By Ahmed Simon

Muslims call this stone structure Bait-ul Allah {Baitullah, Bayt ul Haram, Bait llah, etc} or The House of Allah. Literally, the word Kaaba means a high place of respect. This word also may be a derivative word of a cube.

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Logic {or more accurately, the illogic of it} – Only in Islam, the Allah, required a house on earth for him/her. If you ask whatever for, read on?

History of the Kaaba, {in brief}: – {I took all this information from various Islamic websites, so that Muslims cannot deny all this information. For more details, please go directly to the numerous Islamic websites available}. It is known that the initial construction was very much smaller in size, with stonewalls, without a roof {the roof of date-palm trunks and palm leaves were added much later, probably, around 350 to 450 A.D. before Islam was born}. After the roof was added, the mud floor was paved with camel dung.

The height of this stone structure is about 33 feet 6 inches and it covers a ground area of about 627 square feet. According to the Dictionary of Islam, it is an oblong stone structure, 18 paces in length, 14 in breadth, and about 35 feet in height. {The dimensions given of the Kaaba by each Islamic source, can vary as many times as the birds in the sky. It might seem to you that the Kaaba being the most important stone structure for the Muslims, they would have at least, got the correct dimensions by now, but it has not dawn on them yet. The dimensions of the Kaaba, is as varied as the more than 200 Islamic denominations [sects]. {Go to various Islamic websites, and see what I mean}.

The only door, which grants entrance and exist, and which is opened about two or three times in the year (can be entered by certain privileged pilgrims, by paying a fee), is on the east side, and about seven feet above the ground. At the southeast corner of the Ka’bah, near the door, is the revered black stone [HAJARU ‘L-ASWAD – The Hindus call this stone, the Lingam {penis symbol} of Lord Siva for fertility – see note below], which forms a part of the sharp angle of the building, at about 9 feet above ground. The black stone is an irregular oval, about seven inches in diameter, with a worn-out surface, about 2 feet 6 inches long {a rough worn out shape of a penis, probably, due the millions of Muslim kisses and caresses on it. The Saudi authorities now demand Muslims only to point at it, against medical and the wearing of this stone}.

On its ground area, it is an uneven oblong and in volume, it is an unsymmetrical ‘cube’. The walls/roof of this building has been constructed and reconstructed many times, after cracks occurred and has been enlarged many times over, to the present size as mentioned above. Muslim Scholars say that the Kaaba has had major reconstruction between 9 to 12 times.

The Syrian Army completely destroyed this Kaaba in Muharam 64 {about 684 A.D. – years after Muhammad’s death}, as the Syrian Caliph considered all stone structure as pagan and a sacrilegious idol and an affront and insult to Allah {even Allah states in the Quran that it is pagan – See below}.

Some years later, Hajj Abdullah ibn as-Zubayr, rebuilt it. He rebuilt it according to the wishes of Muhammad, as recorded in Sahih Bukhari {see below}. He placed two doors {east and west and a high window to give light inside, etc;} all as in Sahih Bukhari. The inside floor was raised by 7 feet to avoid the frequent damaging floods, which destroyed the Kaaba many times. By placing an east and west door, Muhammad had wished the pilgrims to enter {east} and exit {west} the Kaaba.

Sahih Bukhari Hadiths – [Abdullah Ibn Zubayr said, “I heard Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) say, ‘The Prophet said: If your people have not quite recently abandoned the ignorance (unbelief) and if I had sufficient provisions to rebuild it (the Kaaba) I would have added 5 cubits to its height from the Hijr. Also I would make two doors; one for the people to enter therein and the other to exit.’ Abdullah Ibn as-Zubayr said, ‘Today, I can afford to do it and I do not fear the people.”]

Umawi forces then came back to Mecca and killed Abdullah Ibn Zubayr and hung his body on the gates of the Kaaba for three months, for disobeying and worshipping Idols and for all to see the result of Idol-worship, but, the Kaaba was not destroyed, but the roof was damaged and the inside desecrated by the Umawi forces ‘easing’ in it.

In 74 Hijra {693 A.D.} Al-Hajjaj bin Yusof al-Thaqafi, with the approval of Umayyad Khalifa {caliph} Abdul Malik bin Marwan demolished the entire Kaaba right down to the ground, which Hajj Abdullah Ibn Zubayr had built according to the wishes of Muhammad, and reconstructed it, almost as the Quraish tribe had rebuilt it previously, during Muhammad’s early days, but increased its overall size from the original {actually Muhammad even participated at the end of this particular reconstruction in those early days, before he became an Islamic prophet}. The Hateem was taken out completely, the western door was walled up and sealed. He demolished and removed the wall in the Hateem area, etc. The 6 wooden columns inside, holding up the wooden roof were reduced to 4 stout columns and an increased the height {from the original 11 cubits to the present 20 cubits to give it a larger, grander appearance of its size}. He also removed the permanently fixed wooden ladder inside the Kaaba and reduced the eastern door’s height by 5 cubits. The window placed by Hajj Abdullah ibn as-Zubayr to give light inside the Kaaba, was sealed up, reducing the light inside to its present dimness.

“It is said, by Muhammadan historians, that ‘Amr ibn Luhaiy was the first who introduced idolatry into Arabia, and that he brought the great idol Hubal from Hait from Mesopotamia and placed it in the sacred house {Kaaba}. It then became a Pantheon {360 idols} common to all the tribes. [IDOLS.]”– Dictionary of Islam. Muslims will deny that there are idols in the Kaaba, but this is confirmed in the Hadiths by non other than the most important of all the Islamic Hadiths – Sahih Bukhari himself; said “The Ka’bah was the center of worship of 360 idols” in vol.3:658 p.396 and again in vol.5:583 p.406. {It is now known that these were Hindu idols when this Kaaba was originally the Hindu Lord Siva temple, which was highjacked by Muhammad}. Muslims cannot deny what is in the Hadiths, and that too the most important of the Hadiths in Islam. {But in my experience, Muslims will blatantly deny and lie against their own Hadiths to say, that the Kaaba has nothing to do with idol-worship}. {See Note below}

When Khalifa {caliph – ruler} Harun al-Rasheed, came to power, he wanted to demolish the Kaaba once again and rebuild it as was earlier built by Abdullah Ibn Zubayr. Khalifa Harun al-Rasheed who strongly believed that Muhammad’s wishes should be carried out, as detailed in the Hadiths of Sahih Bukhari.

But Imam Malik persuaded the Caliph not to demolish the Kaaba again, as it would be disrespectful and would become a toy in the hands of kings of the day. So the Kaaba was not demolished during his reign. But, in the year 1,037 Hijra heavy rains, floods and hail hammered the Kaaba and two of the Kaaba’s walls collapsed completely leaving the wooden roof in shatters. No repairs were done then due to the consistent seasonal flooding. The rains continued the flooding and the Kaaba was under more than 10 feet of water. On Thursday the 20th of Shabaan 1,039 Hijri {around 1,628 A.D.} the remaining 2 walls collapsed, practically, leaving nothing standing of the Kaaba. The roof timbers and many stones from the collapsed walls were washed away. On the 2nd of Dhul Hijjah 1040 reconstruction began under the instruction of the Ottoman’s Sultan Murad Khan. Because of the stronger teak wood used this time, the 4 columns inside were reduced to 3 to hold up the wooden roof. The roof structure was reconstructed with the stronger teak wood also. {As you might know that timber weathers and does not last [cracks, warps, etc] in the heat of Mecca’s hot days and summer, and the very cold nights and winter}

During the Karamatian invasion of Mecca, the Black Stone was supposed to have been carried away, and about twenty years later, it was supposed to have been ‘returned’. But, no records/evidence are available, to confirm if the original Black Stone or an imitation was reproduced and replanted on the Kaaba wall.

The black curtains {Kiswah}, were a permanent feature even in the early years during Muhammad’s time, to cover up the ugly sight of the recurring cracks occurring on the Kaaba walls, again and again, even in those early days. I suppose Muslim pilgrims must have been horrified at the sight of cracks occurring to the House of Allah. Various minor and major cracks kept appearing on the walls and were quickly dealt with and the black curtains were replaced after the repairs. These black curtains were changed every year, thereafter, as they deteriorated and crumbled being exposed to the hot/dry and wet weather conditions in Mecca.

According to Muslim historians, the Ka’bah was first dressed with a kiswah or robe in the pre-Islamic period, by a Himyarite chief, named Tubba’u ‘l-Arqan. From the time of Qusaiy it was veiled by subscriptions/taxes collected from Pagans {not Muslims}. During Muhammad’s later years, the finances of the Pagans ran out, due to the complete disappearance of the Jews/Christians and non-believing Arabs {most men were beheaded and their wives/daughters/sons taken captive slaves for work, trade and sex}, the curtains then just disintegrated and was discarded and no covering of the Kaaba was witnessed for years. Large cracks on the walls became the main talk of the pilgrims then, and the eastern wall began to tilt, dangerously. Abu Rabiyah ibn al-Mughirah ibn ‘Abdi ‘llah then came to the rescue and provided the covering {Curtains –Kiswa} whereby he obtained the title of al-‘Adl, “the Just.” These curtains lasted less than a year, but as there was no more pagans {non-Muslims} around to finance the cost of the future curtains; Muhammad ordered it to be covered with Yamani cloth, and ordered the expense to be defrayed from the public treasury. But, after Muhammad’s death, wars broke out between people jockeying for power {e.g. Ali, Muhammad’s child bride – Aisha, Umar, etc} the Kaaba was again left uncovered, for years.

When Khalifah ‘Umar came to power, he chose Egyptian linen, and ordered the robe to be renewed every year.

Today, traditionally, only an Egyptian family, thereafter, make these reinforced curtains, every year, because the previous curtains {without reinforcements of hemp strings} used to keep tearing very often, by the weight of the wet curtains {from rain}. Later, these black curtains got additional gold embroidery inscriptions sewn, all round, to give it a divine appearance with verses from the Quran, from the original drab and dreary all black view.

In the year 1981, the Katani revolution began against the Saudi Arabian Royal Family’s authoritarian strict Islamic rule {Wahabi}. In the end, the Saudi revolutionists began losing and hid in various areas, including inside the Kaaba, from the Saudi Royal Family’s Wahabi army. The Saudi Wahabi army blasted the Kaaba with tanks for days to flush out the rebels and eventually, drove into the Kaaba demolishing most of it. When the Wahabi army of the Royal Saudi Family won the Revolution, the Saudi Royal rulers ordered the Kaaba rebuilt, again.

During this reconstruction period, pillars were placed all round and away from the Kaaba, which was under construction, and curtains were hung on them, to cover up the sight of the Kaaba’s destruction and subsequent reconstruction. These temporary curtain walls, on temporary pillars were also to permit pilgrims to perform the Tawaf around them and more importantly, not to alarm the Muslim pilgrims from seeing the ugly devastation taken place on the House of Allah, and cause friction with the Saudi Royal Family.

In 1996 a major reconstruction had to be done again, as the soil in the south-eastern side began to settle, resulting in severe cracks appearing in all the walls and the entire Kaaba began to visibly tilt eastwards. Some geologists attribute this unexpected settlement to the earthquakes of 1995. During this major reconstruction, the only things left of the originals was the stones, which were reused. All other materials were replaced, including the ceiling, roof and the all the cracked wood structures of the roof.

In 2002 a severe crack occurred in the western wall, and tore the curtain there. But this was quickly patched up and the curtains replaced again in time for the pilgrimage.

{Honestly, I do not know of any holy shrine of any religion in this world, falling apart so many times, as the Kaaba}. So, the present Kaaba is a brand new construction from the numerous ‘originals’. Ask a Muslim about the frequent cracks, destructions, desecrations, collapses, etc, and even if he/she knows of it, will pretend never to have heard or seen a website about it. This is because to admit it happening on the holiest Islamic shrine is to admit to a fake cult. It seems to me, that even Allah could not keep his house in order. Hindus told me, it is the Hindu curse of Goddess Durga for blaspheming her name {Allah} and desecrating her temple {Kaaba} for Islam. With all the oil money, it would reasonably be expected of the Saudi authorities to have rebuilt a solid Kaaba and prevent the frequent cracks/collapses etc. But, if the Gods are ‘angry’ with the Muslims, there is nothing Muslim humans can do to prevent it, is there?}

Inside the Kaaba, today: –

Many prominent personalities {especially, kings, presidents, prime ministers, etc.} were given the privilege of entering the Kaaba {for a fee}.

The Kaaba is practically almost an empty space {void}.

There are two {some say three} pillars inside {it is not bright inside and so trips into the Kaaba are normally conducted in the mornings, to catch the sunlight through the door}.

There are two ancient unlit oil lantern type lamps hanging from the ceiling.

There is only one door for entrance/exit.

There are no electric lights, or windows.

There are big containers inside {some say, it contains the 360 Hindu idols and some disintegrated parts of it}

There is a table in the side.

[Note: I must draw attention to the word ‘Allah’ in this article, as it is not referred to the Hindu Deity, Moon Goddess Durga, chanted/referred reverently to, as ‘Allah’ in Sanskrit by the Hindus, to date, {from 1,500 B.C. – before Islam was invented) {and who is also the spiritual wife of the Moon God, Lord Siva}. Saudi Arabia was part of the Hindu Empire of the Vikrama Era of the Maharaja/s {Emperor/s} Candragupta. All reference drawn of ‘Allah’ is solely and entirely made of the Islamic Allah. I am not saying Muslims are praying to a Hindu Goddess, but just that Muhammad highjacked a Hindu temple {Kaaba}, Lord Siva’s Crescent Moon symbol, the black stone – penis symbol of Lord Siva {for fertility}, Hindu goddess’ name ‘Allah’ and Hindu pilgrimage rituals. {See ‘Kaaba, a Hindu temple’ in for more details} A Hindu God-House is basically to keep the Hindu idols in them – A Hindu God-house of idols is normally in a larger Hindu Temple. The Hindus, will not show their backs to the god-house, as a sign of respect/reverence, when in front of the god-house, and those in sight, will face it and move backwards. The ‘clever’ uneducated Muhammad went further than the Hindus and demanded all Muslims to face the Kaaba, wherever they might be, on this earth. And why not, since Allah said the earth is “as flat as a carpet/bed”. In a round earth, this is impossible and a comedy of Muslims straining their necks in vain to face the Kaaba. For those out of sight of the Kaaba, they can logically only face the sky. This logic does not seem to have dawned on Muslims yet.]

Islam is the only doctrine in this world, which claims that there is a house on earth for a supposedly Supreme Being. A non-Muslim might logically ask, why does a Supreme Being need a house on earth, need a house from humans or any house, anywhere? If he created the earth, why couldn’t Allah create his own house? Why does Allah require the humans to build him a house – where are the powers of Allah? If it is logically a house for Allah, does that mean that he stays in it – or at least occasionally? Then, why build a house for Allah, when he doesn’t need to use it or do Muslims think that Allah needs one? If he does not occupy a house built for him, then what is the logical purpose of this house? A non-Muslim might logically ask, does it have water supply, sanitation, windows, doors, heating system for winter, air conditioner for summer, a bed for rest, a dinning set and a sofa set, electrical lights, rooms, etc; just like a house? If not, how can any one logically claim it to be even a house? If it were not to be occupied, then why would anyone want to logically build a stone structure with no logical purpose, whatsoever? Does it make any logical sense to you? But, then again, who says anything in Islam makes any sense?

The Hadiths of Sahih Bukhari on the Black Stone of the Kaaba: –

“So when he came to kiss the Stone, he cried out publicly to it: Narrated `Abis bin Rabi’a: `Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) came near the Black Stone and kissed it and said, “No doubt, I know that you are just a stone and can neither harm anyone nor benefit anyone. Had I not seen Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) kissing you, I would not have kissed you” – Sahih Al-Bukhari, page 396 No. 808. {This says it all.}

The Kaaba as mentioned in the Quran: –

All Sura are taken from M. M. Pickthall’s English Quran. ( ) are brackets inherent in this English Quran.

{No attempt is made by the author of this article, to correct the punctuation marks, syntax, wordings and grammatical errors, so commonly inherent in the Quran and is presented as exactly as it is. I have underlined parts of a sura to highlight the points}

In sura 2:127 – “And when Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the House {Kaaba} (Abraham prayed)…”

There is no mention of witnesses of this construction in the Quran, or how it was constructed, etc. The Quran itself confirms that the Kaaba was already there before the Quran was invented {sura 2:158}. There is also no evidence, or any Islamic manuscript, Hadiths, etc. to confirm Abraham ever being in Saudi Arabia. The Bible, historical records, encyclopedias and ancient manuscripts, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc confirm that Abraham never went to Saudi Arabia. Abraham’s migration is recorded as starting from Ur in Babylonia {Gen 11:28 – near present day Samawa, Iraq} and journeyed along the Euphrates River to Haran in Eastern Turkey {Gen 11:31}. From Haran he journeyed directly south and along the coastal region or the deserted Bekaa Valley in Lebanon to Canaan {Gen 12:5} He then traveled to Shechem {Gen 12:6} and down to Negeb {Gen 12:9} Because of the famine there at that time, Abraham went to Egypt and later returned to Beersheba in Israel. Ishmael was born when Abraham was 86 years old. Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away {after Isaac was born and Abraham was 100 years old then} and they wondered in the deserts of Beersheba, for a while as God told Abraham “because the race which is called by your name will spring from Isaac.”{Gen 21:12} Hagar and Ishmael then lived in the desert of Paran for a while and his mother chose a wife for him from Egypt {Gen 21:21} for Ishmael, whom, Hagar, the Egyptian slave of Sarah, bore… {Gen 25:12} The descendants of Ishmael lived in the territory between Havilah and shur, to the east of Egypt, on the way to Assyria. They lived apart from the other descendants of Abraham {Gen 25:17} {Hagar being an Egyptian, would obviously have logically chosen to go back to Egypt with her young son, Ishmael, when Abraham sent her away, wouldn’t she; as the Bible says}? If Hagar and Ishmael lived in Mecca, why is there no history of their lives in Mecca? Did Hagar and Ishmael hide in Mecca for all those years, without any one knowing them? Why did Abraham dump them in Mecca and come back to Israel, as his body lies to rest in Machpelah {without the bodies of Hagar and Ishmael, but with Sarah, Isaac, etc}? Think.

“Abraham left everything he owned to Isaac but while he was alive he gave presents to the sons, his other wives had borne him”. {Gen 25:5-6} Isaac gave everything he owned to Jacob. Abraham died at 175 years of age and is buried in the cave of Machpelah near Hebron {Gen 25:7-10}. Today, Israel permits Muslims as well, to come and pray to Abraham in Machpelah, near Hebron.

So, there is no record of Abraham/Ishmael ever going to Saudi Arabia and this claim remains but just an unjustifiable Islamic claim, which for the intelligent, without facts/evidences is a ‘hard pill to swallow’. Abraham being a Jew, it makes it all the more difficult to ‘swallow’ this Islamic claim.

At the least, Allah should have helped build a near perfect Kaaba {Look at the measurements again}. This Kaaba is neither a perfect square nor a perfect oblong/rectangle and not a perfect cube. So, this Kaaba is an insult to any Supreme Being, isn’t it? Nothing is symmetric. The Muslims could not even get the measurements symmetrical.

The question, Muslims should ask is: – If Abraham built the Kaaba, why is there no history of his living in Mecca in the Quran or the Hadiths. And why is he not buried in Mecca, for having built the House of Allah. Didn’t Allah recognise his efforts? Then why is there no signs of him ever being in Mecca? It must have taken almost a lifetime to build the Kaaba, in those days. Surely, ‘spending years in Mecca’ to build the Kaaba, there must have been many signs, incidents, and events of his ‘being in Mecca’ isn’t it? Why no mention of these historical evidences in the Quran/Hadiths? He could not have built the Kaaba in complete isolation to the Kaaba’s surroundings; he did not hide and build it, did he? Even historical documents in Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Israel, etc does not document Abraham ever being in Mecca, even for a day. Abraham would have needed hundreds, if not thousands of workers to build the Kaaba. Who were these people and from where? Were they slaves or what? Who were the people who excavated the foundations and to what depth? How was the foundations built as the cursory statement in sura 2:127 above. Who quarried the stones? Who were the people who transported the stones and the method used for transport and from where? Who were the people who mixed the mud, and from where, how was it mixed, and how and where was the water taken from, and how was it transported? Where did they get the Black Stone from, which appears to be of a shape of a penis? If it is a meteorite, then why is it longish and not a roughly roundish shaped as all meteorites are? How was floor applied with Camel dung? Was it from a chosen number of camels or was it from camels at random? Did people supply the camels or did it belong to Abraham and where and who looked after these camels and watered them and who collected the dung? Was there timber used to lever and hoist the stones, and who, from where and how did these timber come from – As Saudi Arabia is known to have had only palm trees, then? Why did Abraham not take his wife Sarah, to Mecca with him, instead of Sarah’s slave, Hagar and his illegitimate son, Ishmael? What does all these questions prove to you – Think? Thus, the Quranic claim to Abraham is just that – an unjustifiable claim and a big hollow lie.

In Sura 2:142-145 – “The foolish of the people will say: What hath turned them from the Qiblah, which they formerly observed? Say: Unto Allah belong the East and the West. He guideth whom unto a straight path.” Sura 2:143 – “Thus we have appointed you a middle nation, that ye may be witnesses against mankind, and that the messenger may be a witness against you. And we appointed the Qiblah which ye formerly observed only that we might know him that followeth the messenger, from him who turned on his heels. In truth it was a hard (test) save for those whom Allah guided. But it was not Allah’s purpose, that your faith should be in vain, for Allah is full of pity, merciful towards mankind.” Sura 2:144 – “We have seen the turning of thy face to Heaven (for guidance O! Muhammad), wheresoever ye may be, turn your face (Towards the Kaaba, when ye pray). Lo! Those {Christians} who have received the Scripture {Bible} know that (this revelation) is the truth from their Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what they do.” Sura 2:145 – “And even if thou broughest unto those {Christians} who have received the Scripture all kinds of portents, they will not follow thy Qiblah, nor canst thou be a follower of their Qiblah; nor are some of them followers of the Qiblah of others…”

What all these sura mean is that the Qiblah {face} was the Kaaba by the pre-Islamic Arabs. During Muhammad’s time, the Qiblah was changed from facing the Kaaba towards Jerusalem to lure the Jews, into Islam. {Some historians say during Caliph Uthman’s time, it was still towards Jerusalem} And when this attempt to attract the Jews failed, hundreds of years later, the Caliph of the day, changed it back to the Kaaba, all over again. So. This means the Quran was revised hundreds of years after Muhammad died. If this change was initiated by Allah, then, this Allah surely failed in whatever reason he had. The other point is that during these hundreds of years, the Kaaba was ignored as secondary to Islam. If this Kaaba is the Holiest in Islam, then why was it ignored as secondary for hundreds of years? Didn’t Allah insult the Kaaba, himself? Allah says, “nor canst thou be a follower of their Qiblah”. By this sura Allah is in effect telling Muslims that ‘Christians have a Qiblah’ – this is a blatant lie by this Allah, isn’t it? Why is this Allah lying? If Allah is a god, can he lie just like a common liar? Other questions: – Where is this “middle nation”? “Witnesses against mankind” does not leave anyone else to go against, isn’t it – so who are the witnesses? “messenger may be a witness against you” – How? When? Why? Where? “your faith should be in vain” – Why? “turn your face (Towards the Kaaba, when ye pray)” This is an impossible order, as the earth is round. Only those in sight of the Kaaba can face it. The rest will be facing the sky. Didn’t Allah know that the earth is a round {sphere}? When you say to face something; it means to show your face to it {or like face to face} – common sense would tell the less intelligent person that people in Cairo cannot show the face to the Kaaba {this is because Allah thought “the earth is as flat as a carpet” {see article, ‘Is Islam a fake?’}. The Quran is the only religious doctrine in this world, which demands all Muslims to turn their face to a stone to pray. “Those {Christians} who have received the Scripture {Bible} know that (this revelation) is the truth from their Lord” – Why is Allah referring to the Christian God as “their Lord”? Isn’t Allah then admitting that he is not the God of the Christians? Our Lord never said anything about a Qiblah, because his presence is equal everywhere and he is omnipresent. If Christians have to face only one spot, it will be an insult to Our One True God’s supremacy. “nor canst thou be a follower of their Qiblah” – Why is Allah ignorant of the Christians? As The True Christian God is universally present, there is no need for a Qiblah for the Christian, and he will listen in any direction and anywhere in this universe. But, it is amazing, that Allah claims to have revealed the Scripture (Bible), in sura 2:176 – “Allah hath revealed the scripture with the truth”, how come he doesn’t know that Christians do not need a Qiblah, then? Did Allah lie, then? Allah shows his ignorance again in “Qiblah of others” – which others – is Allah a god then? Allah should not try to make others fools too. Only the Muslims must pretend to face the Kaaba in this spherical earth – which is humanly impossible in a round earth – Think. How can a Muslim {for those out of sight of the Kaaba} show his/her face to the Kaaba, leaves one to wonder, is this Allah making a mockery of all Muslims, because during the time of the Quran’s fabrication {after 850 A.D.}, it was already known that the earth is a sphere {round}?

In sura 2:158 – “Lo! (The mountains) As-Safa and Al-Marwah are among the indications of Allah. It is therefore no sin for him who is on pilgrimage to the house (of Allah) or visiteth it, to go around them (as the pagan custom is). And he who doeth good of his own accord, Allah is responsive, Aware.”

The obvious question here is to the reference, “to go around them (as the pagan custom is)”. Why is it a pagan custom, if it was built by a Muslim, as Allah claims Abraham to be a Muslim who built it {Sura 2:127}. If he is a Muslim, then nothing concerning the Kaaba should be pagan, isn’t it? So is Allah lying about Abraham, the Jewish patriarch? What does not make sense is; why should a Jew build anything in Saudi Arabia? Is there any other incident of a Jew ever building anything else in Saudi Arabia? Being a Jew, why didn’t he build in his own country {Israel} instead of in a foreign country {Saudi Arabia} – Why didn’t he build in the country of “God’s people” {Israel}? Why didn’t he build in the country of “the people of the book” {Israel}? Think?

In sura 2:184 – “(Fast) a certain number of days; and (for) him who is sick among you, or on a journey, (the same) number of other days; and for those who can afford it there is a ransom: the feeding of a man in need-…”

If you pay the “ransom of feeding a poor man” {not woman}; you can buy yourself out of fasting in Islam. Allah just loves and is partial to Muslims who have lots of money {the rich}. Here you will observe that in Islam, money talks, {for other sura where money works wonders, in Islam, see Sura 2:195 below and also article, “Is Islam Practical”}.

In sura 2:195“Spend your wealth for the cause of Allah, and be not cast by your own hands to ruin; and do good. Lo! Allah loveth the beneficent.”

Not part of your income, mind you, but, Allah requires your wealth {money-face-Allah, isn’t he?} And Allah also thinks all Muslims will end up in ruin, if they have money – This is a warning to all Muslims. It is no small wonder that Allah keeps Muslims generally, poor and miserable, to prevent Muslims from ruin.

In sura 2:196 – “Perform the pilgrimage and the visit (to Mecca) for Allah. And if ye are prevented, then send such gifts as can be obtained with ease, and shave not your heads until the gifts have reached their destination. And whoever among you is sick or hath an ailment of the head must pay a ransom of fasting or almsgiving or offering. And if ye are in safety, then whosoever contenteth himself for the visit for the pilgrimage (shall give) such gifts as can be had with ease. And whosoever cannot find (such gifts), then a fast of three days while on the pilgrimage, and of seven when ye have returned; that is, ten in all. That is for him whose folk are not present at the Inviolable place of worship {Kaaba}. Observe your duty to Allah, and know that Allah is severe in punishment.”

There are many weird statements here by Allah. “Perform the pilgrimage and the visit (to Mecca) for Allah” and not for your own sake or Muslims. This is an absolute demand to Muslims. “then send such gifts” if a Muslim cannot make it to the Kaaba; he is supposed to buy himself out with gifts. Who says money does not work wonders in Islam? Even if a Muslim is sick, “must pay a ransom of fasting or almsgiving or offering” All those who, “visit for the pilgrimage (shall give) such gifts” – this is a must and generally, it is in the form of money. And for those who come for the pilgrimage without gifts, must fast for ten days as a punishment. This sura ends with a threat, “Allah is severe in punishment” if Muslims do not comply with Allah. Generally, almost everything in Islam is forced – no free will. Only in Islam, in this world, does gifts compensates a cardinal religious proclamation.

In sura 2:197 – “The pilgrimage is (in) the well-known months, and whoever is minded to perform the pilgrimage therein (let him remember that) there is (to be) no lewdness not abuse no angry conversation on the pilgrimage. And whatsoever good ye do Allah knoweth it. So make provision for yourself (hereafter); for the best provision is to ward off evil. Therefore keep your duty unto me, O men of understanding.”

Why is it not on fixed dates as in Christianity, but, “The pilgrimage is (in) the well-known months”. This is because the Muslim calendar is inaccurate and does not keep to the seasons – it is also short of a year. Has Allah got to remind Muslims to behave {without lewdness, abuse, and anger} even in Islam’s most holy spot? “And whatsoever good” in Allah’s perception “good” is opposite to Christianity. In Allah’s perception of “good” it is to do everything legal or illegal, truthful or deceitful, moral or immoral, even murder, to spread Islam – That is the cause, way, sake, will of Allah. {See article, “Jesus is not in Islam” for the cause of Allah}. Only “best provisions” will ward off evil? Only if Muslims do their duty as Allah has prescribed, even murdering non-Muslim men, women and children, {see article “Will Islamic Suicide killers get rewarded?}, he/she will be understanding, Allah. Muslims will pretend shock to hear this said, as though non-Muslims are still ignorant of the TRUE Islam.

In sura 2:198 – “It is no sin for you that ye seek the bounty of your Lord (by trading). But when ye press on in the multitude from Arafat, remember Allah by the sacred monument. Remember Him as he guided you, although before ye were of those astray.”

It is not a sin for the Muslims to trade during the pilgrimage, but Allah asks the Muslim traders not to forget him in this trade. Pilgrims who do trade, generally, donate part of their traded money, as not to offend Allah’s requirement.

In sura 2:201 – “And of them (also) is he who saith: Our Lord! Give unto us in the world that which is good and the Hereafter that which is good, and guard us from the Doom of Fire.” Sura 2:202 – “For them there is in store a goodly portion out of that which they have earned. Allah is swift at reckoning.”

Here Allah seems to be promising good things for those who have earned it. But, in sura 19:71-72 – Allah says – “There is not one of you but shall approach it. That is a fixed ordinance of thy Lord. Then we shall rescue those who kept from evil, and leave the evil-doers crouching there.”

So, in 2: 202 Allah promises “there is in store a goodly portion”. But in 19:71 Allah promises no one will escape Hell in “a fixed ordinance”. And that, only those Muslims who obeyed Allah, will be rescued from the burning fires of Hell {perhaps, after burning for a period, depending on their sins}. Why is Allah contradicting himself? Therefore, as the ‘Red Indians’ of America’s old phrase, this Allah speaks ‘with a forked tongue’. Which is which? Will no one escape Hell or will some escape Hell? Which sura in the Quran is correct and which is wrong?

Another point, you should note is the word ‘evil’ in the phrase, “Then we shall rescue those who kept from evil,” as above. In the Islamic context, evil is not obeying the words of Allah, as in the Quran. So, if you apostate from Islam {given up Islam}, you have committed a terrible evil ‘misdeed’ and is slated to burn forever in the Islamic Hell. In another instance, if you committed murder, in the name of Allah, Allah has promised you to jet directly to an Islamic Heaven, where you are rewarded with 72 voluptuous virgin girls, etc. Allah has taken care of homosexuals too, with rewards of ‘virgin’ boys as pearls in the Islamic Heaven, with strong untiring necks {for oral sex}. So don’t kid yourself. Allah’s concept of ‘good’ as in the Quran, might be illegal, revolting, sickening, stomach-turning, immoral, etc to all non-Muslims, and even in some Islamic countries today. {see article, ‘Will Islamic suicide killers get rewarded’}

In sura 3:96“Lo! The first sanctuary appointed for mankind was that at Becca {old name of Mecca} a blessed place, a guidance to the people;

In sura 3:97 – “Wherein are plain memorials (of Allah’s guidance); the place where Abraham stood up to pray, and whosoever entereth it is safe. And pilgrimage to the House is a duty unto Allah for mankind, for him who can find a way thither. As for him who disbelieveth, )let him know that) lo! Allah is independent of (all) creatures.”

“Santuary” from what or whom? Non-Muslims are not allowed in Mecca and Allah hypocritically, says “mankind”? “Wherein are plain memorials”- is Allah referring to the idols inside? Surely, he cannot be referring to the others, the table, 3 wooden columns or lamps inside, could he? Abraham prayed to his Jehovah in the Hebrew religion of Judaism – if not, when did Abraham give up the Jewish religion of Judaism, and why? “whosoever entereth it is safe?” Safe from what? In any case, only the few very rich and powerful can afford to pay and enter the Kaaba {see History of the Kaaba, above} So, the average Muslim is not supposed to “entereth it is safe” So, money and power talks very loud even in Islam’s holiest site; whereas, every Christian and even non-Christians equally can go to every ‘nook and corner’ of all holy places, and share in the holiness. Thus, non-Muslim areas are for all people, whereas, in Islam, only Muslims are permitted –selfish cult, isn’t it? “pilgrimage to the House is a duty unto Allah for mankind”? Here Allah, hypocritically again, says to “mankind” where non-Muslims are not permitted.

Non-Muslims will have many questions concerning the Kaaba. Why does the Kaaba, keep collapsing and cracking so many times? Doesn’t Allah know how to protect his God-House? It was reconstructed 12 times, as admitted even in the Islamic websites. Why didn’t Allah protect it against the flood on Thursday the 20th of Shabaan 1039 Hijri (around 1,628 A.D.), when flood waters rose more than 10 feet inside the Kaaba and the eastern and western walls collapsed completely and broke into pieces. Read this admission in these Islamic websites. Isn’t this a disgrace for Islam/Muslims?

In truth, most Muslims themselves, are not told the truth, by Muslims who know, for fear of loosing them from Islam, when Muslims start questioning and rationalizing things. This ignorance of Muslims about Islam, and the fear/lies instilled in them about other religions, serves the cause of Allah in imprisoning Muslims within Islam.

What is very amazing and ridiculous, are those pilgrims who have done the Kaaba pilgrimage. In any non-Muslim religion, a pilgrim is ‘a person who journeys to a sacred place’, and that is it. It doesn’t mean that pilgrims are better or holier people than those who did not go on pilgrimages. The One True God of the Christians judges a person by his actions and cannot be cheated by his artificial external shows he exhibits. But in Islam, it takes on a special criterion to show-off. First, he generally adds the word Haji, {Hajjah for women} to his name {example, Haji Ahmed} to pretend to be a ‘holier than thou’ person. Next he generally, wears a cap, to show to others that he has been to the Kaaba. Some go another step and wear long robes, also to show that he has been to the Kaaba. Many men grow long mustaches and beards. Many women, generally, extend their burqa to cover even more of themselves {the head, body, feet, etc}. In Islam, external exhibition {a show} is very important. Covering a woman’s body from head to toe is a requirement in Islam, so that the Muslim men will not get sexually aroused/erections, just by looking at them {frustrated cases}. But these women pilgrims are usually elderly, and no one will usually give them a second look. But that doesn’t matter – the external exhibition {the show} of ‘I am holier than thou’ is more important, just like in many other things in Islam. If this Allah can be cheated and fooled by an exhibitionist, just on external shows, then this Allah must be nothing but a fake. If Allah cannot be fooled; then why this external exhibition in Islam? Peculiar and illogical fellows, aren’t they?

In truth/real life, it is very common to read in the newspapers in Islamic countries, of these Haji/Hajjah {those who have done the pilgrimages}, of being caught for committing various criminal and immoral activities {especially of a sexual nature, like rape, etc}. I asked two experienced psychiatrist friends of mine, ‘Why are crimes so common with these haji/hajjah, where in theory, it should actually be very extremely rare? In my experience, I think, by ratio, a Muslim who did not perform the Haj {pilgrimage} is less likely than a haji/hajjah to commit crimes. One common note is that when a man comes back from his pilgrimage, he is usually, more likely to wed another wife {2nd, 3rd or 4th}. The psychiatrists told me that all their life; they have been nurtured in the straight-jacket and regimentation in Islam, that this ‘holier than thou’ attitude goes into their heads. Muhammad has given them the religious right to satisfy their extra marital pleasures and they try to emulate this sex-maniac who had 12 wives, more than a hundred concubines and temporary wives, and numerous female slaves {which Allah has said is their property and okay for sex}. See ‘ News around the Globe’ in this website for proof of this.

Muslims are generally taught a FALSE sanitized version of Islam, which is far from the truth. This false version, almost always, cannot be found in the Quran/Hadiths/Sunna. Interpretations of the Quran are ‘whitewashed’, ‘stretched’ and are false versions to project a humane Muhammad/Allah, which, in truth, do not true. Blatant lies are taught, e.g. they teach that the 1,189 chapters of the Bible are all in the 114 chapters of the Quran – talk about common sense? Thus, generally, Muslims don’t know the TRUE Islam. So for the majority decent Muslims, the terrorists are not following the true Islam. But in truth, they are the once, who are the true Muslims, as dictated in the Quran. Even Allah has admitted that he is a terrorist in Sura 8:12. So how can any Muslim deny that Islam is not a doctrine of terrorism and that Allah is a terrorist?

In Sura 5:101, Allah/Quran demands Muslims not to question anything in Islam, but only during the time when the Quran was being revealed – that means questioning was allowed in Islam only during Muhammad’s time. That also means no questioning is allowed in Islam after Muhammad’s death. How on earth can anyone learn about Islam now, without questioning; drives all logic into the dustbin. With so much of factual information and evidences available, {books, internet, etc} it is humanly inconceivable, that there are still people around, who believe in a doctrine, which, at best, are for those who cannot think at all.

The crux of the problem is in their Islamic nurturing {brainwashing} from childhood, not to think; as Allah said, ‘he and Muhammad have already done the thinking, even in the Muslims’ ‘own affairs’ {sura 33:36} So in Islam thinking is absolutely not allowed. Add to this Islamic nurturing; lies, deceit, hypocrisy, misinformation, vengeance, murder, illogic, ‘cooking facts’, and ‘stretching facts’ beyond logic, and you got a doctrine for obedient morons, whose job is simply to spread this illogical and false doctrine of Islam, to the gullible and the unwise.

Let’s not kid ourselves and look at the TRUE Islam as it actually is; from within.

Have some fun and ask a Muslim, why, when, how, where, why, etc and you will soon expose what he/she is saying is nothing but lies or nonsense. Print out or memorize some important sura from any of my articles and test the Muslims, and you will soon find out his/her ignorance of the Quran. Go to sura 4:34, in which ‘Allah demands Muslim men to whip their disobedient wives’, till they obey absolutely, and see what they say and how they wiggle out of it with lies/illogic.

Who is this Allah, actually? Allah is just a borrowed word from Sanskrit {for Hindu Goddess Durga}, and the Islamic Allah does not really exist. During the Hindu Empire of the Vikrama Era {Saudi Arabia was part of it} under the Maharaja/s {emperors} of the various Candragupta/s, some 7 Hindu temples were known to have been built in Saudi Arabia, by these Hindu emperors. Being faithful to their deities, Moon God, Lord Siva and his spiritual wife, Moon Goddess Durga {chanted/referred to reverently/respectfully as Allah, by the Hindus from before 1,500 B.C. In Hinduism, it is not respectful to call a venerated/respected person by name. A devote Hindu will not refer to her husband by name, either, but as her child’s father or her husband, or the man of the house. Mahatma Gandhi is not his real birth name. The Mahatma {means ‘Great Soul” in Sanskrit} came later in his life. Generally, most Indians will never refer to him as Mr. Gandhi without first mentioning the word ‘Mahatma’ out of respect. Similarly, in the West a father/mother is also not referred by name, by the children, but as dad/Mum, due to respect. Even after the Hindu Empire disintegrated, Hindu Arabs piously kept praying to their Hindu Deities, even during Muhammad’s time. Muhammad did try to extricate them from Hinduism, but failed and eventually highjacked Allah/Kaaba/ Pilgrimage/etc for his invention of Islam. Further evidence, in the form of the Muslim pilgrimage to the Kaaba is, the shaving of pilgrims’ heads, circumambulating the God-House {Kaaba} seven times, collecting and drinking ‘holy’ water {Zam-Zam}, worshipping ‘The Black Stone’ {The Lingam – The symbolic penis of the Hindu moon Deity, Lord Siva for fertility}, the cube shaped God-House {Kaaba} with only one door, wearing only seamless white robes {Indian Sari}, using Lord Siva and Goddess Durga’s Hindu symbol of the crescent moon, having the weekly Holy day of Friday {for weekly prayers – Jews use the Sabbath – Saturdays in Judaism and Christians Sundays}, etc. All these above mentioned, are not Judaism or even Jewish traditions, neither are they Arabic traditions or Christian, but they are all in truth, really and evidently Hinduism. Have you ever seen any Jew/Christian have a cube God-House or perform the many Hindu rituals mentioned above – none, right? How else did Islam get to copy, what is uniquely, Hinduism? Go to any Hindu temple and see these rituals with your own eyes. I expect Muslims to still deny these as copied from Hinduism, because to admit it, is to confirm that Islam is a fake.

In truth, Allah does not exist; that is why Muslim prayers are never answered. Many wise and courageous Muslims have acknowledged this truth of the Islamic falsehood and apostated to other religions in spite of Islamic laws (sura 4:89) to kill apostate men, women and children. {Muhammad did also highjack some beliefs/rituals from Judaism/Christianity – See “The Invention of Islam”} The many articles with facts and figures, in this website alone, prove that Islam is now, well and truly dying.

Why is pilgrimage compulsory in Islam, just like it is in Hinduism, but not in Judaism and Christianity? Pilgrimages, generally, are not compulsory, though some people do go to some places out of interest/curiosity/pay homage/part of a tour package, etc. In fact, Pilgrimage to the Kaaba, is one of the 5 cardinal points of Islam, for every Muslim, who can afford it. Why pilgrimage to a cubical stone structure, which Allah himself admits {sura 2:158} as a pagan ritual {not of Islamic origin}? So why are Muslims faithfully performing pagan {Hindu} rituals year after year?

The other questions are: Why do Muslims follow the Hindu rituals 1. Shaving the heads as Hindus do for pilgrimages, 2. Circumambulating the God-House 7 times as Hindus 3. Collecting {Zam-Zam} holy water as Hindus 4. Worshiping the Black stone – {the fertility Lingam} as in Hinduism 5. Wearing White seamless long cloth {as Indian Sari – not of Arabic/Jewish culture} 6. Why Kaaba with one door similar to Hindu God-houses 7. Why cube shaped God-houses similar to Hindu God-houses 8. Why Fridays are holy in Islam, as in Hinduism, etc?

The other point is the number of pilgrims allowed for the pilgrimages. Take into account that 3/5 of Muslims are within reach of Mecca {from Bangla Desh to western Africa}. Every year about 1.5 million Muslims make the pilgrimage. If you multiply this with 25 years {Average of one generation – many die before reaching 25 years of age} it comes to a total of 37.5 million only {in 25 years}. If you discount the 500,000 repeat pilgrims {mostly Arabs/Turks/Iranians, many in cars, by foot, etc; who are repeat pilgrims} the figure is 25 million in one generation {25 years}. According to the OIC, there are 1.2 billion Muslims and this brings to 2.08% of the Muslims who performed the pilgrimage in one generation {25 years} for the first time. What happens to the 97.92% of Muslims who never performed the pilgrimage, when they die? Will they all go to Hell, permanently for not performing the pilgrimage? If it is so, Hell must be flooded with Muslims, right? Are Muslims telling us that 97.92% or 1,175 billion Muslims who cannot afford it? If it is so, are Muslims then admitting that Islam/Allah keeps almost all Muslims poverty stricken?

In sura 2:37 – “Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation),” a) Any anthropologist will tell you that no religion, language, calendar, etc existed in the prehistoric period, {during Adam’s time}. This was the age of innocence. So, who is this Allah kidding? How could he be a Muslim, when no religion/Language existed? Did Adam/Eve perform the fundamental 5 pillars of Islam? b) How did he absorb the revelations from Allah? In which direction did Adam/Eve face to pray (as there was no Kaaba then)? c) How did he know, which day was a Friday, for his weekly Friday prayers – as there was no calendars then? d) Did Adam/Eve go on Pilgrimages and to where? e) Did Adam/Eve fast during Ramadan? f) Did Adam circumcise himself or did Eve circumcise him. g) How did they determine the Ramadan month? h) How could Adam perform the fundamental tenants {the 5 pillars of Islam?} I) What were the revelations given to Adam {no one seems to know}. {Is Allah beginning to look a bit stupid to you, with all these questions?}

For argument’s sake, let us accept this Allah’s words as the true. So, without the Quran, Hadiths, prophet Muhammad, Kaaba and Sunna, let’s say Adam was a Muslim. And so was his wife and the descendants of about 3-5 generations who were all Muslims. That means this world was 100% Muslim, right? Then why is the world now 18% Muslim? Did 82% of the inhabitants of this world discard Islam as useless? This is a shame to Islam, isn’t it? Does this Allah’s words make any sense to you or does it look ridiculous to you?

What is astonishing; is this Allah’s teachings. In Sura 2:222, Allah teaches Muhammad, “They question thee (O Muhammad) concerning menstruation. Say: it is an illness,” Now this is like the blind teaching the blind about the donkey’s tail. Can a supposed god be so stupid? Can any man gain or become more stupid with such teachings of Allah?

Why did Allah say Jewish prophets are Muslims, when records, history, manuscripts, even in Islamic countries’ public libraries, prove Jews worshipped and still do, only Jehovah of Judaism (“Yaweh” in Hebrew), (except some Christian Jews – Messianic Jews)? Note: In Judaism, the name of God is so sacred that Jews never mention the name of God and as said in Exodus; 3:14 “I AM WHO I AM” is their GOD. This is completely opposite to Islam, who proclaims “Allah” in almost every sentence recited. There are many manuscripts/hieroglyphs in ‘the valley of the Kings’, Alexandria, Cairo and other Museums depicting Jews praying to Jehovah and not to Allah, and Muslims purposely deny, what is right in front of their eyes, even in Islamic countries.

Why didn’t all ‘Muslim’ Jewish Prophets (from Abraham), family and their descendants, not ‘laid to rest’, facing the Kaaba, as Muslims do when buried? (Evidences available, prove this difference – see Burial and grave sites of Biblical figures in www.christiananswers_net ). Why is ‘Muslim’ Abraham and his family (Hagar, Ishmael and family not included in Machpelah) ‘laid to rest’ in Machpelah, facing the sky instead of towards the Kaaba? Why is Ishmael, his mother Hagar and his descendants not laid to rest in Machpelah with Abraham, his wife, Sarah, etc? Does this tell you that Ishmael is not a prophet in Judaism/Christianity and is not even recognised as a Jew {See definition of a Jew in “Jesus is not in Islam”}. Why is there no Mosques built by the Jewish ‘Muslim’ prophets anywhere? To build a prayer house to face a particular spot on earth, {as in Islam} is an insult to a worldly god, isn’t it?

There is no history/evidence of any Jew ever building such a cube shaped structure anywhere in this world? So why does Islam claim that Abraham built a cube shaped structure (which is not of a Jewish culture or architectural design, but is common to Hindu God-Houses)?

In Islam, the gender discrimination is of the extreme. In addition, to the sura about husbands allowed to whip their wives, Muslim women is only ½ of a man, menstruation being an illness to Muslim women, Muslim women inheriting only ½ of their brothers, etc {see “Is the Quran Holy?} there are many more discriminations. In the Hadiths, Sahih Bukhari says, “May Allah curse the people who appoint a woman to govern them” (Bukhari, Volume 6, p. 10, and Volume 9, p. 70). Does this mean that Islamic-Pakistan, which was governed by a woman (Mrs. Bhutto) is cursed by Allah? And does Allah similarly curse Bangla Desh? Allah is not cursing just the person as such, but the entire people of the country who appoints her. So, has Allah already cursed all Muslim Pakistanis and Bangla Deshis, now? This Islamic discrimination starts from birth of the female in Islam. Muslim Arabs of all denominations {sects} observe the Islamic rights for Aqiqah. If a male is born, his hair is shaved on the seventh day {just like in Hinduism} in an Islamic ritual and at least 2 sheep {minimum} is slaughtered for the occasion, but only one {maximum} for a female infant {Perhaps, Allah is doubly happy with a male birth}.

Finally, a belief is either true or false – there is no middle road to truth or falsehood. Either it is true or false. Christians are not afraid to throw about various questions about Christianity and have logically come out with the answers in the end. But in falsehood, it is impossible to logically come to a satisfactory conclusion, like it is in Islam. Questions will be left dangling in limbo. That is why, Allah himself does not permit Muslims to question in Islam, for fear of exposing it as a fake. And Muslims are typically, obedient morons, who cannot defend the scrutiny of Islam in a logical way, and avoid rationality and fair debate. Rational thinking people will always find the irrationality and illogic of Muslims/Islam impossible and will always wonder why Muslims always blame others for all the misery the Muslims suffer, of their own making of regression and evil. In this article alone, it is obvious, that so many questions prove that Islam is a fake cult.

THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT MUSLIMS PRAY TO A STONE STRUCTURE CONTAINING IDOLS AND THE BLACK STONE, INSTEAD OF PRAYING TO A GOD. These are undeniable facts. If one dismantles all the stones of the Kaaba; Muslims must be praying to thousands of stones, five times a day and everyday, with no exceptions.

Dear Readers, please send this article to as many people as you know {especially to Muslims}. Thank you.