Examining the Absurdities of the Politically Correct Assertions

Jim Croft

Inevitably, whenever the diplomats and national leaders of America and the UK mention Islam they are quick to interject that it’s a noble and peaceful religion that’s been hijacked by extremists. The Aussies, Dutch, Danes and even the French are singing a different tune. Recent media reports indicate that history is teaching them some tough lessons. Such things as Islamic terrorists attacks, riots and looting, honor killings, bulging welfare roles and Islam’s basic tenet that Sharia Law overrides national laws are convincing them that Islam is neither noble nor peaceful.

Australia’s government has issued the decree that any Muslim who is predisposed to apply Sharia Law above its national laws will be deported. Holland’s Minister of the Interior, Hurst Wellers has stated that if Muhammad were a present-day resident of the Netherlands, he would be arrested for inciting terrorism. The Danes are recognizing that their former liberal immigration policies have put their national heritage at risk. They’re instituting stringent laws for welfare recipients and for Muslims that want to bring in family members from abroad. France’s Nicolas Sarkozy won the presidential election on a platform that took a strong stand against Islam’s efforts to replace French values. America and the UK would do well to heed and to follow suit with the democracies that are setting the prudent pace.

Noble & Peaceful

For most, the word noble evokes images of something that is dignified and lofty in principles. Peaceful is a quality that inspires harmonious relationships between those whose cultural worldviews might differ. In a disproportionate manner to any other major religion, Islam fails to meet anything akin to those definitions. Its founder, tenets, ancient and recent history and that which it fosters in all too many of its adherents are ignoble and tend to incite hostilities. Hopefully, this article will provide insights that will cause those that have not seen the light about Islam to recognize the absurdities of PC posturing.


The Canadian intellectual, Ali Sina is an X-Muslim of Iranian descent. He has written a psychobiography of Muhammad that is titled, Understanding Muhammad. His well-documented work describes the founder of Islam as a murderer, torturer and rapist whose alleged encounters with Allah and the Archangel Gabriel were symptomatic of temporal lobe epilepsy. He calls into question the PC assertion that Muslim women are treated like queens. To his mind, the tenets of a religion that refers to women as deficient in intelligence and espouses beatings, stoning and honor-killings for women who transgress hardly exemplifies queenly status. He advises the gullible who are taken in by diplomatic smiles of Muslim spokesmen to consider a verse from Islam’s Hadiths. Verily, we smile for some people, while our hearts curse those same people. (Sahih al-Bukhari, v7, p102)

The former Islamic Terrorist, Walid Shoebat is a Palestinian who has converted to Christianity. One of his recent books is, Why We Want To Kill You. He cleverly points out that a major faux pas of the naïve is to think of Islam as simply a religion. He gives ample proofs that more so than being a religion, from its formative period has been a political movement that demands global submission to its Sharia Law. A mutual friend of his and mine, Abdullah Al-Araby concurs with a quote from an Islamist to a Christian clergyman: “Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our religious laws we will dominate you.” (The Islamization of America p8)

Shoebat does not deny that there are some Muslims who have secular mindsets. Such don’t mind letting those of other faiths live-and-let-live as they endeavor to do the same. Nonetheless, he emphasizes that it’s impossible to simultaneously be a true Muslim and a moderate. The essence of Islam places humanity in one of two camps.

One side Dar es Salaam, is The House of Peace. It’s the zone where Islam rules. The other side is Dar el Harb, The House of War. It’s the war zone that is occupied by non-Muslims. Their worldview dictates that hostilities will continue between the two until the supremacy of Islam is fully established throughout the world. The history of Islam demonstrates that their common method of transforming nations from the House of War to the House of Peace is through Jihad or holy war. Once a nation is conquered, religious persecution and discrimination are utilized to wear down the population until everyone submits to Islam.

Motivations For Jihad Martyrdom

The PC assertions are that such things as poverty and ignorance are what drive homicide-bombers. That is far from the truth. Those who plan and perpetrate such atrocities are often highly educated, multilingual and skilled in various profitable vocations. Those who kill themselves in suicide missions do so for heavenly rewards. Martyrs are guaranteed instant entrance into Allah’s paradise. Their funerals are celebrated as weddings to the 72 perpetual virgins that await them along with numerous young boys and rivers of wine. To facilitate the sexual stamina required they are taught that each man will maintain a constant state of genital preparedness to equip him for spontaneous sessions of intercourse with partners of both sexes. It’s interesting to note that the things that they decry as the satanic sins of the West are the lures used to prompt suicide-martyrdom to get them into their heaven. (Quran 47:15, 52:24, 56:17, 76:19 and Al Kushk, Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London, 5/11/01)


It is a well-known fact that after the Israelis reclaimed Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, they were faced with an exhaustive clean-up project at the site of the remaining wall of Herod’s temple. For decades the local Muslim Arabs had used the base of the Wailing Wall as a public toilet. This defilement was nothing less than an intentional assault on the Jew’s spiritual history. The Italian journalist, Oriana Fallaci, authored a book titled, Rage and Pride. In vivid, vernacular terms she described how offended she was about immigrant Somali Muslims defiling the grounds of a cathedral in Florence, Italy. They stained the marble edifice with their urine and filled the exterior entrance to the Bishop’s Baptistery with their excrement.


It’s my observation that Sufi Muslims who live in Western democracies are the most predisposed to flow smoothly in multicultural societies. The problem is that Sufis are a minority in the global Muslim population. Therefore, I urge all to explore the validity of what I’ve stated by studying the books and websites of the X-Muslims and Arabic speaking authorities cited in this piece. Just type their names into your Internet search engine. I don’t think many who do so would assess Islam as a noble and peaceful religion. To the contrary, most will recognize that if Islam were extracted from the human equation the globe would be safer and fewer of its masses would be incited to ignoble escapades. The enlightened must be activated to petition their State and Federal officials to come into line with the truth and to quit spouting the PC absurdities.