Timothy Abraham’s Story

Timothy Abraham tells his story of converting from Islam to Christianity. Click below to listen to the testimonial in Arabic or English. Arabic Version Part 1 Part 2 English Version Part 1 Part 2

The Road that Leads to Life

How I came to find true peace... I was born in America to Pakistani parents. As children, we were taught that Islam was the only true religion and that we were blessed because we knew this truth. Jews and Christians had received only a partial truth, which was then corrupted. Hindus were deceived into worshipping [...]

God Answered Me!

This story is a true account of a testimony in the life of one person searching for God. Hello and God bless you. My name is Amal and I testify that what you are about to read is all true and correct to the best of my knowledge as God Himself is my witness. My [...]

In the Valley of Tears

I am Timothy Abraham (this is my Christian alias), a simple Egyptian from the Delta region. Farms surrounded me from every side with streams of the luxurious Nile river endowing life with fertility. I had a strong Islamic upbringing in my childhood, studying in the village shop for teaching the Quran (al-Kutaab). They taught me [...]


YOU WILL LIVE ANOTHER LIFE Testimony of Seham "Ye shall know the truth, and the Truth shall make you free" John 8:3 "You did not choose me, but I chose you" John 15:16 I want to give praise and glory to God almighty and to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Alpha and Omega. [...]

The Straight Path

Testimony of Athanasios I was born to Muslim parents, and I'm a descendent of 'Ali Ibn Abu Talib the cousin of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, and the fourth Caliph (i.e., "ruler"). At an early age, I was one of the Muslims believers who performed all of the religious duties, from praying to fasting and [...]

Why I became a Christian?

By Nusrat Aman I was born in an orthodox Muslim family in Pakistan in 1958. I studied in Islamic missionary school and college administered by Ahmadiah Movement in Islam, Pakistan. During study in a very zealous Islamic missionary school and college, I developed an interest to study Islamic religion. So, I joined the Ahmadiah Movement [...]

ALLAH’S PATH TO HELL or Jesus’ path to Heaven

A True Story Everything looked wonderful for me as I, (a civil Engineer) entered my office for my daily work. My father was a clerk, and though his salary wasn’t enough, my mother, a street hawker, supplemented the shortfall. In fact, it is my mother who paid for all her children’s education and maintenance. I [...]

Why I Left Islam

By Ali Sina I am often asked, Why I left Islam?. As absurd as it may be, some Muslims cannot even allow themselves to think that leaving Islam is an option, or even possible. They rather think that those who leave Islam are paid Jewish agents than accept the fact that people have freedom to [...]

Akbar’s Personal Testimony

My name is Akbar, son of Mohammed Khaja Mohinuddin and my mother’s name is Navanbee. Before I could share my testimony, I would like to quote Romans 10:20 from the Epistle written by Apostle Paul, where the Lord says: “I was found by those who did not seek Me; I became manifest to those who [...]