As Allah confirms in the Quran.

By Ahmed Simon

Allah says Issa is an ordinary Islamic prophet in sura 5:75. Muslims have gone one step further than Allah, and claim that Issa is the same Jesus Christ of the Bible. But, Muslims do not give any evidence to justify their claim. {Please read all the Issa sura in the article “Is Isa really, Jesus?”} You will note that nowhere in the Quran, is Issa said to be Jesus {or Jeshua in Hebrew}, but Muslims still insist on their claim with no evidence to show. Let us examine what Allah says in the Quran, of Issa. Allah says he gave Issa an Injeel in sura 5:46 {Muslims say this Injeel is a Gospel}{Just one, mind you; in the singular form} But, the Quran states this Injeel is of a ‘guidance and admonition to Allah’s sovereignty’ and ‘to ward off evil’} But Allah does not explain or give any details or the contents of this “Injeel”, leaving Muslims to wonder in ignorance, what this one Injeel is all about. This is typical of Allah/Quran with no specifics, in most of its verses, unlike the Bible. Is this some sort of ‘Good News’ {Gospel} of Issa, or for Issa, or for Israel, or for Muslims, from Allah? Christians have the specific details of the 4 Gospels of Jesus, whatever happened to the contents of Allah’s one Injeel? This Injeel could obviously be something else, different from the 4 Gospels of Jesus, because they were written years after Jesus died and rose to Heaven. Furthermore, it is basically the biography and teachings of Jesus and we know for sure that these 4 Gospels are nothing about Allah’s guidance and admonition or sovereignty. This conflicting difference between Allah’s Injeel and the 4 Gospels of Jesus, evidently, show that Issa is not Jesus.

By the Bible, Manuscripts, historical records, encyclopedias, etc, Jesus himself, never received any gospel from anyone, and in any case, Jesus did not have to read about himself, did he? Furthermore, the 4 Biblical Gospels did not exist during Jesus’ lifetime on earth. So evidently, Issa {who received some sort of an injeel from Allah} is obviously not the same Jesus Christ {who never received any gospel of any kind, from anyone}. So, manifestly, Issa could not be the same Jesus Christ of the Bible, as Muslims claim, could he?

Note: {} [] are symbols of the author’s comments/input in this article.

First, about Islam for those billions, who do not know true Islam – The Quran is the only doctrine in this world, to claim that there were Muslims, more than 20,000 years ago, in the prehistoric period {the age of innocence}, even before Islam was born. This is as ridiculous and foolish, as saying that there were Christians before Christ, or Buddhists before Buddha or Bahais before Baha’Allah or ‘Nation of Islam’ followers before Fard Muhammad or Mormons before Joseph Smith. Can one be a Muslim before Islam was born? If yes; then, are the Quran, Muhammad, Hadiths, Sunna and the Kaaba, not important to be a Muslim, and is it not an insult to the Quran, Hadiths, Sunna, Muhammad, and the Kaaba? Where did those so-called ‘Muslims’ face to pray before the Kaaba; towards Timbuktu? Did Muslims before Muhammad was born, proclaim that Muhammad is the prophet of Islam, as they do? If no; is Allah wrong/lying, then? Either way, by making such bizarre and false claims, Islam has condemned itself, as a fake, well and truly.

In Islam, Muslims who commit crimes/immoral acts for the sake {way, will, cause} of Allah, is rewarded for such misdeeds {see articles “Is Islam practical” & “Will Islamic suicide Killers get rewarded?”}.

In Islam, Muslims must face a stone structure {Kaaba} containing 360 idols and a black stone to pray; and yet Muslims will be quick to criticise other religions. How Muslims {out of sight of the Kaaba} could face the Kaaba in a spherical earth drives all logic into the sewer.

Islam is the only cult to demand external manifestations {a show}, like fasting in the day and over-eating in the nights, wiping nonexistent tears in every prayer, covering the heads so that Muslim men will not be sexually aroused, male/female Muslims cannot pray together as a family, washing the ears, nostrils, face, feet, sex organs, before every prayer. {Cann’t Allah stand the smell of unwashed Muslims?}

The Cause {Will, Way, Sake} of Allah is not the well-being or welfare of Muslims, but the spreading of Islam, at any cost, fair or foul, legal or illegal, honestly or deceitfully, all as in the Quran {See article, “Is the Quran, holy?”} So Muslims will try anyhow to convert non-Muslims, to selfishly gain points for a ticket to Heaven. The ‘West’ cut off funds to the Hamas Govt. of Palestine for not recognizing Israel and renouncing violence in early 2006 and it collapsed in just a few months. Even hospitals ran out of basic essentials, causing deaths, misery and sufferings to Palestians. Why didn’t the Muslims donate for the suffering Palestinians, if Islam is caring? But if there is a mosque to be built or terrorism for Allah, Muslims will ‘jump’ to donate.

In Islam, Muslims are just trivial ‘fodder’ for Allah’s cause to spread Islam. Islamic countries have abandoned Muslim victims of the 2003 Bam earthquake in Iran, who are still living in appalling conditions, through summer/winter in tents, no piped water, sanitation, etc, and only the Christians and some non-Muslims, are helping these Muslim victims to survive {Similar situations in Aceh Tsunami, Pakistan, Algeria, Turkey, etc}. So, it is visibly evident and undeniable, worldwide, that Allah’s cause is not the welfare of Muslims, but the spreading of Islam.  

In 5:101 Allah demands Muslims not to question, absolutely. Why cannot question and what is there to hide in Islam? How can Muslims learn without questioning? So, isn’t it obvious to the intelligent, that Allah wants to keep Muslims from learning the truth about the fake Islam? Isn’t Islam a trap/prison against thinking?

Muslim fathers, brothers, sons, and close relatives have murdered Muslim females {sisters, mothers, daughters, etc} for giving up Islam, etc. Allah demands this so-called ‘Honour Killings’ for apostates in sura 4:89 of the Quran. {See such real life murders for Allah’s cause in “News around the Globe” in this website for proof}

A factual overview of the Quran – The Quran is a book of an imperfect and contradicting doctrine {see article “Is Islam a fake?}, fabricated over hundreds of years after the passing of Islamic prophet Muhammad {Poisoned to death by a widow, whose husband was earlier beheaded by Muhammad – See article “Biography of Muhammad”}.

The Quran is with errors, contradictions, irrational assumptions, historical mistakes {which do not tally with history of even the Islamic countries} and absurdities, with only 114 chapters against the Bible’s 1,189 chapters. The chapters of the Quran are not arranged in importance, continuity, holiness, biography, chronology, significance or sequence of any sort; but are arranged simply by unimportant length – the longest chapter, followed by the next longest chapter and the last chapter with just 6 lines. Thus, the first half volume of the Quran contains only 20 chapters, and the second half contains 94 chapters {note the inconsistency of the Quran}. Some chapter titles in the Quran whose names have no meaning – just letters. For instance: chapter 20 is Taha, 36-Yasin, 38-Sad, etc; just like saying chapter x, and y and z; some are titled ‘The cow’, bee, cattle, star, moon, iron, city, sun, ant, spider, elephant, {sorry, no monkey chapter}. There is no correlation between chapters. Verses are disorderly arranged and jumbled up in unrelated subjects. The majority of the prophets mentioned in the Bible are not in the Quran – simply missing – and Allah himself admits this in sura 4:164, “…and messengers We have not mentioned unto thee;” keeping Muslims ignorant. Even of those mentioned in the Quran; some are just by their names only, thus, keeping Muslims ignorant of them {See sura 4:163 and ask Muslims about Isaac, Jacob, Job, David, Solomon, etc and have some fun with them} Despite Allah’s admission of inadequacies/lack of knowledge in the Quran, Muslims still, generally, lie and claim everything in the Bible {1,189 chapters} is in the Quran {114 chapters} It is difficult even for morons to believe this Muslim claim. Muslim mania to defend, against Allah’s inadequacies/ignorance, drive Muslims to lie and make false claims, even to the extend, of going against Allah’s own words, in the Quran. So, how can someone believe Muslim claims?

Muslims shamelessly try to falsely associate with Judaism and Christianity by making false claims on them, to gain some reverence/respect for Islam. But unfortunate for Islam, Jews and Christians reject Islam as pure evil and a fake cult {see article “111 Questions for Muslims”} The Bible also condemns terrible consequences on anyone who make false claim/s against the Bible {Rev. 22:18-19}

Muslims lie and falsely claim ‘all Qurans are the same’. But in truth, they are not the same and that is why different Islamic sects have different number of Quran contents, {6,200 to nearly 6,700 sura – hundreds of differences}. Different Islamic sect’s websites also quote different content figures– check Islamic websites, for proof.   Thus, it evidently proves that all Qurans are changed and corrupted by humans.

So Muslim claims are plentiful and remain as just false claims {some plain silly}.

Christians will be horrified to know that there is no prophecy, no chronology, no geography, no biography of anybody (not even Muhammad), no miracles, no ministry, no history, no dates/periods of events, no proverbs, no parables, no psalms, no wisdom chapters; and generally is just do’s and don’t, more or less similar to an instruction book of a vacuum cleaner, with punitive punishments, revenge, retaliations and rewards specified. What is shocking is, Allah proclaiming some as Islamic prophets, who are not recognised in Judaism/Christianity. Ishmael, e.g. born of an Egyptian slave mother {Hagar – not a Jewish mother} and therefore, Ishmael is NOT considered a Jew, by the Jews. So, it is a daunting task to look for the truth in such a puny absurd Quran.

Note: Wikipedia – The word Jew (Hebrew: éäåãé) (in Hebrew Yehudi) generally refers to a follower of the Jewish faith {Judaism}, a child of a Jewish mother, or someone of Jewish descent with a connection to Jewish culture or ethnicity; a combination of these attributes. WebBible – The word “Jew” is derived from the patriarch Judah. A ‘Jew’ is defined as a person, of the Hebrew religion of Judaism and of a Hebrew {Jewish} mother. {It has to be a combination of both – Judaism and Hebrew mother. Seen in another angle; a person, cannot be a Jew and also a Muslim at the same time, practicing two faiths – Judaism and Islam. There is no such thing, as a ‘Muslim Jew’ or ‘Jewish Muslim’. It is that simple. As long as a person believes in Judaism and is born of a Jewish mother – he/she is a Jew irrespective of their nationality} Allah/Quran is absolutely WRONG in claiming Jewish ‘Muslim’ prophets – There is/was never such a person on earth, ever. If you get a Muslim to understand this fundamental fact {etymology of a Jew} and truth, then Islam/Allah /Quran are exposed as a fake.

In contrast, the Bible is an encyclopedia of Morality, Wisdom, experiences, history, prophecies, love, answers to life, etc. The Bible is the only religious scripture in this entire world, which begins chronologically with the creation of the universe and the human race; and ends with the universe/human race. No other religious Scripture, anywhere, can categorically state such a Complete Testimony of the universe/human race and that too in an accurate chronological setting from the beginning to the end. Since the end has not yet come, the Bible is the only LIVING TESTIMONY of the Universe/Human Race, of the past, present and the FUTURE.

The Bible is also the only true history book with a difference. In all history, it is written only AFTER it occurs, but as for the Bible; historical events were written, well BEFORE they occurred {Prophecies of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, John, etc} some a thousand years before; beyond human capability, but, by the power of the One True God? Thus, the Bible in itself is a miracle. Muslims have no idea of what they are actually, missing.

[Note: I must draw attention to the word ‘Allah’ in this article, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Hindu Deity, Moon Goddess Durga, chanted/referred reverently to, as ‘Allah’ in Sanskrit by the Hindus, to date, {from 1,500 B.C. – before Islam was invented) {and who is also the spiritual wife of the Moon God, Lord Siva}. Saudi Arabia was part of the Hindu Empire of the Vikrama Era of the Maharaja/s {Emperor/s} Candragupta. All reference drawn of ‘Allah’ is solely and entirely made to the Islamic Allah. I am not saying Muslims are praying to a Hindu Goddess, but just that Muhammad highjacked a Hindu temple {Kaaba}, Lord Siva’s Crescent Moon symbol, and the black stone – penis {fertility} symbol of Lord Siva, Hindu goddess’ name ‘Allah’ and Hindu pilgrimage rituals. {See – Kaaba, a Hindu temple}]

The Islamic Arab prophet, Muhammad was a rapist, peodophile, murderer, idolater, liar, etc {see article “Biography of Muhammad”}.

The Islamic Allah has a bungling character. In Sura 2:106 of the Quran, Allah himself admits to his clumsy ways, “Such of Our Revelations as We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring (in place) one better or the like thereof.” Why did Allah abrogate {cancel} some revelations and improve {better} on others? Weren’t Allah’s initial verses any good? Couldn’t he get it right the first time, instead of bungling his way around? Could such an Allah be a god? Repeated in sura 16:101; possibly to make sure all Muslims do not miss this Allah’s changed and corrupted Quran? In 10:35, Allah says; he is “one that produceth Creation, and then reproduceth it” Isn’t Allah clumsy? The Christian, One True God did not need recreations or touch-ups. Thus, you see, it is very difficult to research such a bungling Allah’s words in the Quran.  

Now back to Issa – after I compiled all the sura of Issa from the Quran, for my article, “Is Isa really Jesus?” – Please refer to this article, I was very troubled by the final draft. In that article; basically, almost all the sura was about Allah, and how he used Issa. For example, Allah says, in 3:48 – “And He {Allah} will teach him {Issa} the Scripture {Bible} and wisdom, and the Torah, and the Gospel.” Doesn’t this Allah know that the Scripture {Bible} already includes “wisdom, Torah, and the Gospel?” Doesn’t this prove that Allah is ignorant of the scriptures {Bible}? How can this Allah teach anyone the Bible when he himself is ignorant of it? Isn’t Allah then a false God?

What does the WebBible encyclopedia say of Jesus’ name, [“Jesus” is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua which was originally Hoshea (Oshea) (Num. 13:8, 16 – the King James Version of the Bible spells it “Oshea”), but changed by Moses into Jehoshua (Num. 13:16; 1 Chr. 7:27), or Joshua. After the Exile it assumed the form Jeshua, from which came the Greek form Jesus. It was given to our Lord to denote the object of his mission, to save. An angel told Joseph (his foster and legal-father), “You are to name him Jesus {for Savior in Hebrew}, for he will save his people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). JESUS CHRIST – Je’sus, the proper, as Christ is the official, name of our Lord. To distinguish him from others with the same name, he is spoken of as “Jesus of Nazareth” (John 18:7), and “Jesus the son of Joseph” (John 6:42).]

Note; nowhere is Issa mentioned above; and nowhere is it said “Issa, son of Maryam” as per Allah – this is wrong of Allah. In Jewish traditions/culture, only the legal father’s name is used and never the mother’s, as in the Quran. The correct Jewish official/legal form is ‘Jesus, son of Joseph’ or ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ as the WebBible. This proves Allah is ignorant of Jews and this also confirms that Issa is not Jesus.

Greek was the international language of that time, the Greek name of ‘Jesus’ spread in Europe and then to the world, through the Europeans. How the Arabs missed all this, {if Issa was really Jesus} was the first give-away, that Issa is not Jesus.

What does Allah say further – [5:46 – “And We caused Issa, son of Maryam, to follow in their footsteps, confirming that which was (revealed) before Him, and We bestowed on him the Injeel wherein was guidance and a light, confirming that which was (revealed) before it in the Torah a guidance and an admonition unto those who ward off (evil).”

Allah’s Injeel could probably be something, which can be bestowed on Issa, but the 4 Gospels of the Bible is not something to be bestowed, is it? The Gospels in the Bible are basically, the biography of Jesus. Allah’s Injeel it seems, “is guidance from Allah” to confirm the Torah {not biography}. It sure seems Allah gave something else to Issa {contents unknown to anyone}, and has nothing to do with Jesus? Thus, this is impossible, for Issa to be Jesus, isn’t it? So, Allah confirms Issa is not Jesus.

In any case, the 4 Gospels of the Bible, were written, well after Jesus died, was buried and rose to Heaven and Jesus never received any Gospel whatsoever, while on earth. If Allah gave Issa one Injeel, on earth; thus, he could not have given it to Jesus, could he? So, Allah confirms Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

Allah’s Injeel in Sura 2:253, is also about “clear proofs of Allah’s sovereignty” and not the biography Gospels of Jesus as in the Bible. So here the clear distinction between the one Injeel of Allah given to Issa and the 4 Gospels of Jesus is evidently obvious. Thus, by this, Allah confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

Generally, Muslims are notorious for making all sorts of claims for the cause of Allah, which turned out to be false and/or plain downright lies. Actually, compiling all the sura of Issa, in that article, convinced me that Issa simply COULDN’T be Jesus Christ. The characters and nature of Issa {from the Quran} and Jesus are contradictory – completely opposite, and the various sura in the Quran definitely refers to someone else, and not Jesus. Please take a good look again of the sura in “Is Isa really, Jesus?” The opposing characters confirm that Allah’s Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

Allah/Quran recommends Muslims, to lie and deceive for the sake {will, cause, and way} of Allah {Al Takeyya} opposite and contradictory to Jesus’ teachings. I was also troubled, because there were actually so little information in the Quran about Issa, even to make a reasonable assumption of him, leave alone to confirm the Muslims’ claim to Jesus. I also wondered, why the fabricators of the Quran did not copy more information, because Jesus was public knowledge for more than 850 years, before the Quran was fabricated, so obviously Allah was referring to Issa and not Jesus.

Allah says that on death, Muhammad’s body was taken “to the far distant place of worship” – sura 17:1. Muslims go one step further than Allah and claim this ‘furthest Mosque’ to be in Jerusalem. But the problem with this Muslim claim is that the name Jerusalem {Hebrew-Yerushalayim} or the later Arabic name of Al-Khuds; is not mentioned even once in the whole Quran. In fact, there was no Mosque in the whole of Israel {including the West Bank} when Muhammad was poisoned to death. But there was a mosque in Medina at that time though, and this fact does not seem to penetrate Muslims and they still keep falsely claiming Jerusalem against historical evidences. Historically, years after a widow poisoned Muhammad to death; Muslim caliph Omar captured Jerusalem, and his son, the next caliph, years later highjacked and converted the saint Mary’s church to the present Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Even today, it is still of the Byzantine Roman Architecture and still looks more like a church than a mosque from any angle. Muslims don’t have any shame to steal churches for their Islam. For details see the article, “Islamic Lies & Myths” {no. 21}. So how can anyone believe Muslims, who will blatantly lie for Allah, even against Allah’s words and confirmed facts and evidences? Imagine, what will happen to the ancient churches, synagogues and Christian/Judaism holy places, if the Muslims get East Jerusalem, or if they claim Washington D.C.?

In 19:23, “And the pangs {pain} of childbirth drove her unto the trunk of the palm tree.” In 19:24 – 26, “Then (one) cried unto her from below her, saying: grieve not! Thy Lord hath placed a rivulet beneath thee. And shake the trunk of the palm tree, thou will cause ripe dates to fall. So eat and drink and be consoled” {eating when delivering a child?} Sura 19:27, “Then she brought him {Issa} to her own folk…” This Issa was born under a date palm tree on a rivulet {stream} to a mother, who ate to her satisfaction during her delivery? Does this make sense to you or plain idiocy? Jesus was not born, under a palm tree on a rivulet. Thus, Allah confirms that Issa is not Jesus.

A very important basis of Christianity is the many prophesies {for nearly a thousand years} confirming Jesus and of his crucifixion {death} on the cross and the fulfillment of all these prophesies. But, Allah clearly states in sura 4:157 – “…They slew him not nor crucified…” So, here too Allah confirms Issa was not crucified and so Issa is not Jesus Christ, {who died on the cross}, as evident in the Bible, manuscripts, world history, prophesies, encyclopedias, etc. Jesus himself predicted his own death on earth, against Allah’s words in the Quran. These words of Allah clearly prove that Issa is not Jesus.

Issa is a Jew {as Allah said}, and the character {which is so important to confirm the person} in Issa, portrayed in the Quran, is opposite to the character and nature of Jesus. For example, Issa said in 3:50 “And (I come) confirming that, which was before me of the Torah…” Though Jesus did say that he did not come to annul the OT {Torah being a very tiny part of OT}, but we know that Jesus did reject most of the laws in the Torah. For example, for an adulteress, Jesus asked the first sinless person to cast the stone at her, thereby, completely rejecting the Stoning Laws of Moses’ in the Torah. In Matt 5:38, Jesus rejected completely the ‘eye for an eye; tooth for tooth…’ Torah law; but, is condoned by Allah/Quran 5:45; {and many more}. By rejecting the Torah, Jesus overturned the long held Judaist beliefs and angered the clergy of Judaism. Jesus bravely condemned, in no uncertain terms, of the barbarism of smashing a woman’s head with stones till she bled to death with torn flesh and mutilated human bodies, revenge, divorce, polygamy and slavery in the Torah. Thus, Allah confirms {by the Torah} that Issa is not Jesus. These important aspects of Jesus are all missing in the Quran and this also confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

[Please go to the various Israeli human rights websites, and you will note that Israel, today, has got rid of almost all the laws of Moses {Torah} and use civil/secular laws with human rights, gender equality, even in its armed forces.] And knowing Jesus, we Christians acknowledge that there is not a single sinful bone in Jesus, and can positively confirm that Jesus would not condone and confirm the Torah, unlike Issa. {Although Jews have rejected most of the Torah Laws; but Islam goes backwards and condones such savagery {sura 5:45} in the Islamic Sharia to this day}. Jesus even condemned the teachers of the Torah in Matt. 23:1 – 36. By these Torah laws alone, Allah evidently confirms that Issa {who confirms and condones the Torah} is not Jesus {who rejects and condemns them}.

Allah demands all Muslims to be his unthinking obedient slaves. In contrast, Jesus brought love to this world, but obeying him as a slave and making the followers of Jesus as obedient morons is out of Jesus’ teachings and impossible to be even remotely linked to Jesus. Jesus would rather be loved than obeyed, and surely not as slaves but as loving, intelligent and moral followers. Actually, by teaching love, Jesus, unleashed such a great powerful force, the world has never seen, that Christianity has become the largest religion in this world. No other religion even comes to 50% of Christianity today. Thus, most of the sura is opposite the teachings of Jesus, and thus Allah confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

In sura 3:49 “…Lo! I fashion for you out of clay the likeness of a bird, and I breathe into it, and it is a (live) bird, by Allah’s leave. I heal him who was born blind, and the leper, and I raise the dead, by Allah’s leave.” But, nowhere in the Quran is the specific details or events leading to the blind/leper/dead is explained. So, it could be anything, not knowing, who, why, how, when, where, etc, leave alone to confirm the person involved. The Quran typically, is not specific. Prophet Elijah brought a widow’s dead son to life in Zarephath, near Sidon {1 Kings 17:17-23} and performed many other miracles. So is Issa then, prophet Elijah because he performed similar miracles – of course not? Other prophets too performed many miracles – so what of it? Moses alone performed 10 miracles. So miracles, on its own, do not give light to a particular person. This appalling and disappointing lack of information in the Quran, with open-ended sura, is what drives the Muslims into more than 200 Islamic denominations {sects} with various differing interpretations of each sura, and many more hundreds of sub-sects. Test this out – ask 10 Muslims and you could get 10 differing interpretations; that is, if they do ever respond.

But, even mentioning a few miracles, with no specific details, don’t make Issa, Jesus Christ, does it? Jesus performed numerous miracles {and they are not mentioned in the Quran and Muslims are ignorant of them} but that the world has heard of it before Islam was born, leaves one to wonder, why didn’t the inventors/fabricators of the Quran, not copy more miracles, for a stunning story. But, Jesus did not do Issa’s clay bird trick, as magicians do. The Bible, Manuscripts, historical documents, and Christians have no idea of a bird trick. This also confirms that Issa is not Jesus.

In sura 19:29 – “Then she pointed to him {Issa}. They said: How can we talk to one who is in the cradle, a young boy?” 19:30 – “He spake: Lo! I am the slave of Allah. He hath given me the Scripture and hath appointed me a prophet.” Allah has no clue of the scripture {Bible}, does he? The Bible is a book of history, unlike the Quran. History cannot be ‘given’, but made; and in any case, the Bible did not exist then. The bible also records historical events beyond 75 A.D. So how could Allah give something, which did not exist/occur? This alone evidently proves that Allah is talking of someone else. Infant Issa talking in the cradle – whatever for? The Bible does not say Jesus talked in his infancy, but says he was a normal baby. Allah might have appointed Issa; but Jesus appointed his 12 Apostles.

In 4:172 – Allah says, “The Maseh will never scorn to be a slave unto Allah”. Jesus condemned and rejected slavery as inhuman and ungodly, but Allah condones slavery and demands Muslims to be his slaves. This confirms that Issa {who also condones slavery} is not Jesus {who condemns and rejects slavery as ungodly and a big sin}. From the facts above, it is now already obvious that Issa is not the same Jesus and that Jesus is not in Islam/Quran against Muslims’ false claim.

Allah says everyday, the earth stops in its orbit/rotation to rest {where, when, how, see article “111 Questions for Muslims”}. So many of Allah’s sura in the Quran are as ridiculous and comical as it gets and many are plain silly. A proverb which fits this Allah well, is, “Genius has limits; stupidity does not” Anon.

In sura 5:114, Issa orders Allah, and Allah obeys Issa – “Issa, son of Maryam, said: O Allah, Lord of us! Send down for us a table spread with food from Heaven, that it may be a feast for us…” {Just a demand} Allah then obeys Issa in 5:115 – “Allah said: Lo! I send it down for you…” Who is the slave – Issa or Allah? By stating this sura of Allah being ordered by Issa; isn’t the Quran insulting this Allah?

Now if in Hebrew, Jesus is Jeshua and the Arabic {and spoken Aramaic} languages being linguistically associated to the Hebrew language, then, it cannot be Issa in Arabic for the Hebrew Jeshua. Furthermore, Jeshua is three syllables and Issa is only two syllables, and this is definitely impossible, language-wise, and can never be related. If the Muslims’ claim to Jesus is justified, then, there is something very wrong with Allah’s words. Either Allah is wrong or the Muslims are wrong. Both cannot be correct, can they?

I am aware that, Jews and Arabs lived for generations together, in the early years, and there are many similar names and linguistically connected. For instance, for Aaron in Hebrew, it is Harun in Arabic, or for Miriam, it is Maryam {Mary} or Abel, it is Habil, or Abraham, it is Ibrahim, or Joseph, it is Yusof in Arabic, and so on. Note the similarities – and in the number of syllables – it is exactly the same. The difference in the pronunciations is miniscule, and a person, knowledgeable in Hebrew/Arabic should at once make it out. So you see, names are connected and quite similar. In syllables, it cannot and should not be different, even if the pronunciation has a slant. Except for the romanised spellings, it is the same in every which way you look at it. But Issa and Jeshua are completely different names, in pronunciation and syllables, and impossible to be the same name and the same person, isn’t it? So, how can Jeshua, be implied as Issa in Arabic? Logically, it is two different persons. Therefore, Allah’s Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

Perhaps, there might be some other connection, and I must probe all angles of connectivity. But, my Chinese and Indian friends, {I met in Australia} told me that they use the correct name form of ‘Joshua’ or ‘Jeshua’ in literary works in the Chinese and Indian languages, as in Hebrew, but in oral pronunciations the ‘a’ could sometimes be silent, as ‘Yeshu’ or Jeshu in the Chinese pronunciation, because of the character based Chinese language {Mandarin}. I was also told that the name Jeshua is used in China, Mongolia, India, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka, Korea, Nepal, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc in their local languages and the Greek form ‘Jesus’ is used only in English. This is in spite of the Muslim Arabs, Afghans and Mughals, who invaded most of India and held it for nearly a thousand years {see article, “Why did Islam fail disastrously in these countries”}. So if the Muslim invaders and rulers of India did not refer to Jesus as Issa in India, for the thousand years they occupied India; then is this so-called claim to Jesus, by the Muslims, of a recent false claim to beg acceptance and reverence for Allah/Islam? Are Muslims telling us Allah’s words are wrong, then?

The Muslims base their claim almost solely, on Issa being the son of a person called Maryam. Just because Issa’s mother is named Maryam, Muslims jumped to the conclusion that Issa is Jesus. Muslims have no idea that ‘Miriam’ is one of the most common names among the Jews. So, I was forced to turn to Miriam, to find out which Maryam, Allah was referring to.

{‘Mary’ is in Greek form, and Miriam in Hebrew and Maryam in Arabic, Marie in French, etc} St. Irenaeus of Lyon said of Mary and her willing acceptance of God’s choice, to bear his son. So, I was determined to find the particular Maryam, refered by Allah. So, ‘who is this Maryam in the Quran?

Mariology is the area of Christian theology concerned with Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It not only deals with her life but her veneration mainly through Catholic Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, Coptic Christianity, Anglicanism, Lutheranism and some other Christian sects. But, the big problem is that ‘Mary’ {Miriam in Hebrew} is one of the most common names in Jewish history, and that is why, most mention of a particular ‘Mary’ only with a qualifying, attached name; e.g. “Standing close to Jesus’ cross was his mother {Mary}, his mother’s sister Mary – the wife of Clopas {cleopas}, and Mary of Magdala {or Magdalene}” {during the crucifixion} John 19:25. Therefore, Mary cannot be ‘a complete’ name on its own or reference to a particular person, as Allah incorrectly states, without a qualifying name. Imagine the confusion Allah creates. This also exposes, Allah’s ignorance of Jewish traditions and culture – if Allah is a god, he should have known better. Allah just says ‘Maryam’ in the Quran. This could be just about any one of the tens of thousands of Miriam in Jewish history. Further, Miriam’s willed obedience to God is contrasted with Eve‘s disobedience, and this gives Miriam added significance and lent much to the status of present day women, from the ‘fallen daughters’ of Eve. But, looking for the right ‘Miriam’ does pose a big problem, as many a time it has confused many even in biblical studies. But to distinguish the correct Mary, whom Christians generally refer to as, “The Virgin Mary”.

I was left in limbo, till I met a Tunisian Jew who had studied Hebrew and Arabic and was fluent in both. He was well versed in the Old Testament, as Judaism being the religion of almost all Jews. He informed me that ‘Issa’ in Arabic comes from the Hebrew name ‘Esau’. My eyes lit up at this news. This information was vital, and I thought, I got to the end of the tunnel.

This Jew friend told me the correct name for Jesus in Arabic, SHOULD be Yesuwa or Jesuwa, which is linguistically, similar to the Hebrew Jeshua or Joshua {Je-shu-a – 3 syllables}. The pronunciation, syllable, name and the spelling are absolutely clear proof now, that Issa is not Jesus. And the name referred to in the Quran as Issa, is actually from the Hebrew ‘Esau’, who I thought happens to be the elder twin brother of Jacob and they both are the sons of Isaac. Issa being Esau also fits perfectly with the Hebrew language in pronunciation, syllables, and name {2 syllables only}. This Esau lived in 1,850 B.C. But, my elation nose-dived because then there is still a big problem with this particular Esau. This Esau’s mother, {Isaac’s wife}, is not named Miriam, but Rebekah {Rebecca}. So did the Quran/Allah refer to another Esau {Issa}? Is there another Esau {Issa} I thought, whose mother is called Miriam – it is possible? But, just because the Quran is not specific, doesn’t mean that there isn’t another Esau in Jewish history. As I said, Jews repeat their names commonly, amongst themselves. But, this Esau {Issa} who is the son of Isaac cannot possibly be Allah’s Issa, and there must be another Issa {Esau} I though.

The Quran/Allah further states in sura 19:28, in which, Allah said: “O sister of Aaron, Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot” to Maryam. {Brothers, Aaron and Moses were sons of Amram {Exodus 6:20}; and Aaron/Moses did have a sister named Miriam {Exodus 15:20}, who all lived in approx. 1,250 B.C. {that is 1,250 years before Jesus Christ and how can this sura of Allah refer to Jesus Christ, then?}. This is the only Miriam {mother of Issa}, which confirms Allah’s words. Muslims must ask themselves, ‘Did Allah speak the truth when he said Issa’s mother is the sister of Aaron?’ If Allah spoke the truth, then Issa cannot be Jesus, can he? And this proves that the Muslim claim to Jesus is false and a lie.

So, if this Maryam is the sister of Aaron, as Allah confirms {and also confirmed in the Bible}, then it cannot be the mother of Jesus, can it {By 1,250 years}?

Allah further confirms Issa in sura 66:12, “And Maryam, the daughter of Imran, whose body was chaste, therefore we breathed therein something of Our Spirit…”{Amram [Imran] lived around 1,250 B.C. God also similarly, has many a times, sent the ‘Holy Spirit’ for childbearing; e.g. Abraham/Sarah {Gen. 17:16}, Zechariah/Elizabeth, {Luke 1:13}, etc. And this sura doesn’t say that it was a virgin birth, does it – as for Jesus? So here all, the Bible/Quran/Allah confirm the status of this Miriam {Maryam} the mother of Issa {Esau}, and daughter of Imran {Amram} and sister of Aaron. Can Muslims still deny these words of Allah {and the Bible}? Do Muslims still want to blaspheme Allah, by making false claims on Jesus, against Allah’s words? So as Allah confirms, Amram {Imran} was the father of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, {This Miriam being the mother of Issa}. This is conclusive proof and undeniable evidence that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

It is now evident that Allah was referring to Issa, son of Maryam, daughter of Amram, and who is the sister of Aaron. So, this is the ‘Issa’ Allah referred to and not Jesus. These are from the words of Allah himself. Every time a Muslim claims Jesus for Islam; he/she is in effect blaspheming Allah and condemns Allah as a liar.

Allah further confirms this in Sura 3:35, “(Remember) when the wife of Imran said: My Lord! I have vowed unto thee that which is in my belly as a consecrated (offering). Accept it from me.” Allah continues, In Sura 3:36   “And when she delivered she said: My Lord! Lo! I am delivered of a female … I have named her Maryam…” This is further confirmation by Allah that the Quranic “Issa” is the grandson of Imran, and not anyone else, is it? Thus, this is proof that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

Allah himself irrevocably confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

Allah further, does not mention Jesuwa in Arabic {for Jeshua in Hebrew} but Issa {Esau}. So, here too it is evident that Muslims lie, against Allah’s Quran, to beg for acceptance, and reverence for Islam, by falsely highjacking Jesus for Islam.

Another compelling confirmation of Allah’s reference to Issa and not Jesus is in sura 5:110 – “When Allah saith: O Issa, son of Maryam! Remember my favour unto thee and unto thy mother; how I strengthen thee with the holy Spirit, so that thou spakest unto mankind in the cradle as in maturity…” In Arabic, the word ‘maturity’ is actually referred to as old age in this instance. So what that means is that Allah favoured Issa till his old age. Jesus died at age 33 and this cannot be considered as old age in any stretch of imagination. So if Issa lived until old age, Jesus certainly did not. Thus, Allah has irrevocable again confirmed that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

If Issa is Jesus, this will also contradict all the prophecies made of Jeshua {Jesus}, from a thousand years before Jesus. If Issa were Jeshua {Jesus} then, Allah would be wrong in stating all the above sura and also almost all Jewish prophets who prophesied in the details of Jesus’ coming, as liars. All the prophecies of the prophets, especially Isaiah {this important Christian/Judaism prophet is simply missing in the Quran/Islam}, if the Muslim claim is true. Unless Muslims declare that Issa is not Jeshua, then; only then, all the prophecies made of Jeshua {Jesus} and Allah’s sura, would stand. Muslims cannot make a claim and then ignore the consequences of their claim. In other words, if all the Jewish prophets’ prophecies {including Allah’s many sura} are not lies, then Issa cannot be Jesus – It is that simple – one, or the other? So you see, Issa was indeed not Jeshua {Jesus} as the Quran/Allah confirms against Muslim claim to the contrary.


Then we come to the Question, “Who is actually, Mary, mother of Jeshua {Jesus}?” A} – For this we have to go to the Bible, because we know that Jesus is not mentioned in Islam/Quran. Muslims also should observe these Christian beliefs, as Allah demanded in sura 10:95 – ‘if in doubt, confirm with the Christians’. So if Mary, daughter of Amram was not Jesus’ mother, then who was Jesus’ mother?

It was the tradition of the Jews to give their genealogies, only through their male members. The Bible gives two genealogies in Matt. 1:2 and Luke 3:23. But, both genealogies belong to Joseph as the Bible states. Then what about Jesus’ mother, Mary?

B} – The Catholic Christians {1.2 Billion}; the Coptic Christians {55 Million}; Christian Orthodox {about 600 million in Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, etc}; Anglicanism; Assyrian; Lutheranism; etc; give the parents of Miriam {mother of Jesus} as Joachim and Anna, {Anne}. This is because, according to the Gospel of James, {which, though not part of the NT, contains important biographical material about Mary, Jesus’ mother} and also confirmed by the ‘Ecumenical Council of Rome’ that she was the daughter of Joachim and Anna {Anne}. Based on this Gospel of James, and James being the half brother of Jesus {Jeshua}, also the biological son of the same Mary and an apostle of Jesus, is a reliable and credible source of information, where Jesus’ grandparents were concerned, {through James’ and Jesus’ mother, Miriam}. This is the most accurate information available from documents and manuscripts, we have of Mary’s parents. Therefore, Jesus’ biological mother, Mary {Miriam}, is the daughter of Joachim and Anna {Anne} and not Imran, as Allah was referring to Issa in the Quran. Therefore, Jesus is not Issa and is not in Islam/Quran.

C} – There are thousands of churches, named after and in honour of Joachim and Anna {Anne}, all over the world, built from around 300 A. D. {before Islam}.

D} The Pope also canonized Joachim and Anna, in 467 A.D. as saints, for being the parents of Miriam, before Islam was born, and there are special Christian feast-days designated, each year, for them.

E} There is only an indirect possibility to the Israeli tribe of Virgin Mary. As Mary is the cousin of her husband, Joseph, who is of the tribe of Judah, there is a general acceptance that she is also of the tribe of Judah, because Jews, those days, married within their tribes/clans. We cannot ignore her cousin Elizabeth, who is also the cousin of Mary but her husband; Zechariah belongs to the tribe of Abijah. {Luke 1:5 see fact 16 below}


FACT I. – From the Quran – It is evident that Allah referred to Issa and not Jesus.

FACT 2. – From the Quran – It is evidently clear, that Allah categorically stated that he sent Issa as his prophet and not Jesuwa {in Arabic, Jeshua in Hebrew}

FACT 3. – It is a fact that the Arabic name ‘Issa’ is derived from the Hebrew name of ‘Esau’ and cannot be anything else.

FACT 4. – From the Quran – In one known case, Issa {Esau} who is the son of Isaac, lived around 1850 B. C. But since his mother was Rebecca and not Miriam, this is not the same Issa {Esau} Allah referred to. Whichever Issa {Esau} Allah referred to is impossible and cannot be Jesuwa {Jeshua} and thus, Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 5. – From the Quran – Issa is said to have done a few miracles – So what of it? Actually, Christians have no idea of a clay bird trick {like magicians do} and it is not in the Bible. Whoever this Issa is, who brought a clay bird to life, is not Jesus.

FACT 6. – From the Quran – Allah clearly says that Issa’s name is also Maseh, in sura 3:45. {e.g. Martin Luther King is a name, not a real king, is he?} But Jeshua {Jesus} was a real Maseh {Messiah}.

FACT 7. – From the Quran – Allah said in sura 3:46 – “He will speak unto mankind in his cradle and in his manhood…” Issa ‘might have spoken from the cradle’, but the Bible does not say this, of Jeshua {Jesus} and Christians have no idea of any ‘cradle talk’. So here too, Issa cannot be Jeshua {Jesus}.

FACT 8. – From the Quran – Allah evidently confirms that Issa’s mother, Maryam, is the sister of Aaron {who lived in 1,250 B.C. or 1,250 years before Jesus} Thus, Allah confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 9. From the Quran – Allah also says that Issa’s mother, Maryam is the daughter of Imran, who lived around 1,250 B.C. or 1,250 years before Jesus}. The Israeli, Greek, and Roman histories; the Bible; Manuscripts; encyclopedias; etc prove that Moses, Maryam, Imran, Aaron, etc, lived more than 1,250 years before Jeshua {Jesus}. Thus, these facts of Allah/Quran clearly prove that Issa is not Jesus. According to the Bible, no one lived more than 1,000 years, on this earth.

FACT 10. – From the Quran – It could be possible and true that Aaron’s sister, Miriam did have a son by the name of Esau {Issa}. Without any other evidence to show otherwise, we have to assume that Maryam, daughter of Imran, did have a son, named Issa {Esau} as Allah said.   These facts alone from Allah/Quran evidently confirm and prove that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 11. – From the Gospel of James – Confirmation is given, which concurs with Allah’s pronouncements that Issa is not Jesus. According this Gospel, it is evident that Mary {the mother of Jesus}, is the daughter of Joachim and Anna From these facts, it is evident that Issa is not Jesus and is not in Islam.

FACT 12. – From the Gospel of James – Jesus’ mother Miriam was not the daughter of Amram {Imran} as Allah states. This also says that Issa is not Jesus.

FACT 13. – From the Bible/Gospel of James – Jesus’ mother, Miriam, never had a brother by the name of Aaron. This further confirms that Issa is not Jesus.

FACT 14. – From the Bible – We know that Aaron, Mary, Moses, and their father Amram do not come from Nazareth/Bethlehem; as Jesus, Joseph, Mary etc. come from. This further confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 15. – From the Bible – Esau {Issa}, Aaron, Moses, Maryam, Imran, etc, are of the Israeli tribe of Levi {Exodus 2:1-2}. This concurs with Allah’s statements that Issa is not Jesus, and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 16. – From the Bible – There is only an indirect possibility to the Israeli tribe of Virgin Mary. As Mary is the cousin of her husband, Joseph, who is of the tribe of Judah, there is a general acceptance that she is also of the tribe of Judah, because Jews, those days, married within their tribes. We cannot ignore her cousin Elizabeth though; but who’s husband belongs to the tribe of Abijah. {Luke 1:5} This confirms that the 2 Miriam are completely different people {one is Issa’s mother and the other is Jesus’ mother}. Thus, Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 17. – Joachim and Anna, being the parents of Miriam {the mother of Jesus}; the pope canonized them as saints in 467 A.D. before Islam was born. This evidently confirms and proves that Issa is not Jeshua {Jesus}, and that Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 18. – Christians have built churches all over the world, in honour of St. Joachim and St. Anna {Grandparents of Jesus and parents of Miriam} from about 300 A.D. further confirming the grandparents of Jesus and the status of this Miriam. Thus, this confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 19. The St. Anne’s {Anna} church, built in her honour as Miriam’s mother, by Emperor Constantine’s own mother, around 335 A.D. {before Islam was born} and in the birthplace of Miriam {Mary} in Sepphoris {Zippori in Hebrew}; was destroyed by the Muslim invaders, Caliph Omar and his son. After many years, a new and larger St. Anne’s church was later built on the exact spot, by the Franciscan order and is named Franciscan Church of St. Anna, today, dedicated to the mother of the Miriam {Mary}. This living evidence of Miriam’s mother, Anna, clearly proves that Miriam {Jesus’ mother} is not the same Maryam {Issa’s mother}, and confirms what Allah spoke of, in the Quran. This also evidently proves that Issa is not Jeshua {Jesus} and that Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 20. – From the Bible – None of the people mentioned in the Quran and associated with Issa {as per the article, Is Isa really Jesus?} are people who come from the areas of Nazareth/Bethlehem.

FACT 21. – Moses, Miriam and Aaron were born in Egypt {Exodus 2:1-2}. This also evidently confirms Allah’s sura of Issa. All the evidences {even in the Quran} clearly show that Issa is not Jeshua {Jesus} whichever way you look at it.

FACT 22 – Jesus’ mother, Miriam, was born in Sepphoris, Israel {see fact 19 above}, whereas, Aaron’s sister, Maryam, was born in Egypt {see fact 21 above}. Thus, this proves that Issa is not Jesus and that Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 23. – Joseph {foster father of Jesus} was a descendant of the royal line of David. So legally, Jesus’ family belongs to the royal line of David. Issa, Imran, Aaron, Miriam, Moses, were not descendants of the royal line of David. This also confirms what Allah said was someone else {Issa} and not Jesus.

FACT 24. – Moses, Miriam, Aaron, Issa, Imran, were born before King David, by about 300 years. This confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 24, – There is no Christian and Judaist prophet, named Issa {or Esau} – period. The SON of Maryam and daughter of Imran and sister of Aaron as Allah said in sura 19:28 & 66:12 is not a prophet in Judaism and Christianity, but, a prophet in Islam; as the illegitimate son, Ishmael, is a prophet only in Islam.

FACT 25. – Issa’s mother, Miriam {and sister of Aaron} spent most of her life in Egypt, whereas Jesus’ mother, Miriam, spent most of her life in Israel.

FACT 26. – Issa was born in Egypt, whereas Jesus was born in Israel {Bethlehem}.

FACT 27. – From the Quran – Allah said in sura 19:28: “O sister of Aaron,” to Maryam, Issa’s mother. Jesus’ mother Miriam did not have a brother named Aaron. This also proves that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 28. – From the Bible/Quran – The Quran does not specifically, mention Miriam’s virgin birth of Jesus. This is a very important miracle in the Bible {and many prophets have prophesied this to happen, hundreds of years before Jesus} to end God’s final intervention on humankind. According to the Bible, God made the Virgin Mary to miraculous conceive Jesus and that is why “he will be called the son of God” Luke 1:35 {Therefore, God is the actual father of Jesus}. Even though Joseph married her as soon as she conceived, he did not have sexual relations with Mary till after Jesus was born Matt. 1:24,25. This clearly shows that Aaron’s sister; Miriam who did not conceive Issa as a virgin. Whereas, Jesus’ mother Miriam, conceived Jesus when she was a virgin – Matt. 1:18, & Luke 1:31. The Virgin Mary is God’s chosen woman, whereas, Aaron’s sister is not specifically chosen by God for this. This evidently proves that the two Miriams are two different people in two different era {1,250 years apart}. Therefore, Issa, not of a virgin birth, as Jesus was from a virgin woman. So, Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam.

FACT 29 – Jesus never received any Injeel {Gospel} from anyone {not Allah, not from humans and not even from God – Zilch – Nadai}. This confirms that Issa who received an Injeel from Allah is not Jesus. So, Issa is evidently is not Jesus.

FACT 30 – According to the Bible, all Judaist/Christian Manuscripts/evidences, the Dead Sea Scrolls, encyclopedias, etc there was no Gospel in existence before 75 A.D. That is about 45 years after Jesus Christ, died and rose to Heaven and neither did any prophet of the Bible received any Gospel/Injeel from anybody. So, obviously, Allah is referring to somebody else which has no connection to Judaism and Christianity. This confirms that Issa is not Jesus and Jesus is not in Islam – period.

With all these facts, no sane person will claim Issa to be Jesus. The questions Muslims should ask themselves, did Allah speak the truth in Sura 66:12, “And Maryam, the daughter of Imran,” {who lived, 1,250 before Jesus} and in sura 19:28, where Allah said: “O sister of Aaron,” to Maryam {who lived about 1,250 years before Jesus} are as per the Quran. If Allah did say all these, then, how can Muslims blatantly are lie against Allah’s own words in the Quran. It is therefore evidently clear Issa is not Jesus Christ and that Jesus is not in Islam, in any which way one looks at the facts/evidences as presented.

Muslims, desperately, try very hard to deceive others and make all sorts of claims, like those of Jerusalem, Kaaba Stone, Jesus, etc, which has no basis or truth to it whatsoever. Let me educate Muslims; the One True God of the Bible, has the POWER to take any Christian, directly from any part of this world to Heaven. Christians don’t need any special earthly platform to rocket him/her up to Heaven, as Muslims’ claim of Muhammad being sent to Jerusalem to ‘rocket’ to Heaven.

With all the evidences from Allah’s own words, in the Quran, how can any sane person {Muslim or non-Muslim} falsely claim that Jesus is in Islam? Jesus is not in Islam. Tens of thousands of Jews were beheaded and killed by the hands of this Muhammad in Saudi Arabia {See ‘Biography of Muhammad’ in this website}, and they chose to rather die than give up their Hebrew religion of Judaism for Islam/Allah. Why then do Muslims falsely still claim, Jews for Islam, when they died rejecting Allah/Islam as plain evil? Non-Muslims have wised up to Muslim lies and false claims and I dare say that Islam is dying fast worldwide, because of their lies and falsehoods.

The Quran is a source of violence, hate and is a fake. Islam is a disease, which holds and retards every Muslim’s progress. This is because, it is a fact that Allah never answers Muslim prayers, and that is why they live in hovels of sheer misery and despair, on this earth. Muslims, generally, suffer humiliation and unhappiness by their own belief.

The road ahead for Muslims is to accept the truth and not this phony bungling Allah/Quran and stop lying, with no basis whatsoever to the truth. But, I predict that Muslims will still desperately try to highjack Jesus Christ for Islam, because without Jesus, Islam is very shallow and evil, and does not impart reverence. I expect, Muslims to shamelessly keep claiming Jesus for Islam, in spite of the overwhelming evidences and proofs against their claim, and even against the words of their Allah that Issa is not Jesus and that Jesus is not in Islam.

Israel – “The Lord said, ‘None of the surrounding nations that treated Israel with scorn will ever again be like thorns and briers to hurt Israel. And they will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.” (Ezek. 28:24) {Prophet Ezekiel is one of the many important prophets missing in Islam/Quran as Allah himself admitted in 4:164}


In name; God named him, Savior {Jesus}; who will save man from sin. (Matt. 1:21)

In another God-given name; Immanuel (which means, God is with us) (Matt. 1:23)

In this world; He will be called the Son of God. (Luke 1:35)

In rationale; He came to teach us the truth about God. (John. 18:37)

In purpose; He came to maintain perfect integrity, providing a model for us to follow. (1 Peter 2:21)

In honour; He is worthy of much greater honour than Moses. (Heb. 3:3)

In forgiveness; John the Baptist said of Jesus “There is, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John. 1:29)

In visibility and superiority; “Christ is the visible likeness of the invisible God. He is the first born-son, superior to all created things”. (Col. 1:15).

Voice from Heaven; “This is my own dear Son, with whom I am pleased” (Matt. 3:17)

As leader; He is the only one who leads us to salvation. (Heb. 2: 9-11)

In eternity; He is the Eternal Son of God (John 8:58)

In prayer; “Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” – (Jere. 29:13) {This important Prophet, Jeremiah; is also missing in Islam/Quran}

In power; He walked on water and defied gravity (Matt. 14:26)

In sicknesses, disorders, epilepsies, paralysis, etc; He healed them all. (Matt. 4:24)

In authority: He calmed the winds and the waves. (Matt. 8:26)

In Biology; He was born of a virgin. (Luke: 1:34)

In chemistry; He turned water into wine. (John: 2:9)

In physics; He overcame the law of gravity by ascending into Heaven. (Luke: 24:51)

In economics; He multiplied 5 loaves & 2 fish, and fed 5,000 people (Matt: 14:19)

In politics; Governments shall be upon his shoulders (Isa. 9:6) {this important Prophet, Isaiah, is one of many prophets missing in Islam/Quran}

In Love; He taught to even love your enemies. (Matt. 5:44)

In sacrifice; He came to sacrifice his life to set us free from sin and death. {Matt 20:28}

In Truth; “Thou wilt make known to me the path of life;” – Psalm 16:11

In history; He is the beginning and the end. (Rev. 21:6)

In religion; no one comes to God the father, except through him (John: 14:6)

In salvation; “I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.” – (John 10:9-11)

All Prophets waited for Jesus; where the righteous people from the Old Testament era waited until Christ’s resurrection (cf. Luke 16:22, 23:43; Heb. 11:1–40; 1 Pet. 4:6), after which they were brought into the eternal bliss of heaven.

In life; “He who has the Son, has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.” (1 John 5:11-12).

Joy, is knowing Him as Savior; Peace is trusting Him as Lord; Victory is exalting Him as king; ALL THE ABOVE MENTIONED FACTS OF JESUS IS NOT IN THE QURAN – MISSING. {Actually, there is nothing of Jesus}.

In spite of Muslim atrocities all over the world, A Christian’s life is made so much more richer, purposeful and complete through Him; “But even if we or an angel from Heaven should preach to you a gospel that is different from the one we preached to you, may he be condemned to Hell!” (Gal. 1:8) This is why Muslims generally, wallow in hate, violence, negativism, falsehoods, and living in hovels of misery; and are a sad lot; while Christians are loving, compassionate, positive, and are usually a happy lot.

As Christians; “God has NOT given us the spirit of fear; but, power, love and a good mind.” (2 Tim. 1:7)

JESUS SAID, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.” And we, Christians live by this TRUTH. So, I call upon all Muslims to depart from the dark side and a life of hate now, and live on the bright side of love and compassion, forever, to enjoy life in all its glory, though Jesus Christ. This can be your lose or your gain.

Dear readers please send this article to as many people as you can {especially to the Muslims} – Thank you.