Written by Jim Croft

There are calls circulating to deepen hate speech laws to include criticisms of religions.  If passed, Christians would be denied free expression of biblical views about aberrant sexual practice and religions that are not viable paths to salvation.  Church services, publications, TV programming, emails, and texting will likely come under close governmental monitoring.

The current U.S. political climate is most definitely anti-Christian with favoritism toward Islam.  If the expansion of the law is proposed and passed, any degree of criticism of Islam, Mohammed or the Koran in public forums will be prosecutable offenses.  This begs the question, what about Islam’s hate speech and actions against Christians and Jews.

The myth is that Christians are hostile and intolerant and that Muslims are peaceful and tolerant.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  One of the many signs that confirm this is the difference between what Muslims and Christians pray in regard to those not of their religion.

Each time that Christians gather, we are to offer thanksgiving for all people and prayers that they might come to faith in Christ. (1Tim 2:1-4)  Prayers of this focus are also encouraged in private devotions.  The New Testament forbids Christians from retaliation.  When we are persecuted and evil is spoken against us, we are to bless and are not to call down God’s vengeance on our antagonists. .

Muslim Prayers = Hate Speech

Most believers are aware that Muslims pray 5 times daily, but few have a clue about the content of the prayers.  Each prayer session is initiated by ablution washing and has times of kneeling and bowing while praying 17 specific recitations based on the Koran that must be spoken in Arabic.  Salat is the term for the daily prayers and each of 17 segments is called a rakat.

It takes approximately 2 hours per day to fulfill the Islamic prayer requirement.  Each of the 5 daily sessions includes rakat about being kept from the paths of hypocrites and those who have gone astray that have earned Allah’s wrath.

Portions of Islamic prayer that mention hypocrites; those who have gone astray; and those who deserve Allah’s wrath are recognized by Muslims as based on the Koran.  It is comparable to Christian recognition that the phrase, “for God so loved the world” comes from Jn 3:16.  The question is, who are the people deserving of Allah’s wrath.

The hypocrites are Christians.  Those who have gone astray are Jews.  When devout Muslims pray, they know the identity of the 2 groups though it is veiled to non-Muslims who are not familiar with Arabic and the Koran.

Verses in the Koran’s 62nd Surah (chapter) refer to the people of the Torah (Jews) as wretched asses that deserve death for their claim of being Allah’s chosen people.  There are verses in the 63rd Surah that describe Christians as lying hypocrites that have taken oaths to avoid allegiance to Islam.

The mention of oaths is in reference to confessions of Christ at conversion.  The Koran prescribes that Christians are to be regarded as enemies that cannot be forgiven for rejecting Islam.  Their destruction is called for by the hands of Allah.  All too often, his hands are interpreted to be that of Muslim jihadists.
Moderate Muslims

Much to do is made about the premise that only a small percentage of the world’s 2 billion Muslims are radicals.  The claim is that most are harmless moderates.  Let us consider that notion.

Most people would agree that frequently spoken words shape attitudes.  It is much more so, if the words are uttered in the context of spiritual devotion.  Muslims who have prayed the inflammatory rakat 5 times daily over a lifetime cannot help cultivating elements of the mindset conveyed by the spirit and intents behind what they are saying.  This would dictate that at least at the subliminal level, vast numbers of Muslims have adversarial attitudes toward Christians and Jews.

The contempt contained in the prayers is often played out in the streets of the world at the slightest hint that any aspect of Islam has been insulted.  Curiously, news clips of the demonstrations feature crowds far larger than representative of the alleged small percentage of radicals.  At times the riots fill civic squares with hundreds of thousands.

If the high percentage of moderates is accurate, of necessity there would have to be many of them participating.  Supposed moderates are in the mix screaming mean-spirited slogans; looting and burning homes and businesses; and physically assaulting Christians.

Also consider this: If only 50% of the global Muslim population is faithful to mandatory prayer; hate speech innuendo prayers are repeated billions of times daily.  Hopefully, exposure of these realities will motivate readers to get this information to Congressional representatives before they vote on any proposed hate speech legislation that has veiled bias against Christians.