By Ayesha Ahmed

When any one says anything critical (yet truth based in their own scriptures) about islam or Mohammed, it is declared blasphemy punishable by death. If the blasphemer happens to be in a sharia based country, he is rounded up and punished. If that person is in a non muslim country, he recieves death threats: if he is a public figure he is made to apologize publicly..

When Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Alex Graham criticized islam and Mohammed, they received death threats; U.S. president made them apologize to muslims for hurting their feelings. When Paul Harvey made a critical yet true statement on radio, he had to apologize for hurting muslim’s sensitivities. When Graham criticized islam on a D.C. radio, CAIR had him fired for the same reasons.

Yet every mosque supported by american tax payers blasphemes daily against christ and christianity, judaism and all other religions and gets away. Quranic verses blaspheming against christianity and judaism and calling these and all other religions false and corrupted are read on air waves through out America daily on islamic radio programmes, but no muslim ever apologizes for it.

If saying islam is false and Mohammed was not a prophet is blasphemy punishable by death than are not the following quranic statement blasphemous:

Jesus was a muslim and slave of Allah (4:172,3:59)

Jesus received his book of islam called injil (6:90,5:46)

Moses was a muslim and he also recioeved a book of Islam called Torah.

David was a prophet of islam and received a book of islam called Zabur (3:18)i

Current Bible is corrupted (3:74-77,113)

Jesus taught pure islam, christians corrupted his teachings later (3:84)

All biblical prophets icluding Jesus were muslims, Mohammed was the greatest and the last one (that means they all prayed five times daily like arabs facing Mecca and went to Mecca for Haj(3:50, 5:48)

Crucification of Jesus is a lie (4:157)

Jeseus was not son of God (4:171)

Doctrine of trinity is infidelity and disbelief, a painful doom awaits those who believe in it(5:73)

Cristians and jews are transgressors(3:109)

Christian and jews will go to hell(5:51)

Jesus and his original followers were muslims (5:111)

Jesus real name was Isa and his message was islam, christians corrupted it (3:84)

Jesus was born in desert under a palm tree, not in Bethlehem(19:22)

Jesus fore told of his future boss Mohammed (61:6)

Jesus was born to Mariam, sister of Aaron and Moses(19:28)

Christians are polytheists and believe in a family of three Gods (5:116)

Since christians had corrupted original islam taught by Jesus Mohammed was sent by Allah as a gift to christians to correct their corruption and misunderstanding of true religion islam (57:28,4:47)

Jesus will return wearing two light garments, and live for forty years on earth. He will fight for islam, kill the christians and all the pigs, destroy all the religions except islam, then he will die (Sunan Abu Dawud 37:4310)

Why don’t the muslims give a damn about everybody else’s sensitivies. Why have they become pampered brats of the very people they call dirty (9:28), evil (2.99),worst beasts (8.55) and perverts (9:30), and whom they equate with urine, feces, pigs and dogs touching of whom defiles a muslim and requires ablution.