By  Abdullah Al Araby

Several years ago, I attended a human rights conference held at the Congress building in Washington, DC.  A session went long and I felt bodily pressures. I did not have a clue about the layout of the building.  I was wandering the corridors like a babe in the woods.

I saw a kind faced gentleman approaching and asked the location of the men’s facility.  He pointed me to where it was hidden from anyone unfamiliar with the building.  Later it dawned on me that the man who had been so helpful was none other than the honorable Senator Lindsay Graham.

In recent days, Senator Graham and Senator McCain arrived in Egypt to attempt to bring solutions to the violence of what our government wants to label a military coup.  Unfortunately, they are being led about like babes in the woods by the deceptive hand of the Morsi administration.  Gentlemen, as well-intentioned as you might be, you have been led to the wrong address.

It is the descendants of the first citizens of Egypt, the Coptic Christian Community that need your help.  Islamic radicalism has been attempting to hide them away in a beggarly alcove for centuries as though they did not exist.  It is the Copts that have been the victims of violence and injustice.  It is not them alone who are suffering disappointment due to the failure of Dr. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood backed government.  It is tens of millions of Egyptian citizens that are feeling the consequences of betrayal.

The respected Congressmen went to the wrong address when they thought that the victims would be found in Rabaa or Nahda.  That is Brotherhood territory.  The people there are far from being innocent.  It is they who grappled power using the illegal tricks of buying and falsifying votes; and polling place intimidation in the last election.  Soon after coming to power, they reneged on their campaign promises.

Senators, it is naïve to assume that the Morsi crowd simply forgot or needed time to enact their campaign promises.  Since the day they came to power, they have systematically concentrated on strengthening Islamist’s polices.  To the detriment of the masses of Egyptians that wanted better lives, Muslim Brotherhood members have been appointed to every key position throughout the land.  Nothing has been done to improve the condition of the poor people.  In fact, the national economy has been brought to the doorstep of bankruptcy.

As a result people started a “Rebel” campaign to withdraw their trust from the government.  Over 22 million signed a “no confidence” in the government petition.  When the government of Dr. Morsi persistently exemplified disregard for all he had said in the campaign, people throughout Egypt took to the streets demanding his ousting.  Again, the government refused to yield to the will of the people prompting the armed forces to intervene on behalf of the people.

The Brotherhood members who protest in Rabaa and Nahda have been committing all kinds of crimes including torture and murder.  They are taking advantage of women and children by denying them their rights.  Supporters that fought to defend Morsi camped in the entrances to apartment buildings. With total disrespect for the decency of the inhabitants of these buildings, they used adjacent streets and parks as toilets.  The foul stench of their urine and excrement filled the nostrils of good people and the accompanying germs were spread everywhere.

At the same time, Mr. McCain and Mr. Graham neglected to visit villages in Upper Egypt such as Al Dabaa in Luxor and Beni Ahmad in Minya where Coptic Christians were subjected to nasty attacks.  Innocent Coptic people were wounded and killed; their churches, homes and businesses were burned to the ground.  All the while, the appointed authorities looked the other way, unable, or unwilling to help.  Injury was added to insult when some innocent victims from Copts were arrested alongside of a few criminal attackers.  The plan was to use the criminals to impose a settlement where the victims would lose all of their rights in return for a promise of stopping future attacks.

Perhaps there is an explanation for the American official’s eagerness to visit the Muslim brotherhood in Rabaa and Nahda rather than the persecuted Coptic people in Upper Egypt.  Unlike the Muslim Brotherhood, the Coptic leadership never called upon the United States for protection.  The Copts choose to utilize the Egyptian institutions even though they have not yet delivered full justice to them.  Egypt to the Copts is the land of their Forefathers.  For them, Egypt is not an insignificant State that should be left to sink in the illusion of the glories of an Islamic Caliphate.