Terrorism is the dorsal fin of a lurking greater threat to freedom – Sharia Law
Jim Croft

The Obama Administration has taken exception to associating Islam with the acts of terrorism perpetrated by Muslims.  Though the President repeatedly claimed to be a Christian during his election campaign; there is no question that he has continual loyalties to the religion of his father and stepfather, Islam.  His administration would lead us to believe that only isolated radical groups such as Al Qaeda are responsible for creating violence and injustices in the societies of non-Muslims.  Their assertions are a blatant denial of the history and of the practices inherent with Islam.  After reading this article you will have insights into how our President can so easily betray his campaign promises and the promises he has made post his election without pangs of conscience.  In short, he might attend Christian church services at Camp David, but his actions give innuendos of the mindset of a Muslim raised under and programmed with Sharia Law.

Verifications of the Islamic injustices that I expose in this article can be found at the Internet website of  The site features the testimonies of X-Muslim intellectuals that have forsaken Islam due to its 7th Century barbarisms.  They were born and raised in Islam and know the realities of which I speak.  The Website gives evidence of the same unjust practices from a Christian perspective.


For Muslims, the Quran is the will and word of Allah delivered by revelatory visions to Mohammad by the Archangel Gabriel.  The Quran cannot be questioned or criticized by anyone.  Mohammad’s sayings, judicial rulings and deeds are recorded in the Hadiths.  Sharia Law (Islamic Law) is comprised from the totalities of the Quran and the Hadiths.  Sharia Law is based upon the revelations, sayings, judicial rulings and deeds of Mohammad.  Muslims are predisposed to honor Mohammad as the epitome of human perfection in character, words and deeds.  He is the role model that all Muslims are obligated to emulate.  To disrespect Mohammad and/or to challenge the Quran, the Hadiths, and Sharia Law is heretical and is punishable by death.  The death sentence can be enacted on Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Provocations to violence are as inseparable from Islam as wet is from water.  The previously mentioned holy writings of Islam are filled with inflammatory verses and passages that have incited Muslims to violence and barbarous acts for the past 1,300 years.  The proof can be seen by incidents of the appearance of words denoting violence in the Quran and the Hadiths as compared to appearances of the same words in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  The words are: Jihad, battle and war; kill; spears; bows and arrows; rob; bloodshed; invasion; murder; terror; perish; and revenge and vengeance. They are found in the Islamic holy writings a whapping 25,879 times.  They appear in the entirety of the Christian Bible only 1,364 times.  That should give broad hints that Islam is anything but a peaceful religion.

It is accurate to state that within Islam no one is safe.  Muslims of opposing sects; Muslim women; female infants; young girls; anyone accused of crimes and misdemeanors; and those labeled guilty of apostasy and adultery are just as apt to be targeted for inhumane practices and punishments as non-Muslims.  Muslims kill far more fellow Muslims annually than those who die in combat against non-Muslims.  In Rwanda, hundreds of thousands of Muslims died by genocide. The issue was non-Arabic speaking Muslims getting wiped out by those who spoke Arabic who consider themselves superior.  In the War between Iran and Iraq during the ‘80s, a major point fueling the hostilities was about which nation’s dominant sect of Islam was the most authentic.  There were over 1 million casualties.

Moderate Muslim Myth

I do not believe that every Muslim is a potential terrorist.  Many living in Western societies are simply interested in pursing paths that lead to happiness and prosperity.  The same could be said about many Muslims residing in the darkness of Islamic stronghold nations.  Simultaneously, the same peace loving Muslims know a truth that our liberal politicians refuse to acknowledge.  Moderates realize that their milder spiritual intensities are out of sync in representing what it truly means to be a Muslim in good standing with Islam.  They fully understand that the Muslims that commit acts of terror; behead infidels; hate Jews; beat their wives; flog and stone adulterers; and cut the limbs off of thieves are functioning under the dictates of the Quran and the Hadiths of the Prophet Mohammad.  Some Muslims are not shocked to learn that a revered male relative practices “thighing” with a female infant living in the household.  Thighing is a form of masturbation wherein the male organ is rubbed between the thighs of a baby girl to bring about ejaculation.  Fortunately, there are Moderates that oppose the practice.  But, they are considered non-Muslims by those who do favor the practice and can risk death if controversies arise over incidents of thighing.  Nevertheless, it remains a sick, twisted pedophilic practice that is fully authorized under the teachings of Islam.  All that I have mentioned to this point are permissible under Sharia Law (Islamic Law).  It is the shark beneath the surface of Islam.

Differing Worldviews

The Sharia Law that is instilled in Muslims gives them a mindset that has more dissimilarities than similarities with Judeo-Christian values.  The Western mindset is that if you are nice and accommodating to those of other faiths they will reciprocate.  Our assumptions do not holdup in regard to Islam.  We welcome Muslims to build Mosques in our nation.  Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam.  Our “friends”, the Saudis will not permit us to build churches on their sacred soil.  It is a criminal offense for a Saudi Arabian citizen to practice Christianity and the only houses of worship in existence there are mosques.   Our young men and women have been shedding their blood in Iraq for years to give the Iraqis a better way of life.  It is not uncommon for returning veterans to report that they heard and saw the Muslims they liberated chanting anti-American sentiments on Islamic holidays.  The Jewish Hospitals in Israel give wounded Palestinians identical care to that given to their own wounded servicemen.  The Palestinians cheer as wounded Israelis are dragged behind jeeps through the streets of Gaza.

Cruel & Unusual – So very Sharia

Americas Constitutional laws forbid cruel and unusual punishments.  We make every attempt to make all penalties as painless as possible.  Judeo-Christian sensitivities would reject claims that anyone purposely enacting barbaric    punishments on the guilty are acting in the name of God.  Not so with Islamic Sharia Law.  The majority of the world’s Muslims view public floggings, stonings, limb amputations and beheadings as just and reasonable forms of civil punishment.  Stoning is an art form.  Those who officiate a stoning insist that the stoners use rocks big enough to wound, but not big enough to kill with a single blow.  The purpose is to make the deaths of the punished more agonizing and the pleasure of the stoners and audience more exhilarating.  I know that Western readers cannot relate to the realities I’m stating.  Naiveté makes them assume everyone is obligated to share their Judeo-Christian sensitivities.  They are not and do not.  Muslims, who are otherwise friendly and sweet people, when raised in lands were Sharia Law reigns have a completely different mindset than that of the members of the worlds other major religions.   Sharia indoctrinated Muslims perceive the prolonged pains inflicted on those guilty of promiscuity, apostasy, thievery and the like, as the just rewards for their sins.

Due to the dictates of Sharia Law, terrorism is just the tip of iceberg when it comes to Islamic violence and its indignities against mankind.  The punishments of which I have spoken are doled out every week in remote locales where Muslim villagers have never considered becoming terrorists.  Worst still, entire villages turn out for the occasions.  Honor killings, wherein the male members of a family secretly execute a daughter, a sister is Islamic Law’s prescription for promiscuity. Somehow, that does not sound like motivations coming from a compassionate and forgiving God.

Many might complain that I’m exaggerating the extent of Islam’s cruelties.  The Liberal press and the current administration would have you believe the types of incidents of which I’m speaking are rare and isolated anomalies.  I challenge you to search the Internet websites of Human Rights watchdog groups.  You will find that predominantly Muslim areas of the globe have infractions disproportionate to the numbers of any other single religious group.

Sobering Sharia

Moderate Muslims don’t speak up to denounce the crimes of fundamentalists because they know that according to Sharia Law it is the Moderates rather than the radicals who are heretical.  Those whom we call radicals, fanatics and fundamentalists have not hijacked Islam.  Long before those terms came into vogue; the religion that our politicians and academics call noble was inciting inhumane acts in homes, villages, cities and nations worldwide.  The painful truth is that Muslims who commit the atrocities are functioning within the boundaries of Sharia Law.

Western Christians tend to view Islam merely as a religion.  That is a major mistake.  Muslims do not view Islam as a religion in the same way that Americans view Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and so forth as forms of faith that individuals can observe in keeping with their individual preferences and spiritual needs.  Muslims view Islam as a complete way of life.  It is a political system that touches every aspect of personal life; societal practices; education; and the governing of a nation.  For Islamists, the primary goal is to institute Sharia Law as the sole rule of Law over the inhabitants of the entire globe whether the inhabitants are Muslims or not.

Islamists know that they can make converting people to Islam a secondary objective because once Sharia Law is instituted; it will eventually pressure the masses into becoming Muslims.  The Islamic agenda is for Sharia Law to become the Law of the Land in the USA.  Unbeknownst to naïve Americans, Sharia Law conditions Muslims to perceive everything about democracy and the ability to express freedom in one’s choice of religions as abominations to the will of Allah and to that of his prophet Mohammad.  The nature of Sharia’s 100% rule over every facet of individual and cultural life is designed to bully out all possibilities for any other types of religions to exist on an ongoing basis.

Jews and Christians once worshipped freely in Arabia.  Today it is 100% Muslim.  Lebanon at one time was a predominantly Christian nation.  Today, it is under Islam’s thumb.  Coptic Christians once thrived in Egypt.  Presently, the Copts are a highly persecuted minority.   Their daughters are kidnapped and raped by Muslims without governmental reprisals.  The humiliations are purposed to force the girls into converting to Islam.  The Copts cannot repair existing churches without provincial government approval.  They cannot build new churches without a presidential order.   It is a rarity for Copts to secure high ranking employment.  For the most part, no matter how brilliant a Copt might be, he/she cannot hold a position superior to onsite Muslims in most vocations.  Those are the bite marks of the shark of Sharia Law.  It swims beneath the surface of Islam waiting to devour the freedoms of any nation so foolish as to accommodate Muslims at every turn.

A Little History

When Mohammad first introduced Islam in ancient Mecca of Arabia, he treated it as a new superior religion that he hoped would replace polytheism, Christianity and Judaism.  He attempted to gain followers by peaceful persuasions about Islam.  Mohammad’s proselytizing efforts were a complete failure.  After a number of years he was only able to convert a few followers.  This enraged the so-called prophet of Allah.  To insure the survival of Islam, Mohammad moved his headquarters to Medina, Arabia. It was a demon of deception disguised as the archangel Gabriel that guided Mohammad.  The hideous entity began to give Mohammad revelations that the way to get people under Sharia Law was through coercions. That brought Jihad warfare into being.

Nation after nation was brought into subjection to Sharia Law.  The fates awaiting the conquered were not appealing.  The first choice was conversion to Islam.  Captives that did not convert had to be stouthearted to endure their destinies.

Native Jews and Christians that refused to become Muslims were reduced to second-class citizens.  The Arabic term for such people is dhimmis.  They had to pay the Jezya, an extra tax.  They could not hold any job titles where they were superior to Muslims; they had to wear clothing distinguishing them from Muslims; and they could not build or repair houses of worship for their respective religions. It was the Christians, Jews and the Muslim converts of conquered nations that enabled Islam to get credit for what is referred to as Islam’s Golden Age between the 7th and 12th Centuries.

Islam plundered nations like Egypt, Persia, Syria and Iraq that had rich histories of math and science advancements.  The innovations were already in progress before the Muslim takeover.  Nonetheless, Islam claims the clever achievements as its own.  It was actually the second class dhimmis and the non-Arab Muslim converts of those cultures that were doing the work.  The telltale sign of the truth of this statement is seen in the fact that all new innovations from Islamic stronghold nations abruptly stopped after the 12th Century.  Islam’s death grip finally quenched creativity and the brilliant minds of native Egyptians, Persians, Syrians and Iraqis came to a stand still.  In numerous ways those nations reverted back to the Arab ignorance of the 7th Century.  In our present-day, it is the advancements provided from Christianized nations that give Islamic nations semblances of looking like modern cultures.

Many of the conquered were forced into slavery.  Historically, Islamic nations have always been the biggest traffickers in the slave trade.  The Muslim pirates of the Barberry Coast captured European and even American women and sold them into harem slavery to sheiks throughout the Middle East.  The concept of Blacks becoming Muslims in retaliation for slavery by Whites is ill-advised.   Inner tribal slavery was an African practice from time immemorial.   Muslim Arab slave traders took advantage of the situation and purchased slaves from tribal chiefs and kings.  In turn, it was Muslims that auctioned Blacks to slave ship merchants to be sent to the Americas.

The citizens of overrun countries that did not convert; those that did not get dhimmitude status; and those that did not become slaves were executed.

Mohammad personally beheaded at least 600 captured Jewish men in Medina on a single day.  The young boys of conquered countries were either slaughtered or were reduced to eunuchs after developing pubic hair.

Shark’s Agenda

It is important for Europeans and Americans to understand that significant numbers of their Muslim populations want to manipulate them to come under Sharia Law and its stifling affects.  Here is what might be observed about their present-day agenda:  As long as the Muslim population in a given Christian nation is under 5%; the Muslims consider themselves in a disadvantaged, weak position.  During those periods, many Sharia activists present themselves as peace-loving citizens that simply want to enjoy the benefits of a free society.   However, the moment they reach 5% of a population, they consider themselves no longer weak, but strong.   It is then that they activate and begin to exercise political power by using the politically correct assumptions of Christianized nations against them.  In other words, Islamists will use America’s liberal laws to get a foothold that will eventually enable them to insert Sharia Law into our governmental scaffolding.

At this time, the Muslim population in America is around 0.6%.  But, they have correctly discerned that there is no need to wait until they arrive at the ideal 5% of our population to begin exercising political and social pressures.  Our laws are so liberal that we are allowing Muslims to initiate Sharia halal (dietary) laws and prayer absolution washing sites in our State schools.  Mosques and Islamic educational centers are being built throughout the USA.  A recently passed Presidential order HB 1388 gave Hamas Palestinian immigrants $20 million in US tax-payer funding to relocate in the USA.  Hamas is well known to be an Iranian funded terrorist organization.  Muslim activists are aware that the more accustomed Americans become to seeing Islamic garb and institutions; the more easily we will accept baby bites of Sharia Law.  We will become numb to the reality that minaret calls to prayer 5 times daily have drowned out church bells.  All the while, the Liberal agenda of our politicians and the efforts of the ACLU are causing symbols of Christianity to disappear from the American landscape.

If we do not wakeup to the Sharia shark that is lurking beneath Islam’s surface, our children’s children will be Muslims and dhimmis. The Law of the Land over the USA will be Sharia Law.  In that event, eventually the shark of Sharia will gobble-up everything remotely akin to the America we once knew and loved.  It is the American way to be nice to those of diverse faiths.   With Islam, if we are continually overnice, we will find ourselves swimming with the Sharia Shark.

Slippery Sharia

In the introduction to this article, I alluded to our President’s seeming ability to backtrack on promises without sensing obligations to provide apologies.  In my estimation, his duplicitous ways were programmed within him during his indoctrinations into Islam and Sharia Law during his formative years.  We are presently experiencing the affects of those indoctrinations.  Hear is how:
Sharia Laws are not listed in an orderly fashion in the Quran and in the Hadiths like we list the Articles of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The Sharia Laws are scattered throughout the holy books of Islam and are based on the revelations, sayings, actions and judicial rulings of Mohammad.   Most of the Sharia Laws are universally accepted by the Muslims of all nations.  There are a few laws that are peculiar to a given nation because they were spontaneously contrived as the Islamic leaders saw a need for a convenient new Sharia Law.  An example of a concocted law is found under Iran’s Khomeini regime.   In Iran’s Evin Prison, virgin X-Muslim young women who converted to Christianity and those who broke other Sharia Laws are systematically raped by the guards.  The same guards then go home to enjoy time with their wives and kids.  The rapes are rationalized as righteous deeds.  How so?   According to a tricky interpretation of 4:24-25 of the Quran from the Arabic; under Sharia Law, a virgin cannot go to hell.  The rapes insure that the criminal women will go to hell at death rather than to Paradise.

Examples of Sharia Laws accepted by Muslims everywhere would be the 6 tenets of Islam which include the Muslim shahada confession of faith and Jihad.  There are 2 other Sharia principles known by all Muslims and by anyone as well acquainted with Islam as our President.  The first is al taqiyya.  It is found in 3:28 of the Quran.  It gives Muslims the right to lie to non-Muslims without committing a sin.  The second law pertains to vows and oaths.  It is found in 2:225.  It gives Muslims the option not to keep the agreements, vows and oaths they make unless they were uttered from the true intentions of the heart when spoken.  Any oaths taken out of necessity, including oaths of office that were not spoken with sincerity of heart can be broken without any pangs of conscience.  It is my speculation that the 2 principles of Sharia Law that I’ve just outlined are subliminally operational within the Obama administration.  That is why campaign and other promises are so easily broken.  It is also my guesstimate that is why the vow to protect and to uphold the Constitution is violated without conscience at so many points of policy and legislation.  I am positive the 2 Sharia principles are what is empowering the corrupt workers in Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s State and city governments to rob billions from US funding intended to rebuild the infrastructures of those nations.  For those Muslims, America’s politicians are simply useful idiots.   I totally reject the portion of the concept that deems them useful.

There you have it!  Islamic terrorism is merely the dorsal fin of the freedom eating shark called Sharia Law.  Every time that you have to go through the sluggish security lines at our airports, let it remind you of an essential fact:  Were it not for incitements from Islam’s holy books and enthusiasts to institute Sharia Law globally; Muslims would not have any motivations to become homicide bombers.  If compulsions to enact Sharia Law in every sector of the planet were extracted from the Muslim equation; Islam might evolve into a peaceful religion.