By Ayesha Ahmed

  • Recite violent quranic ayas about slaying infidels, massacring unbelievers, capturing booty, and beheading renegades but insist that islam is a “religion of peace”.
  • Recite quranic ayas about polygamy, capturing and enslaving women, sex with captured women and slave girls, beating and changing wives, and covering them in burqas but insist that islam gives a very priviledged position to women.
  • Quote hadiths about Mohammed’s surprise raids, bloody wars, merciless massacres, and brutal assassinations but insist he came as a mercy for all human beings from God.
  • Insist that Muhammad ‘s actions which included lying, raping, torturing, killing, robbing polygamy,and pedophilia, can’t be judged by today’s human rights standards,while at the same time, insist that he is the perfect ” role model for all mankind” today.
  • Proudly say how Mohammed captured whole of Arabia in 10 years and his followers captured Spain to India in 100 years, through bloody invasions, but insist that islam allows fighting for defense only.
  • Insist that jihad only means personal fight for self improvement while the bloodiest terrorist organization whose off shoot is AlQueda is called “Islamic Jihad”.
  • Insist that Quran was written in the context of 7th century conditions but also insist that the Quran is a book of guidance “for all times and all people.”
  • Insist that all the scientific inventions were foretold in Quran but no muslim ever invented anything from it.
  • Insist that Muslims should enjoy all human rights and make infinite number of mosques in western countries but ban preaching of any other religion in their own countries.
  • Insist that Islam is against slavery and then demonstrate how humanely Muhammad treated his slaves proof of it.
  • insist that Islamic system is the best in the world yet muslim countries are sinking deeper in poverty and soon will face massive starvation.
  • Insist on the evils of the western culture and virtues of islam and sharia laws but do everything possible to escape from the Islamic countries and sharia laws.
  • Insist that quran is uncorrupted because it is Allah’s book and he protected it while saying that bible , Allah’s earlier book, was corrupted by Christians.
  • Insist that bible is corrupted and unreliable but then try to prove Mohammed’s prophethood and truth of islam by referring to the same corrupted bible.