By Ahmed Simon

This article refers to Muslims in general, and not to all Muslims. I know that not all Muslims are terrorists, though most donate for terrorism {as the court cases, worldwide shows}. But, almost all terrorists are Muslims. If you donate money for terrorism, then, you cannot avoid being an accomplice for terrorism, no matter what you think or say. Ignorance of where your money goes is no excuse for you. If your money goes for terrorism, you ARE an accomplice for terrorism {knowingly or unknowingly, and there is blood in your hands from the victims {Muslims and non-Muslims’ blood}.

Human memory is very short and that is why history keeps repeating itself. If humans keep the next generation informed of the immediate past history, the new generation could be possibly better prepared and not the same incidents to repeat itself. But a lot of humans are too busy, supposedly for the family and enjoying life.

The commission of enquiry for the 9/11, shows how unprepared the greatest nation on earth was. The immediate response showed that Americans did not even know who or what Islam was. The authorities, led by an ‘adolescent’ president then, {who was more inclined to his ‘favours’ with the opposite sex} were just as blind to the dangers, which were simmering the world over. The American security forces, of the ‘Cold War’ thought they had no enemy now, at last. This is despite the RSS Cole, WTC in New York {first attempt} and the American Embassy in Nairobi bombings around 1999 were simply dismissed as desperado action, not to be given a second thought. What more evidence did the Americans need to see the true Islam? The danger looming within their own borders, seemed to have slipped even the best-trained security minds, simply because, they blissfully thought the world had suddenly become a Heaven on earth {without the Soviet Union}. The American presidential elections {2, 000} were looming round the corner and Americans thought nothing of the signs, evidently shown and was too pre-occupied.

But the good old Bible warns us that dangers will always be there on earth and can never be a Heaven and it would be prudent to be prepared – ah! That Bible; is not for the present, they thought. But, immediately after 9/11 churches began to overflow with people seeking solace and asking God what is life {just for a while though, till a sense of seemingly apparent safety prevailed; only to be broken again and again by more Islamic Jihadist attempts}. But, a short time spent in the Internet about Islam, would have spoken of the trail of destruction for centuries and how it would affect their safe cocoons of seemingly apparent safety.

Ask a Muslim about Islam, and his immediate response would be in a total denial mode {as even Allah denied the obvious – see article “True Islam”} of the truth and lie for the cause of Allah, through their noses against what is already known about the truth in Islam.

The world is relatively small today, and what happens in one part of the world cannot be in isolation, but affect other parts too. This lesson has sunk in, in varying degrees for a time, only. How serious we are today, will determine the outcome of the next threat posed on us.

Even if Islam is barbaric to humans, but if the Muslims keep Islam to them, it would not be so troublesome to others, would it? Who really cares, what their Islam or their Allah says? But, it is not Islam, but, the Muslims who try to impose their beliefs on non-Believers, which makes it offensive to non-believers of Islam, who basically reject Islam as a cult from Satan. It is not Allah or Islam, which has caused atrocities worldwide, but, the Muslims who physically, cause bombings, murders of innocent men, women and children. Therefore, it is the Muslim people who cause the trouble. Let us call the spade a spade.

Please go to my article, “Why did Islam fail disastrously in these countries” It was a painful lesson learnt by this world of the longtime Islamic goal of making this whole world Islamic. From the time Islam was born, {from around the seventh century}, destruction and carnage rained on little prepared communities, in Europe, Asia and Africa. The Islamic sword brought them immediate bloody victory in so many countries, for a while, till they were driven out, all over the world {see Article “Why did Islam fail disastrously in these countries?”}. Countries which experienced the forced upon doctrine of Islam, and the bloody destruction, desecration and obliteration of non-Islamic religions, left permanent deep scars in so many countries, worldwide. Many countries have recorded these painful and bloody periods of their history in their school history books, for posterity – so that future generations will never forget what Islam did to their homelands as stated in the article, “Why did Islam fail disastrously in these countries?” Let me point out the Islamic mind, to the present day situations. This might give you the sense or illogic of the Islamic basic theory.

1. – Allah’s ‘True Islam’, is not the welfare or well-being of its followers {Muslims} but, the spreading of Islam all over the world. In real observance, after the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, which killed nearly 200,000 lives and spelt thorough destruction of the province of Aceh, NGOs and various religious groups swarmed in to help these Muslims, except Muslims themselves. Nearly a year later, the highest Islamic body in Indonesia, “The Ulama Council” delivered a severe reprimand on the world’s Invisible Muslims, who did not care and was absent to the carnage and sufferings of their Islamic brothers in Aceh. After this shameful reprimand, some Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia; basically as show of a concerned Islamic Nation, donated a paltry 10 million {This is far short of USA’s 700 million, Australia’s 900 million, etc – and the figures of so many countries added together, make Saudi Arabia’s donation look a shameful pittance} The fact is that in Islam, the humans are considered as slaves {Human fodder} for the greater goal of Allah to make this world Islamic – never you mind the welfare or well-being of the Muslims. This is a clear visible evidence of ‘True Islam’, in misdeed, which cannot be denied.

2. – Iran is the second biggest oil and gas exporter in OPEC and the fourth largest in the world. You readers would have seen the news story on TV/News Media {perhaps live} of the burning of gasoline stations in Teheran, the capital of Iran, on 27 June 07, by the ordinary Iranian irate citizens. The state-run Television also reported several gasoline stations and shops, all round the country was also burned and some shops vandalized, creating a security problem nation-wide. Isn’t oil, a ridiculous subject to cause havoc to oil rich and oil exporting Iran? But in the context of Islam/Allah it is not ridiculous.

You see, the refining capacity of Iran was stagnant for decades at 40% capacity of the country’s consumption. About 50% of the country’s needs of refined petrol/gasoline were being imported at a higher price, and sold at a subsidized rate as the locally refined petrol. There was still a shortfall of about 10% of refined petrol and this caused petrol stations, to keep frequently running out of supply, to the irritation/burden of the Iranians to find petrol in other areas. This running around for petrol in an oil rich country would never have been imagined during the period of the Shah of Iran. The Iranian economy was in dire straits too, with total mismanagement, by the Islamic clergy running important ministries. The UN sanctions added to the problem and cash was scarce for the mismanaged Islamic Govt. of Iran. Portholes on roads were left to fester and grow, to save the high cost of imported Bitumen. To stem the petrol shortfall and to replenish the Islamic Govt’s coffers, the Iranian Islamic Govt. reduced the subsidy and raised petrol pump prices by 25% on 21st. May 07 and a rudimentary system of gasoline rationing for all vehicles were issued. Transport vehicles had to show proof for long hauls before additional gasoline was allowed. Fistfights and crime rose between irate customers and petrol stations. Transport cost immediately shot up increasing prices of everything. Bus fares went up causing hardship to the poor and school children. The Iranian currency dropped like a red-hot brick from its bottom to another new bottom, never seen before.

The question many would ask is, ‘Why did the Iranian Islamic Govt. spend some money and build more refining capacity of its own oil, instead of depending on expensive foreign refined oil?’ It does not take an expert economist to figure out the economic solution and why was it not done decades ago? The answer is simply because of Islam/Allah.

On the 1st of July, the Iranian President announced that the local consumption of gasoline was too high for Iran and must drop from the present 80 million liters per day to 60 million, to save the country’s financial commitments. {Put this speech in another way, to continue to spend on Islamic Jihadist groups round the world for the cause of Allah} never mind the local economy and citizens. With the latest fighting between the Hamas and Al Fatah Palestians in Gaza, and the Islamic Palestinian Jihadist groups and the Lebanese army in northern Lebanon, has depleted most stocks of weaponry for their allies and the Iranians want to replenish these stocks to their proxy groups to continue their fight for Allah.

President Bush announced in April 07, that Iran is the main cause of the continuing terror in Iraq. In fact, Iran’s hand in ‘bank-rolling’ and creating unrest around the Middle East countries, and other areas is well known. A captured Islamic militant leader in the Philippines confessed to funding of his group by Iranian agents.

Another reason is the exorbitant expenditure to its nuclear development programme. By Nuclear weapons, [just like Sadam Hussein thought previously], Iran expects to control the entire Middle East, and by extension the ‘throat of the Great Satan’, The USA. Iran’s intention to whip out Israel from the map, became public, when the President of Iran, publicly stated this in 2006. This wishful thinking by the part of Iranian Ayatollahs is a tall order, which no sane expert, logically expects Iran to achieve. But, who says that logic is a factor in the Muslim minds?

So you see, instead of spending money for its own people, Iran has been spending more on the cause of Allah to spread Islam, worldwide. The president of Iran is beholden to the Islamic Supreme Council of Iran {where the ultimate power lies}, made up of the Ayatollahs {highest Islamic clergy in the country.} Their first order of the day is Islam and Allah’s cause of spreading Islam round the world, never mind if the Iranian people are suffering with water shortages, rampant drug addition, power blackouts, unemployment, the sufferings of the earthquake {2003} victims of the citizens of the destroyed city of Bam, etc. etc.

During the Shah of Iran’s period before 1979, Iran was a hive of activity, with men of all walks of life flocking from the four corners of the world, into Iran for business, construction, industries, jobs, etc. There was too much going on for the Iranians then and had to import foreign skilled labour and professionals. Today, 17 million Iranians have fled the misery of Iran to other countries, because of the cause of Allah {many of these Iranians became disillusioned with what Islam did to their country and have given up Islam} Iran is trapped in Islam and the Islamic clergy is well entrenched in all strata of Iranian life; never mind if the Iranians suffer in misery, for the greater glory of Allah. Imagine, Iranian people, seeing oil pipelines all over the country, which rightfully belongs to the citizens of Iran. And then, being told to observe oil rationing, and increased prices for this oil, and an economy, run down by the Islamic clergy to shambles, only to be told for the greater cause of Allah.

If the late Shah of Iran comes out from his grave and sees what Islam has done to his Iran; he might fight vigorous to be reburied again in his grave. What awaits Iranians in the future is more of Allah/Islam.

Before Ayatollah Khomeini declared Iran an Islamic republic in late 1979, the Iranian currency was worth/exchanged 75 Rials to US$1. Today, the exchange rate fluctuates at Rials per US dollar – 6,907 (2002), 8,193.9 (2003), 8,614 (2004), 9,040.26 (2005), an obvious continuing decline in the Islamic Republic’s currency; and the bottom is nowhere in sight. But these are the official exchange rates only, and in reality, no overseas banks accept (will even touch) the Rial currency due to its unpredictability and instability. The Black-market rate stood at around 25,000 Rials to a US$1 in 2006. As I am writing this article, the Rial is free falling day by day, hour by hour. This will cause a big Inflation rate for the country, which will mean even more sufferings for Iranian people.

No Muslim can deny that Allah and Islam do take precedence over all else in country and life.

3. – India – Neighbour, Islamic Pakistan has had periodic and alternating, democratic and military Govts. But, one thing has been constant; Islamic militant Jihadist incursions across border to destabilize India. Pakistan knows that there is no chance of them arresting even an inch of India, but, that doesn’t matter, the point is to keep harassing India and keep the secular Govt. of India, unstable. So Islamic militants were sent across border, trained, armed and funded by Pakistan for the cause of Allah {at their own economic regression}. The best place to create trouble is in a place where there are sizable Muslims to betray India for the cause of Allah – Kashmir. As India progressed, Islamic troubles increased and to make matters worse, illegal Muslim migrants {12 million} left poverty-stricken Pakistan for India. So India began fencing and patrolling their common Border. Today, almost the entire border between India and Pakistan is sealed up.

Neighbour, Bangla Desh is another threat; almost all are from illegal immigrant workers. But, India is not taking any chances with these Bangla Desh Muslims and are boxing them up in all the three sides {open to the sea only}. With the fence comes the armed border military. Bangla Desh protested for a while because of the reduced inflow of Indian Rupees into Bangla Desh by the reduced Illegal Immigrants.

It goes to show that Islam will keep their own country backward and the citizens miserable, creating a very unstable situation. India is slowly and steadily taking its place as the rising 3rd Asian economic giant {after Japan and China} Islam will not leave India alone. Prosperity for non-Muslims becomes an ugly word in Islam, because Allah has said in so many sura that non-Muslims will never prosper and Allah words are looking more stupid by the passing day {see article, “True Islam”}

What is the point here? If you had seen the movie, ‘Gandhi’; you would better understand what I mean. You see, before British India {comprising India, Pakistan and Bangla Desh-formerly known as East Pakistan} got its independence from Britain in 1947, the Muslims fought for their own Islamic country. Though the Muslims were concentrated in the East and the West of British India, Britain relented to the Muslim demands and partitioned British India into three parts. The Muslims got their own country. 60 years on, Pakistan and Bangla Desh is economically in shambles with their Allah, while secular India is economically an Asian giant on the rise. Today, the border with Pakistan has been fenced up to keep illegal immigrants from slipping into India for jobs and terrorism. India estimates that more than 12 million Pakistan illegal immigrants are hiding in India. The same Illegal Immigrant problem is with Bangla Desh. India estimates that 22 million Bangla Desh illegal immigrants have slipped into India. The irony here is that the Muslims demanded that British India broken up for their Allah and got their Islamic land and ‘screwed’ it up, and now they want to come back to mainly Hindu India? Indian parliamentarian, Gurmulk Singh, said on the 18th of April 07, “These Muslims broke up India for the cause of their Allah; and now they want to come and parasite illegally on the hard labour of Hindu India?”

Imagine this same hypothetical scenario in the USA. The majority Muslims in Texas demand and get Texas for an Islamic republic. Then they ‘screw’ the place up with their Allah. And then, they try to smuggle into the northern states to parasite on the USA. That is the scenario with India. The fence and the military in the borders, is a shame to the Muslims, which says we don’t want you in our country and want to keep you out. There is a lesson here for others to learn from India’s experience with the Muslims.

3. Israel – Mortar bombs and suicide bombers kept pouring in to kill innocent Jews, until Israel began building a high concrete wall to keep the Muslims out. Then the Muslims began howling and crying out that they were cut off from their brothers and sisters, from their orchards, from play grounds, from jobs in Israel, etc. Where did their common sense go to, when they were raining terror on the innocent Israeli men, women and children? Did they expect the Jews to roll over and simply drop dead? Didn’t they think of the consequences of their unprovoked actions? Every country and their Government in the world publicly stated that they wanted a two state {Palestine and Israel} solution. Then, why this wanton killings of the Jewish men, women and children? If Palestine comes to reality; do you think the Muslims will stop their inhuman atrocities and let Israel live in peace? Islam is satanic – look at the Hamas and Al Fatah killing each other? Muslim Palestinians cann’t even get together. The point here is that the Muslims want to destroy Israel and kill its people to take over the place as spoken by and for Allah, as in the Quran. See article, “Is the Quran Holy?” for the many sura to this effect. But, common sense is not the best attribute of the Muslims in general.

4. Australia. Before 2004, Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Bangla Desh, etc used to make their way to Indonesia and travel to the Eastern part. From there, they used to sneak in rickety boats to Australia. Human Rights activists began a campaign to have the refugees treated humanely and give them better facilities to the detention camps. These Human Rights Activists do not contribute a single cent and what they were asking for would have been at the expense of the ordinary Australian taxpayer. These illegal Islamic immigrants were actually fleeing their Islamic country for the better life in a Christian country at the Christian expense. No Islamic country gave any aid or sustenance for these Muslim refugees. Many Muslims’ rickety boats sank killing about an estimated 1,100 – in one incident in 2004 a boatload of 472 illegal Muslim Immigrants, sank and all died.

The financial and security burden on the Australian people were mounting. When the number of Islamic illegal immigrants swelled to alarming proportions, the Govt made arrangement with the Solomon Islands Government, to build shelters in a remote island there and to house them there indefinitely. The Islamic refugees were then transported there {1, 600 miles from nowhere in the Pacific Ocean}. These Islamic Illegals were also given an option though. If any one wanted to leave for the country or a third country which will accept them. The Australian Govt would foot the expenses and 1,000 Australian dollars in cash as pocket money. After a few months many accepted the option to return to their country {Australia has not made public of the number returned – but media puts it at 80% about 6,000}. Another thousand or so were rounded up on land and deported. A legislator, Mr. William Cook of the Northern territory said, “These people are like cancer; if let to grow, they will destroy their host.” With such opinions known to Muslims and yet, Muslims shamelessly try to swim or sink to Australia. Australia has irrevocably shown what they mean, that they don’t want Muslims in the country.

5. – In 2006, Muslims in London protested on the streets about billboards on the streets of London, which showed paintings of advertisements of women with bra, swimwear, etc. This they protested was offensive to Islam. What did they expect to show paintings of fully covered women to advertise bra and swimwear? These are Govt. approved billboards, and the Govt said that they were approved paintings. Then some Muslims took it upon themselves, to illegally, deface and smear these billboard paintings with own paint. Common sense tells me that if something is not pleasant or is offensive, just don’t look at them, which is all. Just because Muslims pass the streets have the English got to mask everything considered offensive in Islam. Next they will ask English women not to walk the streets, as it is offensive to them, but, having 4 wives is not offensive in Islam? The Muslims want to stare at these billboard paintings and at the same time they want to mask the paintings. For Christ’s sake, these are just paintings. Are Muslims so frustrated to even get erections from paintings? If they don’t like the Govt’s administration of England, then the best thing for Muslims is to immigrate to an Islamic country, isn’t it? Why stay in a country which is offensive to Islam? Go to an Islamic country and savour all the Islam there is there. The 97.6% of the population of the UK is not going to change their way of life to suit the 2.4% of Muslim population. If you don’t like it, then go somewhere else – nobody is stopping you. With just 2.4% of Muslims, they have the cheek to demand the others to change to suit them. What do you think is the Muslim population goes up to 10%?

6. – On the 29/6/07 3 car bombs were placed on the London streets and 1 on the Glasgow airport {The Glasgow car-bomb went off, but luckily airport authorities had quickly evacuated the airport in time to save life and limbs. So in all three car bomb incident no injury took place except for one terrorist who drove the car bomb, who was trying to get away when his clothes caught fire and was warded in the hospital under guard.

Investigations reveal that 5 of these terrorists were Islamic foreign doctors, so far. My God, doctors train for years to save lives. People blindly, would accept a doctor’s word, without Question, because doctors are to save live, not take away lives. How can a doctor get even involved in such a wanton act of murder? How can a doctor kill innocent people who are not known to him or had anything to do with him? How can a doctor try to kill innocent men, women and children?

But, in the context of Islam, it is possible. That is if this doctor is brainwashed enough for the cause of Allah. Then, Allah takes precedence over saving lives.

If these 3 car bombs found their intended victims, the carnage and loss of life would have been enormous. Such a tragedy would have caused untold misery to those close ones for the rest of their lives. Now those skeptics would believe that Islam/Allah are absolute evil. This is not a religion of god, but, a cult of Satan artificially created by Muhammad, as the Quran itself confirms {See article ‘True Islam’ and ‘Biography of Muhammad’}.

I imagine every non-Muslim by now, knows that Islam/Allah is pure evil. Every time I see a Muslim, I imagine evil.

There can be no doubt to those skeptics; that Islam is a cult of Satan and the followers are doing Satan’s bidding. The One True God protected the British people from this incident in London and Glasgow, this time. Allah/Islam failed again in this effort to murder innocent men, women and children.

Imagine, with all that oil money, if it was put to good use, instead of to Allah’s cause of spreading Islam, the Majority of Islamic countries, would have been turned in Heavenly paradises. But, being brainwashed with the cause of Allah, there isn’t a developed country in this world; instead, there are Islamic countries of misery, sufferings, murder, rape, etc, etc, hovels of despair today.

As long as Muslims lie, deceive and hate, as Allah does IN THE QURAN, and believe that Islam is not an evil invention of a PEDOPHILE/RAPIST called Muhammad, who got his inspiration from SATAN; we will always have more of the same terrorism from Muslims for the future.


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