By Sally Bode

We switched sides in the war on terror. Instead of empowering the peaceful Muslims of the Middle East, we have been arming the terrorists. Now the strategy is to bring the jihad here vs. fight them there and they won’t come here. If you switch sides as Obama has done, that you are pro-Al Qaeda pro-ISIS, why would that strategy only be for foreign policy when it may work just as well domestically? So while the government aims at getting rid of the guns of legal gun owners, to follow the plan, then the government must arm the jihadists. The guns it confiscated, why destroy them, just redistribute them. This was done to arm the terrorists as if we would never wake up to what the Obama/Bush governments were doing.

During WWII, FDR turned down accepting a boat load of Jews seeking asylum. They were shipped back and most died in Nazi extermination camps. Fast-forward to 2015: the US government is not building refugee camps here, so what is the plan, where do these Syrians go? Obviously they will go to the states with most liberal immigration statistics on record. Hello, California. No water to be held by dams you didn’t build and while the rainwater is running out to sea, we can take able-bodied Muslim men as have been seen marching into Europe? Where are the women and children? Did you know that jihad attracts Muslim all over the globe to their declared war zones? Consequently many haven’t come originally from Syria which is why they aren’t coming with their wives and children. But they don’t speak Syrian either. If they speak Arabic or Farsi, they may have a language in common. This jihad group comprises Black Muslims from north Africa to Muslims coming from Pakistan and Afghanistan and others. Again, they leave their wives and families at home which explains the “refugees” marching as a non-uniformed army into Europe.

Refugees actually would prefer to live among their own people but since funding comes greatly from Saudi Arabia and Turkey, they don’t want them. So the jihad assemblage is passed off as “refugees”. If rat poison labeled as “cake mix”, would you buy that too? There is no vetting, they have no documents. Brought here by our government, a country too broke to give retired people on S/S a cost of living wage, who will ban oil burning and coal burning furnaces which means people will freeze in cold winters back east. Wonder where the housing is going to come from any longer? While all of us must be vaccinated to prevent epidemics, who is looking at these “immigrants” shot records? Climate change is a tool in the hand of Obama to break the back of our people. Simultaneously, there may be plagues of diseases we are ill-equipped to deal with which is being seen already in Germany. These are judgments which fall quickly or even at the same time as was predicted in the apocalypse of John, the Revelator.

Obama wanted to have a internal army, just as well-funded and armed but could not find any who would take on the task of killing the pesky Jews and Christians. He is playing chess with our lives, he has with the help of the stupid-on-purpose or gullible liberals, just about gotten us in checkmate. Climate change is the means of making Americans freeze to death. It is a major killer of the homeless, without heat, it can be a major killer of those who aren’t if in which a polar vortex as we have seen where upper atmosphere heating by HAARP brought in cold we have never seen before. People froze in their cars but they had heat at home. If they shut off those who heat by crude oil and coal in conjunction with that same cold which looks like it was manipulated, you could have death without radiation poisoning the land. By now many of us know that whatever Obama says is a lie and that he is up to no good, that most of what he does is only good for the Muslim Brotherhood and not the population at large. The Muslims don’t want to live in tents and will not have to. These two things will work hand in hand.

Do you suppose if a Christian student in Egypt took a “clock” in a suitcase which looks like a suitcase bomb to school, he’s be congratulated or that he’d be shown how to sue for $15,000,000? Obama will use anything to embolden Muslims to take a country to enervated with liberalism that we can no longer think rationally. The liberal justice system clearly does not know right from wrong any longer.

If the purpose is to take the government, they won’t want the jihad army scattered very far from Washington, D.C. The goal of the Muslims is to destroy this country with our own miserable hands. Wake up and stop playing. Dr. Bill Warren has many excellent videos on YouTube detailing political Islam. Yes, it wears a mask of religion, but it is a constitution and if you think your rights matter, in short order you will not have any. In any war, some give all, and all give some. We owe it to our children to think as you can see when we pay others to think for us so we can “play”, only paints a target on our backs when they run out of money and the banks won’t fund them. But allowing the Muslims to create a revolution which the administration will not block, we become solvent. All that debt goes away like the banana republics who owe us billions. What becomes of our nuclear arsenal? When the fox has the keys to the hen house, won’t the fox, i.e., Obama use them by even “sharing” with unfortunate Muslim countries who can’t wait to join in the Middle East jihad. The scenario for the war of Armageddon is now. Wake up.

This has been a long time in coming. By shutting down our economy and keeping it stagnant, Americans are at wits ends to hold on to their poor paying jobs, hours have been cut to allow the employer not to pay for Obamacare. This is not done as a series of accidents by an inept president. He is on the phone daily with Erdogan of Turkey, to guide his stealth jihad. Obama, one who understands dark sentences, that if you turn many away from God and paint the White House in the colors of the rainbow to say how “Gay” our society has become, that you take God’s hedge of protection away from us. This “hedge” has saved America before but unless Americans repent, that hedge is in shambles now. We reap the fruits that we many not have planted ourselves but many have led the generation under us, down the primrose path to doom. This is why Darwinism or evolution is a real attack on us, God is our hedge, but only to those who believe. Make the first chapter of the Bible read like “once upon a time”, any you have pulled the rug out from under us. This government with three branches of government has depended upon the fourth invisible branch of the press which is in bed with the Liberals, the media has made the coming reign of terror possible. Terror is the means which Muhammad chose. We have not named the “war on terror” it is the defense of the West against Islamic jihad. When you cannot name an enemy but only name a tactic, it blames the spoon for making you fat. This is just stupidity.

I do pray for my country and the first prayer is that we would repent, that God would rebuild our hedge of protection. Now, I see that not as a hedge as a country, but around brave individuals who will tell the truth and preach the Gospel all at the same time. American has turned their back on God but then there are no atheists in the trenches. Then even an atheist will at last be able to hear the voices of the church if within the church are those who have studied history, Islam and the other social experiments which lead to despotism: socialism and communism fueled by Darwinism.

Call out to a God who still hears, Jesus never fails. Invite Him in your heart. Read the Bible. It is to those who believe, a high tower against the enemy. God’s promises are not without power to save even today.

Sally Bode