By Abdullah Al Araby

Islam is being presented to the world today packaged in a fancy wrapper.

Muslim activists emphasize that Islam is the “true” religion that calls on followers to believe in Allah and in the last day, to enjoin what is just, to forbid what is evil, to observe prayers, and to practice charity (Surah 9:71).

These basic tenets of Islamic teaching sound so right, so good, that they have drawn many people into the fold of Islam.

There is, however, another side to Islam usually hidden from new converts. Major issues of life that are part of Islam are carefully avoided, obscured or omitted from the call to faith. Some passages of the Quran are inaccurately translated from the original Arabic in order to lure converts.

The purpose of this site is to unwrap that attractive package and to explore what is inside. The aim is to expose some of the teachings of Islam that are withheld from seekers, and to help the reader gain a more realistic insight of what it is like to live under such teachings.

This study is by no means exhaustive; it gives a sampling only. Those who wish to investigate matters more thoroughly may refer to more extensive books.

My desire in writing these articles is that God the Almighty will lead us all in the way of truth and life everlasting.