Founder’s Blend

By, Jim Croft

There’s no denying that the Christian Bible and Islam’s Quran contain similarities that both groups might wish didn’t exist.  Strong cases in favor of the following could  be made from both volumes: Genocide, ethnic cleansing of conquered lands; mass beheadings; cruelty toward animals; gender bias against women; forced conscription of captive women for sexual purposes; flogging; stoning; limb amputation; bruising punishment of children; and the endorsement of slavery.  However, there’s an amazing difference in the fruit or the actual policies of the 2 religions when the respective founder’s characters are blended into the equations.

Muslims are to assimilate the character, lifestyle, and practices of Mohammad and Christians are to do the same in regard to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The founder’s spirits are to become a shaken and stirred blend integrated into the personalities of their respective devotees.  The results have stark contrasts that are verified worldwide every day.

The spirit and character of Mohammad blended with the violence and cruel policies spoken of in the Quran produce the previously listed detriments to mankind.  The Spirit and character of Christ blended in produces ever-bettering reversals of the detrimental precepts found in the Bible.  The bottom line is that Christ within generates a conscience that finds solace in mercy and benevolence.  Mohammad within generates calloused conscience that’s insensitive to the plight of the downtrodden.