of and I wrote an article questioning the wisdom of the USA attempting to establish democracy amongst Muslims in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions.  This piece will revisit some of the points made and will introduce other factors.  It will call attention to the [...]

Veiled Hate Speech

Written by Jim Croft There are calls circulating to deepen hate speech laws to include criticisms of religions.  If passed, Christians would be denied free expression of biblical views about aberrant sexual practice and religions that are not viable paths to salvation.  Church services, publications, TV programming, emails, and texting will likely come under close [...]

Righteousness Demands Fairness

How Mohammed became who he was and why Islam is what it is Jim Croft The Bible indicates that dishonest scales are an abomination. (Prov 11:1, 20:23)  I don’t believe the principle applies merely to marketplace scales.  It also has relevance in the degree of fairness exhibited when assessing the history of religions one against [...]

Are You Sure That You Are Not At War with Islam?

Jim Croft It is important for anyone wanting to discuss Islamic issues intelligently to understand that the popular term “Moderate Muslims” is a rather misleading term.  The Liberal Media and the governments of many democracies apply it to most every Muslim living anywhere and especially to those residing in their nations. They insist that only [...]

Egypt’s Risky Fires of Revolution

This revolution could toss Egypt’s first citizens, the Copts, from the frying pan and into the fire Jim Croft It is a drastic mistake for Americans to take a casual view of what is happening in Egypt. It represents far more than ousting the military dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak. His replacement will likely be [...]

The Shark Beneath Islam’s Surface

Terrorism is the dorsal fin of a lurking greater threat to freedom - Sharia Law Jim Croft The Obama Administration has taken exception to associating Islam with the acts of terrorism perpetrated by Muslims.  Though the President repeatedly claimed to be a Christian during his election campaign; there is no question that he has continual [...]

Unfair PC Election Strategies

Jim Croft The PC crowd is circulating some clips of Protestant pastors of national notoriety with the Republican candidate for the presidency, John McCain. The clips intermittingly insert inflammatory portions of their sermons that are fanatically anti-Islam. The attempt is to infer that John McCain is a Muslim hater that would outlaw Islam in America. [...]