French parliament: Islamic extremism threatens western Christian civilization

France, April 27/MCN/
The French parliament and mayor of Nice Christian Estros said that the religious extremism coming from the Islamic world threatens Jewish and Christian civilization in Europe and the West.

Commenting on failure of an Algerian to blow up a church in France a week ago, MTV French channel said that the French parliament and the mayor stated that Catholic Christians in France are targeted by terrorists.

The Union for a Popular Movement told “France 3” Channel Monday that terrorism is extended to France and the world war III is about to broke out.

Minister of Internal Affairs of France Bernard Kaznev declared last Wednesday that France foiled an imminent terrorist attack on two churches in Villejuif City, southern suburbs of Paris, France. The French police arrested a 24-year-old Algerian, who is a computer science student. The Algerian was in a contact with a person in Syria who asked him Sunday before last to open fire on churchgoers in two churches during Sunday mass.