Letters From You

I am writing to show support for your laborious writings. I thoroughly enjoyed the topic, approach, and scriptural content that upholds the Truth (Bible) in the article. I had googled to find information on Muhammad and why they believe the way they do. Your site (Islam review) was listed as one of the top findings in the search. I read “Will ISLAMIC SUICIDE KILLERS get rewarded?” By Ahmed Simon. I plan on reading more articles later on. Before, I had not grasped the details of the Islam belief system. Now, I have a greater understanding. Thanks again for working hard to write and post the information on a website.

God Bless, J M

Wow! Thank you so much for your website!!! I found it today and I already know that it is going to be an invaluable resource for me and others that I will pass it on to. I will be placing you on my prayer list, my brothers and sisters! May the Lord richly bless you!
G. N.

I am so happy that I found this website. It has been a Godsend! I have read two testimonials that have helped me understand the spiritual battle that is going on in the world today. I believe that many, many will come to the full knowledge and saving grace of Jesus Christ and I will begin to pray for Muslims to seek the truth about Him.
Thank you for this website!
P . C. Young

Thank you for your bravery in exposing the truth of the Quran. I recently read Mark Gabriel’s book, “Islam and Terrorism,” and was horrified to learn the truth about the “Peaceful Religion.” I have the highest regard for my brother in Christ as well as any free-thinking individual who dares to stand in defiance to such a ruthless and anti-Christian way of thinking. God be with you.

I am a secular based person, professional and writer. Albeit, not a Christian any longer, I do hold the religion in very high regard, and Jesus as the son of God even higher still. I’ve found that the preponderance of people who follow Him to be exemplary of kindness and benevolence. What a wonderful, loving and caring human being and everything else that He was and is.

Since 9/11, I have become a serious student of Islam and share your views of it and CAIR wholeheartedly. If comparison through debunking CAIR’s apparent fraudulent representation of Christianity is the primary subject of your article, then I support your work by adding my additional view: Islam is the anti-thesis of Christianity, and Muhammad the opposite of Jesus.

Your article is well done and very much needed to countervail Islamic Al taqiyya, which as I’m sure you know is an integral part of jihad, Islam’s heinous expansion component. On behalf of those who cherish freedom, thank you for your excellent contribution to it. Without your fight against fraudulent representations of Christianity, and the other work that you and your organization does, we would be overrun soon. Keep at it, if you can, not just for Christianity’s sake, but for the benefit to all mankind, and, its religions including as some would opine secularism and its many helping activities. Good luck, and without the intent to be presumptuous thank you from all non believers in Islam.

J. C.

Just want to say, that only by the Grace of God is this site available.

God bless you, for the courage and wisdom to put forth the TRUTH of GODS holy Word of Light and Life.

Continue to proclaim the Truth throughout the Land till the end of the age of Grace has come. The day of Divine Revelation as given in the Sacred Scriptures of the Hewbrew and Christian holy books.

Blessings and All Graces come to your and yours in continuing to reveal the truth before it’s too late!

Rj 🙂 †

Muhammad was deceived in a great way because there is only one GOD and He sure isn’t Allah. I don’t recall reading in the Holy Bible GOD ever being referred to as Allah. Moslims also don’t believe that JESUS was and is the SON Of GOD. If they don’t believe in JESUS then their gospel is another gospel. The Moslims are being deceived into believing in a false god.

Your website is fantastic. Christ said, ” I am the light of the world, those who follow me shall never walk in darkness.” The Muslims walk in darkness as it is Satan’s religion. Keep up the great work.


i just came across this site accidentally . i am very happy at your work which exposes this great evil deception which is trying to fool the world. i am a born again christian and was wondering why isnt any muslims hearing the Gospel. but as reasons stating here in this site ,islam is totalitarian and deceptive religion . many in the muslim country are held hostage to this violent religion. i just pray that this site will be an outlet to many christians and new believers in Christ in islamic countries to voice out and bear their testimony. God bless you all!

your brother in Christ,

Dear freind,

this is a brilliant website i want 2 ask u, it look silly how will an EVIL religion like islam will be destroyed? i will like 2 help u, it’s cause nothing but trouble.I’am from an sikh religion and dead proud because our religions harmonize with all religion and just 2 pray 2 one god only and love one another

I’m a Nigerian and a christian as well. I must commend you people for doing a wonderful job in fighting this epidemic called islam. Peace be with you all.

A. Omage

Muhammad is worshipped, but yet he was a sinner and lacked the level of mercy that christ has. Why is it that so many people worship a sinner, such as Muhammad, but cannot worship the blameless and all forgiving nature of our lord Jesus. This is just as foolish as loving Hitler, but hating Christ, or loving evil, but hating good. What sick times we live in. I cant help but feel sorry for all the people who are brainwashed into believing the Quran; if only they could all see it’s mindless contradiction. Look at all the sins that Muhammad has committed, and then look at the sinless life of Jesus. Isn’t it blatantly obvious that Jesus is the son of God, and that Muhammad was a false prophet. Muhammad was nothing more than an evil genius; evil with the intelligence to manipulate the weak and desperate minded. No worry though, because it’s Jesus who is in glory right now, simply because he raised himself from the dead. Muhammad is just an evil memory; worship that bunch of flesh and bones in the ground; I dont think so. Christ will prevail; it’s an inevitability. An inevitabilty because Christ IS, whereas Muhammed WAS. Life will always rule over death.

Yours faithfully

Dear Christians,

I was so glad to see your sight. I am a Christian studying Sociology and we are getting all kinds of different things on Islam. I believe these people think they are going to take over the world. But our Heavenly Father is in control of everything and will destroy all this wickness once and for all soon!!! This world is heading for total distruction. It is written in the Bible in the last days what is soon to happen. Jesus is coming soon. I hope you will reach as many Muslim people before it to late.

May the Lord be with you

Yours in Yahweh’s Name,

Jean – Jeandesertflower@aol.com


I am a christian American expat who stumbled across your website and I must say that it is refreshing to read good christian articles such as yours. I have not been to church in some time. I pray every day and God always seems to answer my prayers. He has been such a wonderful father and friend. I love him very much. He has been so kind and compassionate and never seems to fail me. I accepted him as my Lord and saver 6 years ago and must say that it was the best decision I have ever made. He seems to bring so much light in such a dark world. I thank the Lord every day for his love. I don’t have much money, however, I am willing to offer my time and prayers for the glory of our heavenly father.

Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.

God bless you and your work. I believe based on the writings that you truly are special people with a specially purpose and I will pray that God be with you and help you in your ministry!

Your brother in the Lord…

Dear Mr. Araby:

Born and raised from another Muslim country I thank God for such deep insight you have about what’s going on in the minds of the muslim world. Thank you all of you for all the the time spent in your very appreciated and most informational Web site.


As an American of Dutch descent, I morn for the loss of the magnificent traditions of the Dutch. The Dutch Masters, the long and successful history of commercial life, the explorations that founded “New Amsterdam” later to become New York, the important contributions of the Dutch to the development of America. To see this once proud and intelligent society “Submit” to the barbaric Islamic Mohammedians out of fear and intimidation because of an academic theory called “Mulitculturism” is indeed sad.

Holland, like France, has been betrayed. Mohammedians will not, indeed cannot, become “Dutch”. The Dutch lost their way,as did most of Europe. Rejection of Christianity as the beacon to guide and give meaning and substance to life has left a hollow and fearful society. Stll,I remain hopeful that the “Dutch Uncles” will prevail.

I recently watched the beheadings of people by Islamists in Iraq over the internet, and I am disgusted. Thank you for your translations of the Koran, and I hope that more people see your message.

Personally, my Bible is “Age of Reason” by Thomas Paine, and the contradiction of ALL religions is mentioned therien. Mohammed is just one, in a long line of MEN, who has captivated and enslaved us for many thousands of years. Keep up the good work!


God bless you for this website. It exposes Islam for the lying false cultic religion it is, with its virulent hatred against the majority of the world. What a vivid contrast to the love Jesus Christ showed to unbelievers, with His invitation”whosoever will come,let him come”. I think Islam is the closest belief system to hatefilled Neo-Nazism the world has been afflicted with.BUT thankfully God IS in control of this world. …Anne(Australia)

I thank God for this website. I had never known much about Islam until sometime after 9/11. I checked out, “The Meaning of the Holy Quran” from the library. It is the polar opposite of Christianity. I seriously lean toward labeling it the Anti-Christ. I feel it is as sinister and evil as evil can get. I managed to read 6 Surahs before I could no longer keep the book in my home or stand to look at its pages. I agree there is no “common ground.” I also agree that Christianity must address the reality of Islam very soon and very decisively. I have started writing my own thoughts as a compare and contrast between Islam and Christianity. I am finding that we are of the same mind. How can I help?

R. G.

Thank you very much for the teaching about islam.I found it very helpful for telling to the muslims about Jesus christ,because I leave in london so every sunday muslims by hundreds they came out to preach about quran to the peaople who comes to the speakers corner in hyde park.so it is very helpfull and good to tell the truth about the quran.God bless you for the wonderful thing you are doing to reveal the truths.
GOD bless you

I just wish to thank you for this timely message and I would have this as required reading in every Seminary in our Nation. I just pray that the feel good pastors of Pulpits that preach at the people would wake up and see that Islam and The Kingdom of God are not compatible. This is truly the enemies of our One True God Jehovah.
Thank you!
Messianic Rabbi D. A. S., dd.

Dear Ladies and Sirs,

I was married to a Muslim and I can confirm, that everything you write about Islam is very true. When I married my husband, I thought, we both had the same God. But after harsh and very cruel experiences with this man I am now deeply convinced, that Islam is an error of a drug addict, because many things in the Koran remind me of drug experiences. Allah has nothing to do with my beloved Lord and after this marriage when I was deeply depressed, it was ONLY my living GOD who protected and guided me, who was my home and heart and everything. What I realized, when my husband prayed to “his Allah” was, that he always seemed to be very much afraid of him. He often said that he “feared God”. He also behaved in a very formal way in front of Allah. What a difference with Jesus Christ. Whenever I go to meet God, it is such a loving and overwhelming feeling, and it is very simple and easy. My religion has become very simple, without any outer symbols or rituals. I go home, that’s it.

If ever in my live I dare another marriage, then only with a truly Christian man.

So I want to tell you simply one thing: Thank you for your articles and the profound comparisons between the Bible and the Koran. It helped me to take a sound and solid position towards Muslim arguments.

Thank you for your good work, for telling the truth in clear words. God bless you all.

Cordially from Germany,

yours A.B

I happen to “stumble onto” your website today, and I must say that, as a Christian, I am really impressed. I am impressed not only by the volume of information presented, but especially by your approach of love [as should be expected of people who have been justified by God – Rom. 8]; ours is not a struggle against people, but against principalities [Eph.6:12]

As a brother in faith, I thank you for presenting the Light through this indispensable source of information on the Internet.

May God bless you all, and especially this effort to support those [Christians] still under oppression in Islamic states.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Thank you for this very informational site. It is very much appreciated…I am from another muslim country..of pagan background…whose many relatives had become muslims through marriages…and of sourse through bribes etc…for those greedy of ranks and power…and fear…for a wife or husband’s sake…I learn alot from your site.

I Am girl from Europe and for quencidence i came on your side…(i was looking for good musim husband and wife-and i get your webside ) …my boy friend is muslim but i didn’t think to change religion.but i was thinking abort marriage…now for sure i willl not make this misteake . also if it is possible i would like to print some articles to give friends. I hope that my life will become good i am not going to broke up with him right now but i am sure it will happend soon . let’s kick out devil helpers from our land..christian brothers and sisters!!! Good work!!! Thank you very much!!!

God bless you

After seeing your site and reading very thoroughly i decided not to become a muslim.

God bless you for showing me the TRUTH


Thank you for stating very crucial and sensitive points on your FAQs page. I enjoyed reading every single one of them as they opened my eyes and answered some of my toughest questions. I thank God for having me stumble upon this site.

Everything I have learned about Islam leads me to believe the religion was invented as a tool Mohammed could use for his own personal gain. It wouldn’t bother me in the least if Muslims weren’t killing people in their radical drive for world domination. Most of the civilized world that hasn’t been brainwashed since birth can easily see through Mohammed’s religious fabrications. I understand that to believe in God one must have faith but when it comes to Islam you need to have blind faith. The religion of Christians and Jews is backed up by mountains of evidence that has been historically accurate and well preserved. The Koran appears to be based on the much of the Old Testament with a large dose of Mohammed’s own delusions. I have never seen a religion that is so openly racist and hateful similar to that of the Nazi. We must defend ourselves against this Muslim offensive that threatens to take away our freedom and kill us like dogs. I just hope the people who have replaced their faith with materialism wake up to this threat before it’s too late.

Dear Mr. al-Araby,
I’ve ordered your super book, Islam Unveiled, for the local London library circuit. Now you must PLEASE write a book on the Koran/Quran, with the surahs and verses in their correct order of ‘revelation’ with the relevant AHadith telling the stories of the circumstances, and the history of the sources of the stories [Jewish, Christian, Persian, Pagan]
Also, may I PLEASE use some of your excellent writings on Islam for a document I’m struggling to prepare for the European Union for our ‘War on Terror’. You explain it all so simply and clearly that everyone can understand, and far better than I can. Keep up the good work!
Thank you for your time and attention.
Yours sincerely,
J. K.

I grew up in a moslem country and I know what you mean. Thank you for being alert.

Totally agree with your sentiments – Islam is a very dangerous, twisted evil cancerous cult that needs to be extinguished.. permanently. It represents the very worst excesses of any religion – Christians moved on from the dark ages – Islam still worships and saviours it. Given that it has no respect for life or liberty and is intent on destruction of all good things – we will not lose any sleep, come the day that good old USA or Russia presses some button’s and vaporises this degenerative disease.

For years muslims have been using “passive invasion”. Since the Komaini, they have been spreading out to each country all over the world to gain political then social hold…Why are muslims in Montana…small cities in every hemisphere….There is a book about this…printed in France about 20 years ago…My french friend and I have been talking about all this for twenty years…
I will try to send support in the near future…
Many of my Jewish friends visit your site….They seem to understand. kris


Jennifer King

Thank you for your web page. I talk to many muslims everyday, and I have a hard time with them.

This site will help me.

God bless you
in Jesus name


Boy…this is my first time surf your website…it’s very refreshing…i wish that i’ve read it before…

my only problem is…since your article is full of facts…my head is kind of confusing you know…i wish somebody could give the facts bit by bit so i could digest it…

Hello, I am against Islam, too. I hope, you will get succesful. Good bye

I came across this website by accident. I am convinced that Islam is a wicked and evil religion with one goal – world domination – at any cost or at the expense of any life. I am quite suspicious of muslims living in America. You will note I did not refer to them as muslim Americans. They must prove to me that they have earned that distinctiona and they must re-tain that privilege by continuous words and deeds that will convince me that they are truthfully a peaceful people.

Where else on this earth do we find terror driven acts other than those perpetrated by muslims?

Dear Editor,
I’ve carefully gone through the article titled”Neither Black nor African” and I STRONGLY Agree with your views in all aspects.
I am a black and I am very happy to be a black, because that’s how God made me and I am happy that I am black.
God bless your real good. I hope other blacks will see this and appreciate themselves more and will no more be decieved by thes Jihadists.

Dear sirs, I would like to express my deepest admiration to ur website…it says exactly what Islam really is…but i was wondering if all Americans and Europeans know this…I hear here in Egypt that many Americans convert to Islam…is that true? How can i help? I promoted your site to many chat room that discuss Christian faith…What you said about Christians in Egypt is true…but what makes me even unhappier is that four young men went the the Embassy of the united States to get visas..three were Christians and one was Muslim…imagine that the the Christians are left here and the Muslim was granted the visa…I wish i could have the chance to live in the USA in order to speak freely about islam and muslims and what they do and their concepts and help my brothers and sisters in Christ know about that so-called religion and save them…
Thank you for giving me the chance to say something of what is in my heart…
Best regards and bright blessings
M (Egypt)

You are providing a great service in exposing Islam for what it is…the greatest scam and hoax in history. I believe that Islam is the great anti-Christ and we, in the Christian West, should accept the fact that we are in an eternal war with these rag-head scum-bags.
C. H.

Dear editors,

I was born to a christian mother and a father from a moslim family who fled from Iran to Iraq 100 years ago after converting from judaism to islam wishing for a new life . My father’s family were moderate people and my father an individualist who like me sanctifies freedom. Like other people on your website who testified about their islamic experience, mine went from atheism as a child to atheist parents to spiritual searching to examining islam and abondoning it in disgust after getting access to free press here in the western world. I see islam as a mental disease. I feel pain and anger at the torment of moslims , men and women alike, go through. I wish at times when I can bring myself to feel God’s presence and Jesus’ kind heart, I wish I can believe God will resolve this problem. What is Islam other than another face for disguised arab imperialism. How many cultures and civilisations were destroyed and assimilated , the Egyptian, the Mesopotamian, the Persian.

Bless you

I just wanted to let you all know that your article contrasting God and Allah is fantastic. There are so many people out there who believe taht there is no difference between them. Keep up the good work!


If this were an authentic history, the textbook would explain that the god of Muhammad was man’s creation. Arabia was a pagan nation that worshiped over 300 gods. One of those was the moon god named, al-ilah. Legend has it that the moon god mated with the sun god and had two daughters, both of whom were worshiped as goddesses. When Muhammad claimed to have had his ‘vision’ and ‘revelation from Gabriel’ he chose al-ilah as the god to build his army around.
Muhammad shortened the name, al-ilah, to, Allah, and declared that he alone should be worshiped. He forbade the worship of the daughters. To this day, a crescent moon can be found at the front of every mosque, acknowledging that Allah was, and is the moon god. All of this is missing from the Houghton-Mifflin accounts.


I’m a christian convert[from Islam],my name is Ismail I decide to retain the name because I leave in Egypt and I’ve come across the christian Arabs that bear that name they made me realize that it is not restricted to the muslims that it’s an arabic name for Ishmeal.
The purpose of sending this mesage is to show my belief of the above excerps from one of the articles from your web site ‘PUBLIC SCHOOLS EMBRACE ISLAM -A SHOCKER’.I thought about it for a long time and a question came to my mind that,’if Allah is not an idol why was Mohammed’s father who wasn’t a muslim until his death bore the same name[ABDUL LAHI] as muslim?’.I think you are right.

Yours Faithfully,

I have felt for a long time now that Islam is the beast religion of Revelation, and am becoming more and more convinced of that. Reading excerpts from the Koran and articles such as this one shows how hateful and ridiculous this cancer of a religion is.

Islam rules by the sword, and Revelation explains how the belief system implemented by antichrist will rule by the sword. Islam is murderous to anyone who does not bow to their false god, and so is the system implemented in end times to force people to bow to antichrist. Basically to me, allah is just another name for antichrist, and Islam is the sick system people are lured into with the all to common phrase we hear even already today, “Islam is peace”.
Too bad our churches are so busy fighting over doctrine. Too bad they are not teaching the history of this age-old battle that has gone on ever since God chose the second born over the first. Too bad so many are asleep in the rapture idea that they will be whisked out of here on beds of ease due to erronious pre-trib ideas, (Read “The Pre-wrath Rapture of The Church” if you want a real eye-opener in that respect)

Thank you for an interesting article. It gives more insight into why Muslims treat women and others with such disdain and disregard.


My family has been fighting Islam since about the 9th Century and were active participants in their ousting from Spain.

Today, old and wise, I have traded lance and sword for PC and Internet and it is my quest to enlarge the ranks and capabilities of the warriors against Islamic terror, by providing empowering information on the true nature and evil of the teachings of Muhammad, as the voice of Allah, a very strange “all knowing” God, known to change his mind frequently as to what is the truth.

In my quest to disseminate Islamic “real truth,” I have found your articles most helpful and enjoyable, even when understandably repetitive, as various authors must use the same facts to convey information and analysis to their intended readers.

I do wish that you commission a small compendium of well organized Islamic information, which should also include some of the Prophet’s outlandish remarks, it being that his utterances are dogma of Islamic faith, to show why Islam had to be propagated by force, deceit, the systematic propagation of ignorance and poverty, as the only fertile ground of a religion which states that man has no choice, for his fate is irrevocable, there being only Allah and his will, dictating absolute predestination of each man.


I’t makes me glad to see that your organization gets the picture and is doing something about it. It seems we in the west are choosing to ignore the threat that we are under.

I have been trying to get the word out as best as I can. I have been frustrated in attempting to make people understand that this is not just a topic for conversation, but it requires action and mobilization of the West against Islam.


I am a Christian called to ministry. I have a working knowledge of some of the other religions and felt I needed to review and increase my knowledge of Islam. First I went to “their” sight, and according to them, we are all the same pursuing the same God (I found the same tactic being used by Mormons). Then I found your sight, which lined up and enhanced what I have heard.

I want to commend you on the EXCELLENT job you did of laying out the truth. I copied some sections and will put them in a folder to re-read, then intermittently review.

I just wanted to let you know you know, you empowered me to take the truths of your sight, and to amplify its message. Thank-you again, and be blessed, David

i find it amazing most people in the mid-east still live and think the way they did hundreds of years ago.not all, but most live in proverty, their lives filled with war,termoil,and an everyday failure to just prosper.what could be the reason for this after 1400 yrs.of praying to allah? the u.s. is barely 200 yrs. old, yet we are better off than the whole world. could it be that we,(or alot of us)are praying to the one true god? a reasonable person would have to honestly ask theirself,what has our god done for us? and what has allah done for the muslins?


Islam — central tenets of Islam — threaten the wellbeing of the entire West. You are performing a very important task, both for the non-Muslims, and for those Muslims who, deprived of the knowledge and freedom to learn fully about their own religion, and about others, are born into a cult that will not let them go. You at least offer some of them the possibility of informing themselves.

Keep it up.

A wellwisher

The reason I am writing this e-mail is that I am not closed minded about any religion in general but the Muslim religion I must say is (for what I read) barberic to both women and people who are or aren’t Muslim. The things you name which are supposedly written in Surah are Satanistic for example God is a person/super-being of love and forgiveness not a super-being/person there to instruct people to kill others or not to make life or death judgements until the individuals time comes. I am a Christian Pentacostal interestingly reading up on the Muslim religion due to it’s surrounding contraversy but my conclusion from what I have read from your Website is that in the Surah written in the Quaran sounds very Satanic. I believe that God/Jesus’s history was written in the Bible. I also believe strongly that just as the devil can read and walk whilst holding our Bible, I also believe that he has had people/demons write his own Bible about his history and at this stage in my life I don’t mean to offend anyone but I feel that the Quaran and especially the chapter Surah is all an insight to the devil’s plans for the near future.

Thank you for all the information I needed for finding out more about the Islamic faith on a single website. I am new to Christianity but I feel I have to understand what it is about other faiths that make so many people believe. It saddens me to think that so many people can be persuaded to follow the teachings of Mohammed when they are so negative and volatile in places. This website has only strengthened my faith and my arguments for Christianity. I only pray that one day everyone else will see the truth too.


Keep up the good work.


I was sitting browsing through many articles on the web and arrived on your site.

It is obvious that you had a meeting with the living God somewhere in your life.

I gather from your name that you might be of Arab descent and is this light your article really was a major blessing to me as you are making a steadfast statement on the page “God of Christianity vs. Allah of Islam”. In view of this I will spend time in my prayers praying for you and your family for protection as I do not believe that Islam takes lightly to your article.

May the true living God protect you and your family and keep you honest in your believes.

A true Believer.


I really appreciate the information you have provided on your website. I belong to a Toastmasters Club in my community. I gave a speech recently about Islam. I knew nothing about it, and I feel a huge majority of Americans don’t know about it either. I began doing research about Islam, and the Koran, and was simply amazed at what they both teach. I became, to put it bluntly, pissed off. I went into the research with a completely open mind, seeing if the Koran really does espouse peace and harmony, which many Muslim clerics have recently been seen and heard in the media saying it does. IT is hard for Americans to REALLY understand the mindset of Islamic martyrs and mujahadeens, and the indoctrination they have to the utter destruction of all non-believers. The American public MUST be warned and notified of this.

My profession is that of a video producer, and I am considering producing and selling a video that exposes to Americans what Islam teaches, the history of Islam and of Muhammad the prophet, why there is so much unrest in the Middle East (the Israeli-Palestinian conflict), and how our lives of all

Americans, and essentially the rest of the world, will be forever changed in the face of the 9-11 attacks. I really feel that the main-stream media will never expose the real truth about all of this, because they are so politically correct, and don’t want to offend viewers, who ultimately buy products from their advertisers.

Your website has helped me tremendously in beginning my research, and I thank you for the invaluable information you have provided.

Again, many thanks for your information. You have been a great resource.


Hello Mr Araby:
I really have enjoyed your site. I have sent some of your articles to others hoping they would read them. Soo many poeple here in the US dont think Islam is a threat. They think its just a religion that wont bother them in their lives.

What I fear, is this. That Muslims will get into our political system and destroy liberty here.

I hope you dont mind me spreading your words.


Hi. My name is simon. I must say “Oh my god” for that there is people like you looking for the truth. My dear friend, I love this web site, and I love all of your articles, actually, they should be called the TRUTH. we need people like you, blessed by jesus. I agree with you 1000000%, that Islam is nothing but an empty religon, nothing but a religon of evil. Thanks again for this effort being put in this site and god bless you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Thought I would just commend you on your most informative site. Keep it up!
John H

I want to say I fully agree with you and I thank God that your website exposes Islam’s true meaning, but what bothers me is how blinded the leaders of the west can be. I am very sure they know the danger of islam, why are they doing it?

Peace in Christ and God bless your ministry! I have found it very informative. As a Catholic Christian, I have been very interested in the roots of Islam and it’s teachings and this website has been very helpful in finding exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you.

Your site is a real eye opener. I sincerely hope that you get your message out to all about what Islam really is.

First, let me congratulate you on your unbiased and true presentation of the facts of Islam as it is. I should know, because I was an Ustaz (Islamic religious teacher) before I became a Christian. You see, I got fed up, lost for good answers and felt defeated of defending Islam from every direction. The Prophet Mohammad I knew was cruel and worst than a barbarian.The Allah I knew, was only supposed to be merciful, but the lord Jesus Christ loves me, so I chose to be loved by my Lord rather than seeking someone’s mercy.

Let us look at some facts at a different angle:-

It is a fact that the following countries, were muslim or muslim ruled, in the past – Philippines, India, Xinjiang, Isreal. Bulgaria, Rumania, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, France Spain, Portugal, etc.Why did these countries discard Islam, when the sword fell?
This is a fact.

No past, Non-muslim practicing country, has now become Muslim. This is a fact.

Muslim majority countries which have not accepted Sharia (Islamic Laws) but western laws, – Turkey, Kirghiztan, Uzbekhistan, Turmenistan, Indonesia (the world’s largest muslim country),Kazakhistan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain, etc. If everything Islamic is good, then why did these muslim countries not choose Islamic Laws? This is a fact.

Based on the new visa restrictions applied on Muslims by China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the rest of the democratic world, clearly tells the Muslims “ we don’t want you here”. This is a fact.

Even most Muslim countries have tightened entry requirements for foreign muslims and clamped down on local Muslim activities, like Malaysia, Indonesia. Eygpt, Jordan etc. This is a fact.

Non – Muslims have become reluctant to hire Muslims for Jobs today. This is a fact.

What Bin Laden and his gang of thugs have really achieved at the cost of 3000 lives lost, is to awaken the 5/6th of the world’s 5 billion Non – Muslims to the inhumane and Satanic Beliefs and actions of Islam, and thereby made Muslims the Pariah (untouchable) of the world today. This is a fact.

Finally, my advice to muslims is not to read the Quran blindly without understanding the Arabic words. Ask your ustaz and write it down and compare the meanings with other ustaz. You see, as a ustaz, I used to lie a lot to convey a positive image of Islam, The Quran, Hadith and Sunna for the sake of Allah. Don’t accept your ustaz’s opinions but the actual translations as it is written. So keep asking and asking for the truth and you will never regret it.


Great site. I live in Holland an we are proud of our “tolorance”. If you have any critic on e.g. moslims they yell “discrimination”. We let our country ruin by extremist who where sent from, among other, Egypt, Pakistan and Marocco. The Dutch people are blind and don’t want to see de potential danger of the islam.

If you don’t mind, i have taken the liberty to add your site at http://www.novacula.net You are linked right under the link “virus info” 😉

Best regards,


thank you for your great and informative Site. I have read a lot websites and reports concerning a comparison between the Qu’ran and the Bible. Answering-islam.org,e.g., is quite interesting, too.

I am concerned about what is going on in Germany. More and more mosque are built and there may be Islam teaching in public schools in future. What a horrible imagination!.

Germany’s society and also parts of Christian Churches are ignoring the threat and danger coming from Islam. Why? Are they all blind? Or non-informed? Or what else? And the number of muslims is growing and growing by birth or immigration in Germany. So it is only a question of time when the turning point is achieved. And then…good night!

I have less hope, indeed.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dear IslamReview:

Thank you! I am teaching at a homeschool coop a series I call Middle Eastern Studies which includes a semester on Middle East History, and a semester on Middle Eastern religions and geography. I have been combing the internet and books from the library trying to put together 12 class sessions on Middle Eastern History, and your site has been extremely helpful. It is difficult to find non-Muslim sites which contain much detail of the History of the Arabs and Islam. I have gained some great tidbits from your site for my history research, as well as some terrific stuff for the social studies (religion) I will do next semester. It is a challenge for a simple mom like me to put together such a history lesson without a textbook to go by. I am enjoying it, but need all the help I can get!!s Many thanks for your informative site. May I give some of these printed handouts to my students? I will of course leave the credits on it. I hope they will visit your site themselves!

Dear Friends at islamreview,

I have just found your web site and wanted to commend you on what you are doing. We recently had a three day seminar on Islam here at our church with author David Johnson. We are in rural South Georgia, but the community support was good. We are still getting much positive feed back from the seminar.

The realization that we could be just a few years from becoming an Islamic State is starteling. Yet, it seems that the liberal left in this nation is ready to lay down and let the Islamists take over.

Keep up the good work and may God bless and strengthen your effort.

In Christ,
David Knight,
Pastor, First Assembly of God,
Vidalia, Georgia

Sir, Thank you so much for your very informative site on Islam. I found the section “If Islam Ruled America” to be particularly interesting. My dad who is an educator in (secular) Singapore has mentioned that is recent years, whenever there is a conference for educators/teachers and a luncheon is served (buffet-style), if just one participant happens to be Muslim, ALL the food served is ‘halal’, meaning fit for Muslim consumption (i.e. No pork and meat slaughtered according to Islamic beliefs). This has never been the practice in the past (Muslims had seperate halal food). Malay/Muslims in Singapore account for just 16% of Singapore’s population. Many Americans don’t have much contact with Muslims and don’t realize that Islamic practices creep up on the societies where their adherents are. Islam is NOT the benign and tolerant religion Muslims and the media make it out to be. Islam, like Christianity IS a missionary religion and has been since it was founded. The only difference is that Islam has, by and large, converted with the sword or through submission and penality (Jews and Christians had to pay special taxes).

Your site’s strongest point is that it’s unbias and factual – the truth is in written historical records. You have indeed told Islam as it is. Brovo!


I really appreciate the wealth of information. Please keep the good work.

I would just like to tell you what a great site this is. I printed out everything on it and plan to study to prepare myself for witnessing. I am a frequent visitor to Paltalk a live chat program. There are many rooms that debate Islam and its teaching. People from all faith come into these rooms and fight argue. It is very hard to get a Muslim to come to the microphone and answer any questions we might have for them. My big question being, why didnt Muhammed live according to Allahs word? I believe in my heart as a Christian and public school teacher we are in deep trouble. Our politicians are being politically correct by saying that this is a religion of peace. I doubt seriously if Bush has ever read the Koran or Hadiths, or even knows what Muhammeds life was like. I am deeply concerned with the public schools and the infiltration of Islam in our schools. I was deeply saddened to learn that The University of North Carolina required incoming freshman and transfer students to read the Koran. We are in trouble all over the country and I want to help but dont know what to do or where to go. I am very frustrated. I’ve studied Islam and its teachings I know what it says but the average American has no idea. I thank you for your site. God Bless you and your work.

Diane – Imdancin@hotmail.

Thank you so much for this website.

I am deeply sadden that my granddaughter has converted to Islam. She was first influenced by her (no longer) boyfriend, later by a very angelic looking girl whose father is a Muslim temple leader. My granddaughter is a very bright girl but does not know the difference between a Muslim and a Christian. She has gone to deep ends trying to win her boyfriend back. Abdullah has told her that she must first become a Muslim.

Please pray for her and Abdullah to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You.

In general, Americans are very ignorant about Islam. They have heard about the Quran, but not the Hadith. They have heard some Mecca verses where Mohammed seemed to be tolerant [because he was weak], but not the intolerant Medina verses which abrogated the Medina verses [when he became powerful]. They hear that Islam is a religion of peace, even having the same root word of peace, but not knowing it is peace as defined only by submitting to Islam. They have heard of the Crusades, but never the Islamic ‘crusades’, etc. that became the model for the Catholic crusades. They have heard about Afghanistan and the Taliban, but not how that country became 99.999% moslem when it use to be 100% Hindu and Buddhists [e.g., the mountain chain there called Hindu Kush means ‘killer of Hindus’]. In America we see the Takeya Principle all the time from AMC, CAIR, and so many other ‘moderate’ moslem organizations. It goes on and on ….

God bless you in your efforts to bring the truth and expose the evil.

— ken