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Indonesia Links Deadly Attack to Islamic State

At least seven people killed, including civilians and terrorists, officials say By Ben Otto and Resty Woro Yuniar Updated Jan. 14, 2016 10:33 a.m. ET 116 COMMENTS JAKARTA, Indonesia—Multiple blasts and gunfire jolted the Indonesian capital Thursday in what officials said were coordinated Islamic State-linked terror attacks, killing seven and shattering a relatively peaceful period. [...]

Paris under siege: More than 150 dead in terror attacks

Terrorists killed at least 153 people and wounded scores of other innocents in coordinated shooting and suicide-bomb attacks in Paris late Friday that included a mass execution at a rock concert, authorities said. The carnage began at about 10 p.m. Paris time, with one group of jihadis targeting venues packed with people in a night-life district [...]

Nigeria military says closing in on Boko Haram militants

Lagos (AFP) - The Nigerian army said Sunday it was closing in on Islamist Boko Haram militants and warned them of serious consequences should they fail to "surrender". "They should follow their colleagues who have so far surrendered. Failure to surrender will result in serious consequences as our troops are fast closing up on them," [...]

Ben Carson: Muslim Unfit to Be President Because Islam Is Inconsistent With Constitution

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he would not support a Muslim to become president of the United States. In fact, he believes a Muslim would not be fit to be president, because he doesn’t think Islam is consistent with the country’s Constitution. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of [...]

Terrorist Attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait Kill Dozens

BEIRUT, Lebanon — In a matter of hours and on three different continents, militants carried out attacks on Friday that killed scores of civilians, horrified populations and raised thorny questions about the evolving nature of international terrorism and what can be done to fight it. The Imam Sadiq Mosque in Kuwait City after a suicide [...]

US State Department: IS surpasses al-Qaeda in exporting terrorism

Washington, June 20 /MCN/ The number of terrorist attacks in various parts of the world rose by a third in 2014, compared to the last year, said the US State Department in its annual report on terrorism released Friday. The State Department pointed out that the number of people killed increased by 80 percent, about [...]

French parliament: Islamic extremism threatens western Christian civilization

France, April 27/MCN/ The French parliament and mayor of Nice Christian Estros said that the religious extremism coming from the Islamic world threatens Jewish and Christian civilization in Europe and the West. Commenting on failure of an Algerian to blow up a church in France a week ago, MTV French channel said that the French [...]

Thousands of ISIL Fighters Hit by Terrifying Flesh-Eating Disease

© AP Photo/ Public Domain Middle East As global powers continue to debate the best way to deal with the threat of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, the terrorist group appears to be suffering its own internal problems. Poor hygiene and pollution has led to the spread of a debilitating disease known as the Rose of [...]

Christians Hunted Down as al-Shabab Kill 147 in Kenya

Aryn Baker @arynebaker Updated: April 2, 2015 2:27 PM Description: Students evacuated from Garissa University listen to an address by Interior Minister for Security Joseph Ole Nkaissery before they are transported to their home regions from a holding area on April 3, 2015. Students evacuated from Moi University listen to an address by Interior [...]

Christians ‘disappearing’ from lands of origin: Center for American Progress

Cairo, 13 March /MCN/ Christian communities in the world are “disappearing” from their lands of origin, the Center for American Progress reported Friday. The Middle Eastern Christian community is estimated between 7.5 and 15 million, the Center reported, noting that they now comprise less than 5 percent of the population, due to an explosion in [...]