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//Articles by Jim Croft

Islam, Noble & Peaceful?

Examining the Absurdities of the Politically Correct Assertions Jim Croft Inevitably, whenever the diplomats and national leaders of America and the UK mention Islam they are quick to interject that it’s a noble and peaceful religion that’s been hijacked by extremists. The Aussies, Dutch, Danes and even the French are singing a different tune. Recent [...]

Islam Cult-ish?

Apologetic for a Black pastor who dared speak his mind about Islam By Jim Croft Beginning in July of 2006, the Liberal Media and Islamic activists have intermittently blasted a black S. Florida clergyman. He’s the Rev. Dr. O’Neal Dozier of The Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach. Dozier has drawn fire for exercising his [...]

Awakened Secularists Perceive The Islamic Threat

Jim Croft The body of this article features the insights of the Belgian journalist and expert on Islam, Paul Belien. He skillfully points out that even the secularists are waking-up to the fact that Europe's prospects of escaping Islamization are diminishing. Among other things, this article explains how the demise of the Christian faith and [...]

Are Christianity And Islam Equally Hostile?

By Jim Croft Christianity does have numerous shameful islands in its history. The Crusades and some of the early missionary tactics of the Europeans prior to the 19th Century are such. Within the same time period, the extent to which some sections within Christendom used texts from the Old Testament to rationalize slavery and the [...]

2004 Preparations For Possible Homeland Islamic Terrorist Attacks

By Jim Croft Recently the Department of Homeland Security has heightened the threat level for potential attacks during this election year. No American can afford to entertain a casual attitude about the severity of the threats for renewed assaults on our nation. There are specific reasons why all of us should initiate plans for what [...]

An Experiment and Some Guidelines for Muslims

By Jim Croft Valley of decision If you are a Muslim, I know that the contents of Islam Review’s website might be painful and perhaps infuriating for you. You know that the behaviors that have been cited in the various articles are not rare occurrences. If you are residing in a Western democracy, you likely [...]

Muslim Friend, Wake-up

A call for Muslims to reevaluate Islam as they enter the 21st Century By Jim Croft Muslims have genuine capacities for love, compassion, and noble achievements. The majority of those that I know personally are affable, productive members of society. Like all people, they also carry the potential for counterproductive, destructive behaviors. There is something, [...]

God Is Not A Politically Correct Dove

Biblical support for America's armed forces that are fighting to free nations and to win the War on Terrorism By Jim Croft No matter how righteous the cause, voices of liberal protest inevitably arise whenever America enters armed conflict. Often, these voices assert that God is solely for peace and that Christians are obligated to [...]

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

The Dissimilarities Between Islam And Christianity By Jim Croft In their attempts to lure people from Christian backgrounds into the web of Islam, Muslim activists often claim that there are significant similarities between Islam and Christianity. They assert that Islam completes that which is lacking in Christianity by establishing Mohammed as the superior successor of [...]


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AND WHAT YOU NEED TO DO By Pastor Jim Croft Post the 9/11/01 Islamic terrorist attacks on America the major television networks began filling the airwaves with interviews with consultants that specialize in Islamic issues. The majority of them have been less than candid about the role of Islam in [...]