This revolution could toss Egypt’s first citizens, the Copts, from the frying pan and into the fire

Jim Croft

It is a drastic mistake for Americans to take a casual view of what is happening in Egypt. It represents far more than ousting the military dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak. His replacement will likely be a tragic trade. In short, the demon that Egypt’s Christian citizens and the USA have known for the past 30 years is far better than the demon we don’t know. It is like Iran’s Revolution of 1979, only worse. It deposed the corrupt Shah of Iran, but ushered in the greater woes of the likes of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Ahmadinejad. Revolution is risky. It could take the Copts of Egypt and the USA from the frying pan of hardships with Islam and into the fires of the worst Islam has to offer.

Behind the Scenes

Egypt’s situation is being manipulated by malign forces that most Americans do not understand and that the current US Presidential Administration chooses not to acknowledge as a threat. It does so because the policy is that Islamists are peaceful and harmless and have no intentions of altering anyone’s way of life. The primary unseen Egyptian manipulators are members of the grandfather of all Islamic terrorist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood. If the group gains control, it will continue its history of producing terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and 9/11’s Mohamed Atta.

Egypt will become a safe haven and a strategic springboard from which organizations like Al Qaeda can operate. Aside from an increase in acts of global terrorism, America’s economy will unquestionably be jeopardized. If the Brotherhood has any say in the matter, the 3.5 – 4 million barrels of oil that are transported daily through the Suez Canal and the Sumed pipeline will become their tool to cripple economies worldwide. Oil at a mere $5.00 per gallon will be considered mercy.

A Bit of History

The Muslim Brotherhood was spawned by Muslim insurrectionists in Egypt during the late 1920s through a maneuver of Islamic trickery. The ploy used was Islam’s principle of al taqiyya. It encourages Muslims to lie to extend the purposes of Islam. Here is what happened. After the Ottoman Empire collapsed, Egypt got its independence. Mohammed Ali, an officer from the Ottoman Empire Era, seized power. At the time, the nation was also occupied by the British that had been there since 1882.

In 1919, Egypt’s Muslims and Christians joined hands in a revolution against both. They demanded equal liberties for all Egyptians. However, the moment the revolution was successful the Muslims turned on the Coptic Christians with whom they had momentarily feigned alliance. The telltale sign that Egyptian Christians were excluded from equal rights with Muslims became apparent with the 1923 Egyptian Constitution. Its first article specifically declared Egypt an Islamic State. Christians were forced to settle for little more than a hardly discernable upgrade from their historic Islamic status under Islam; that of second class dhimmitude citizens.

The Muslim Brotherhood appeared from the shadows as an official organization in 1928 under the leadership of Hassan Al Banna. It became the militant arm of Islam to Islamize Egyptian society by force. To demonstrate their allegiance to Islam and their commitment to violence, Brotherhood members took the organization’s oath with their hands placed on the Quran and a gun.

Their motto was: Allah is our goal. The Apostle Mohammed is our role model. The Quran is our constitution. Jihad is our method of conquest. And, dying for the sake of Allah is our utmost aspiration.

From the onset, the Muslim Brotherhood has made every effort to keep their pledge. They instantly perpetrated the assassinations of many public figures that they believed obstacles between them and power. In 1952 a group known as the Free Officers headed by Gamal Nasser instigated a coup against King Farouk. Most of them were members of the Brotherhood. When the Brotherhood found that Nasser did not have any plans to share power with them, the Brotherhood tried to assassinate him in 1954. Nasser survived the attack and outlawed the organization. He ordered the arrests and imprisonment of its members. For a while, even the Christians of Egypt lived relatively peaceful lives.

That all changed when Anwar Sadat took office in 1971. He perceived the Muslim Brotherhood convenient to help strengthen his grip over the Nasserites and Communists. He released members of the Brotherhood from prison. Violent attacks started against the Copts and Sadat was assassinated by elements of the Brotherhood in 1981.

Who are the Copts?

The Copts are the direct descendants of the Egyptians of antiquity. They are non-Arab and have their own distinct language. The first Egyptians were evangelized by St. Mark between 48AD and his martyrdom in 61AD. The Coptic Church or the Church of Alexandria is also called the See of St Mark. It was among the earliest Sees along with Jerusalem, Antioch, and Rome. Islamic Jihad overran Egypt in the 7th Century and has been persecuting the descendants of the original Egyptians ever since. Hosni Mubarak has turned a blind eye towards the flagrant discriminations and violent attacks of Muslims against Copts.
After taking office in 1981, Mubarak adopted a policy of reconciliation with the Brotherhood. He forbade attacks on government officials and foreign tourists. When they crossed the line, he usually reacted with harsh reprisals. However, he was lenient when they attacked the Copts. This was meant to appease the Islamic majority who has been growing in fanaticism as a result of the spread of Saudi Arabia’s brand of strict Wahhabi Islam.

Countless numbers of Copts have been victimized. Their young daughters are routinely kidnapped and raped by Muslims. The shamed girls feel obligated to marry and to become Muslim. The practice is nothing less than a form of religious-ethnic cleansing via matrimony. The objective is to eradicate pure Egyptians and Christianity from Egypt; one family at a time.

There has been rioting; the burning of homes and businesses; and widespread looting in major metropolitan areas such as Cairo, Alexandria and other cities across Egypt since the protest started last week. Reliable sources report that the most frequent targets for the violence have been the Copts. The Islamic fanatics know very well that under Mubarak’s administration a slap on the wrist is the worst punishment they are likely to receive if ever apprehended. They also know that if the Muslim Brotherhood becomes a major player in the new government as they hope, no license will be required to terrorize the Copts. What has been a hardly tolerable situation under Mubarak has strong chances to become far more smothering for the Copts.

The problem is that the UN and Western democracies have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) when it comes to staying on target until the complaints of religious minorities are resolved. There are heavy odds that the Copts will be left to languish under an Islamic regime crueler than Mubarak’s.


Educated self-interest dictates that it would be wise for Americans to become activated to prevent the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood from coming to power in Egypt. For the past 30 years billions of dollars in US foreign aid have been given to prop up Mubarak’s regime. Conscientious citizens need to push their congressional representatives not to let the give away policies continue in support of a religious-state Islamic government. The present US Presidential Administration is cozy enough with Islam to let our $1.5 billion per year in foreign aid to Egypt continue, no matter who is in power. To support an Islamic regime that will harbor terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and that will put us into a death grip with skyrocketing oil prices is one and the same as financing our nation’s assassination.

All Americans must speak up on behalf of the Copts of Egypt. We must not rest until they are given full rights in their homeland and are guaranteed well deserved protection from antagonistic Muslim zealots. Nothing less than persistent hounding of our governmental officials will suffice. They too have turned a blind eye to what has happed to Egypt’s first citizens over the years.
For those who enjoy miraculous testimonies of how Jesus is intervening to transform fanatical Muslims into Christ’s lambs, I would like to recommend a book that is available through Islam Review. It is titled, Snatched from the Lion’s Jaws. I helped edit the English version. It is the story of the miraculous conversion of an Amir of an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. It will help you understand the antichrist powers that energize such groups.