By Ahmed Simon

The answer to this question is – ‘A lot’ – ‘A colossal amount’ – I mean, way too much is missing in the Quran, if a comparison is made with the Bible. That could be so unfair to the Quran and Islam/Muslims to even make a comparison.

But, Muslims falsely broadcast and advertise, “Everything in the Bible is in the Quran.” It is like claiming everything from the pail is in a cup. But, based on my previous Islamic experiences, almost all Muslims do not have the slightest idea of their own Quran, leave alone to compare it with the Bible. This is because the Quranic verses are basically for reciting. Understanding the Quran is not compulsory. So, Muslims generally, only learn to recite/memorize blindly the Arabic Quran and depend on their learned clergy to interpret the Quranic sura [verses]. Guess what, – no Islamic clergy will tell the truth about the Quran and be damned by Allah for blaspheming him [See my testimony]. The Islamic clergies’ training is first and foremost to defend and serve Allah, at all cost and any circumstance, even if it means to lie/cheat/deceive for Allah. That is why, Muslims say, “The Islamic atrocities all over the world, are being done by those Muslims, who do not know the ‘True Islam’.” Actually, in truth, it is they who do not know the ‘True Islam’, because they are being fed a ‘sanitized’ and ‘whitewashed’ Islam, fed to them by their Islamic clergies.

Readers can check and confirm the truth in this article, by going to Ex-Muslims; write to any of the numerous websites and/or links, who mostly have Ex-Islamic scholars, learned in Arabic; buy yourself a translation of the Quran; go to a Christian Arab, go to a public library near you, which has such a translation of the Quran; use the feedback at the end of this article, etc.

So, the truth must be told to counter the Islamic lies and falsehood. The truth must and will prevail over Islamic untruths, lies, and deceptions. The truth, in detail is as follows: –

So let us examine the Sunni sect’s Quran [The largest Islamic sect], which is translated by Mohammed M. Pickthall and is recognized by the OIC.

[ ] { } denotes the author’s comments. No attempt is made by this author, to correct the punctuation marks, syntax, wordings and grammatical errors, so commonly inherent in the Quran and is presented as exactly as it is: –

( ) Bracket symbols are inherent in the Quran, without which many verses in the Quran would become meaningless and/or incomplete.


  1. The Bible is extensively documented as, the most published, sold, bought, read, used, referred, and appreciated book in this world [See] . No documented evidence is available for the Quran.
  2. The Bible is published in more than a hundred and forty languages, worldwide. No publishing records for the Quran are available, for this.
  3. Because the bible is published and made available in the various own mother tongues; the bible is well understood, and the Almighty Lord transcends national, racial, cultural and traditional boundaries. Thus, Christians of all races/nationalities easily get to understand the message of the Lord’s Word [Bible] towards them, very well. These clear understandings of the Bible, in their own languages render Christians very close and garner significant appreciation of the Almighty Lord, without having to waste time learning another language, alien to them. It is well known and also linguists would confirm, that reading in one’s own mother tongue is better understood than in a second-language and also have many other advantages. The Wise True Almighty Lord understands this and so never insisted on making one language more significant than the other. Thus, conveying the Lord’s Message/Word is the primary concern of the Christian Lord. That is why; Christianity has grown to be the largest religion in the world – far more than any other religion [Islam is not even half of Christianity], because the message is well understood.                                                                                                          The Quran requires all Muslims to pray only in the Arabic language, showing a bias towards Arabic against all other languages. This bias towards one language, instead of being universal, is insulting to all other languages. Because of this bias, almost all Muslims memorize prayers in the Arabic language, and in most cases do not know the true meaning of their prayers. This is also because, more than 80% of Muslims have to pray in a second language [Arabic] alien to them. Thus, most Muslims have no clue of what they keep repeating, as parrots do, without understanding them, and are really comical. Test this out, and ask any Muslim and you will soon find out. If they are not good in conversing in Arabic, how can they really understand the Quran? Imagine, an American reciting a prayer in the Romanised Hindi [in the English alphabet], leave alone to recite the prayer in the Hindi alphabet. That is why non-Arab Muslims, cannot speak fluent Arabic, even though they pray daily, in Arabic. Such is the ridiculous and illogical situation the Muslims are in, because of this Quran.
  4. The Bible is an account of the Almighty Lord’s aspirations/plans, for this world, for thousands of years. The Quran centers on Allah’s plan to spread Islam all over this world, until there are only Muslims, in this world [See Article ‘111 Questions for Muslims’]
  5. The Bible documents its purpose, in an amazingly detailed chronological setting of the past and the future, beyond human capabilities.  The Quran claims it contains only Allah’s words [monologues] and there is no chronological setting as the verses are haphazardly jumbled up in unrelated subjects/topics with hardly any congruency and continuity.
  6. The Bible is well documented as absolutely accurate in every aspect [See ‘Accuracy of the Bible’ in]. The Quran has many contradictions/errors, even against records of well-documented facts and history exhibited in Islamic country’s’ libraries/museums.
  7. The Bible records the dialogues between the Almighty Lord and various prophets, between prophets and people, and also between people. Thus, the Bible is full of dialogues giving the Lord’s rational and plans; for thorough human understanding and human appreciation of the Lord.                                                                              Allah’s Quranic verses were sent to an angel and this angel is supposed to have carried Allah’s words to Muhammad, in monologues [one way]. These monologues are what are supposed to be recorded in the Quran [sura 2:97 & 39:23]. Thus, the Quran contains only dictates/monologues [one way speech] of Allah. The Quran does contain rebuttals from Allah in relation to the Arabs’ accusations and condemnations of the Quran.
  8. The Bible is specific in all significant aspects; thus, giving a huge amount of accurate information and this also prevents misinterpretations.                  The Quran is not specific and leads to numerous misinterpretations, in ‘anything goes’. Resulting in more than 200 Islamic sects and hundreds of sub-sects, sprouting up all over the world. Ask 10 Muslims and you could possibly get 10 different interpretations of a single verse from the Quran.
  9. Various authors, who were inspired by the Almighty Lord and with his inspired words and deeds; beyond human capabilities, wrote the Bible; thus, the words in the Bible are actually words of the Almighty Lord.                                                                                                            Muhammad and the remaining companions [mercenaries] were poisoned to death before the Quran was written down [His companions who memorized many verses for him, were killed earlier in the Battle of Yammamah.] So the various caliphs of the day, gathered, compiled, edited and re-edited [by trial and error] the Quranic verses from Muhammad’s wives, concubines, temporary wives, relatives, friends [who were all not known for their intelligence] and associates of Muhammad over hundreds of years. [For details, see article, ‘The invention of Islam’]
  10. The Bible is interesting, because it is the story of Mankind from the beginning till the end.                                                                                           The Quran is only Allah’s ‘guidance to ward off evil’ [Sura 2:2 & 2:21]
  11. The Bible records events in History. The Quran is not a historical document, because there is no history in the Quran.
  12. The Bible informs the History of kingdoms, places and various societies in an accurate chorological setting.                                                                             The Quran has no history whatsoever. The Quran does mention a few historical characters; but just mentioning them is not history, is it?
  13. The Bible is vital/used for archeological knowledge/surveys to assist in various works in Israel and all the countries mentioned in the Bible from the three continents, and by the archeologists of all religions.                             The Quran has literally, nothing useful for archeology/surveys.
  14. The Bible is essential to many scientists, engineers, architects, historians, museums, artists, doctors, study of Mankind, philosophers, geologists, seismologists, designers, Universities, schools of higher learning, surveyors, etc. of all religions, for knowledge and/or research.                                       The Muslims, as you know, are the only ones who use the Quran.
  15. Thus, the Bible is universal; used by all religions, of all nationalities/races in all languages and most schools of academicians.                                                              Only Muslims, as you know, use the Quran.




  1. 16. The whole Bible is arranged according to the progress of the Almighty Lord’s aspirations/plans in a systematic progression.                                                   The Quran is a haphazard jumble of verses in many unrelated subjects/topics; but, arranged unimportantly, just by the longest chapter in length; followed by the next longest and the last chapter with just 6 lines. For inconsistency of the Quran – the first half of the Quran consists of only 20 chapters and the second half consists of the balance 94 chapters – See what I mean.
  2. From the Bible, humans know of accurate dates, times, periods, societies, locations, traditions, history, kings, governments, empires, heroes, geography, science, medicine, customs, way of life of various people, etc.                                                                                               The Quran gives No dates, No times, No periods, etc. – and no systematic progression within the Quran.
  3. The Bible describes the end of the world and even gives revelations of the future, yet to materialize; so, Christians can be aware of what to expect in the future.                                                                                                                  The Quran ends with Chapter [sura] 114 – thus, “Sura 1. Say I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind 2. The king of Mankind 3. The God of Mankind 4. From the evil of the sneaking whisperer 5. Who whispereth in the hearts of Mankind 6. Of the Jinn and of Mankind.”  This entire last Chapter [Sura 114] is just 6 lines and Muslims consider this gibberish as holy verses? But, are definitely meaningless utterances to non-Muslims, for a Scripture?
  4. The Bible’s accuracy is absolute and well documented [in for details].                                                                                         The Quran is filled with contradictions, errors, lies and stupidity [See article, ‘111 Questions for Muslims’ & ‘Is Islam a Fake?’]. Let me give you typical examples. In sura 2:22 – Allah says, “[Allah] Who hath appointed earth a resting-place for you, and the sky a canopy; and causeth water to pour down from the sky.” A resting-place for earth, where, how, why – Does the earth get tired of orbiting and rotating daily? Another, in 2:53, Allah says, “And when we gave unto Moses the Scripture…” This is repeated 6 times in other chapters of the Quran. Allah gave Moses [a Jew] the Scripture [Bible]? Why? How? When? This is a blatant lie by Allah, simply because almost all the other prophets were not yet born then and the Scripture [Bible] was not yet formulated. And about 90% of the events of the Scripture {Bible} did not yet take place in around 1,250 B.C. [Moses’ time], so how could he have given the Scripture [Bible]? In any case, Moses gave only the first 5 books, out of the 66 in the Bible, or did Moses burn or threw away Allah’s scripture? Isn’t Allah lying in the Quran? Or does Allah think that the Bible contains only the 5 books of Moses? It also shows how ignorant Allah is of Judaism and Christianity. If he is a God shouldn’t he know everything? Honestly, do you think any Jew would ever believe Islam/Allah; especially when they died rejecting Allah/Islam?
  5. The bible details the Torah, so that Jews/Christians will be well informed.                                                                                Only the word ‘Torah’ is mentioned in the Quran. But, the Torah is not described in the Quran. So ask a Muslim about the Torah from the Quran and either the Muslim will instantly loose his voice or lie like Hell, to defend his inapt Allah/Quran.
  6. From the Bible, humans are informed of accurate dates, times, periods, people, locations, traditions, history, geography, science, ways of life of various people, prophecies, wisdom, psalms, proverbs, creation of the universe, etc. The Quran gives nothing of importance.
  7. In substance, the Bible is sacred and a Holy Scripture in the true sense, beyond human capabilities. The Hadiths of Sahih Bukhari inform us that humans invented the Quran [See article ‘The Invention of Islam’].
  8. The Bible was created perfect in every aspect, the very first time; by inspired people and with the inspiration of the Almighty Lord. [The ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ exhibited publicly in the Jerusalem Museum proves this; in addition to the ancient manuscripts, codex’s, artifacts, and the thousands of items in the Vatican Museum, and other International museums, etc.]                                                                                                             The Quran states in Sura 22:52 that Allah removed Satan’s verses in the Quran – but, doesn’t say if ALL of Satan’s verses were removed. One wonders why Satan’s verses were in the Quran, in the first place, and can it be considered sacred if tampered by Satan, even if altered later? What does it tell you of a Quran, which Allah confirms being worked on by Satan?
  9. The structure of the Bible is in two parts – The Old Testament – God’s plans of the old period [B.C. period], and The New Testament – God’s plan of the new period, including the future [A.D. period]. The Old Testament contains 39 books and the New Testament contains 27 books; 66 books in total, of different periods in history and time, of the Universe. Each book is divided into chapters and each chapter contains various related verses. The amazing thing is that the 66 books; though all different, flow uniformly and is linked to one another, into one whole Bible. For instance The Old Testament speaks of details/events in the New Testament. And the New Testament speaks of the Old Testament. This is remarkable and beyond human capabilities to produce.                                                                                                               The Quran is only one book divided into chapters and verses of Allah.
  10. The Bible is made up of 1,189 chapters. If a particular verse is referred; the particular book, chapter and verse will be stated – as the book of Isaiah – chapter – verse [Is: 41:21] or Jeremiah as Jr: 51:10 or Ezekiel as Ez: 48:23 but when it comes to the books of Samuel, it is referred as 1S: 23:14 and 2S: 24:25, for the two books. By the way, prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Samuel, so very important in Judaism [for the Jews] and Christianity [for the Christians] are some of the many prophets not mentioned, even by name in the Quran – completely missing in the Quran.                                                                                                           The Quran is one book and made up of just 114 chapters [sura] and the last few chapters [105 to 114] contain less than 7 lines; – for chapters 93 to 104 are less than 11 lines each, in the Quran. Thus, logically, the last 21 chapters [Sura 93 to 114] could easily be compiled into one chapter. For a verse in the Quran, just the chapter and verse is stated, such as 5:18.
  11. The Bible contains 31,173 [23,214 + 7,959] verses. While the Quran contains 6,241 to 6,682 verses {depending on the particular Islamic sect’s Quran, There are more than 200 Islamic sects} Further more, there are 20 to 30% of repeat verses in the Quran, some repeated over and over again, many times. If not for these repeat verses the Quran will shrink drastically (by as much as about 2,000 verses from the present 6, 000 over) in volume. (See ‘The different Arabic versions of the Quran’ in
  12. The Bible is made up of 1412 pages [in small print and without the preface, introductions, maps, index, illustrations, contents, chronological list, etc.] The Quran is just 433 pages.
  13. The Bible begins from darkness/nothingness and the start of the creation of the Universe, from the very beginning; giving us the first view of God’s plan for the salvation of this world.                                                                        Chapter One of the Quran is only verses of praise for/to Allah.
  14. The Bible gives the Geography of events, places, kingdoms, etc.                     The Quran has NO geography whatsoever. The Quran, thus, does not need maps and so does not give any. Though, Allah does state east/west, in general terms, without giving names; for example, that Alexander the Great, met a community of people living at the end of the world. The question is ‘where on earth is this end of the world, and where even people resided. Is there an end to this spherical earth? Who are these people? Historically also, this tale by Allah, in the Quran, contradicts with the Biography of Alexander, even in Islamic countries’ library books (see article ‘111 Questions for Muslims’ in this website for more unbelievable contradictions/errors in the Quran)
  15. The Bible tells us of the life story of prophets (biographies) and of almost all their families.                                                                                                        The Quran has NO Biography of any prophet (not even of Muhammad). Because if these shortcomings of the Quran, authors began writing the Hadiths and the Sunna, so that Muslims can know/understand their prophet. But this only created even more confusion, because the various authors, who wrote these Hadiths and Sunna, did it hundreds of years after Muhammad passed away, and authentic information was lost forever. So, the Hadiths/Sunna do contradict each other. Unlike, in the Bible, most authors lived and worked with the prophets to give the Jews/Christians first hand authentic information.
  16. The Bible informs of various miracles. Allah says he does not believe in miracles, (Sura 3:183-184). But the Quran does state a few miracles of a few Jewish prophets (about 10%, but even that few with errors).
  17. The Bible states numerous prophecies, (and of the past; all came true). All these prophecies are beyond human capabilities; and only an Almighty God have such powers to state events so accurately, even before it materialized.                                                                                                     The Quran has NO prophecy at all, except unjustified claims of Allah.
  18. The Almighty Lord made humans in his image.                                                The Quran’s Allah is anybody’s guess; as it is not stated.
  19. The Bible speaks of ALL the prophets. Allah admits in sura 4:164 that he left out the majority of the prophets in the Quran [“… and messengers we have not mentioned to you.”]. In fact, most of those mentioned in the Quran, is only by name. So Muslims have no idea and are totally ignorant of many prophets, even if it was named in the Quran; such as Isaac, Job, Jacob, etc.
  20. The language of the Bible is allegoric, historical, literary, literature, chronicled, poetry, wisdom, integrity, legal, morality, compassionate, hymns, methodical, explained, specific, detailed, etc. The language of the Almighty Lord of the Bible assumes that it is speaking to intelligent people.                                                                                                            The Arabic language of the Quran is the language of the day, mainly used then, by the Qurashi tribe belonging to Muhammad. Thus, the Arabs of today, will find the language of the Quran, not easy to understand. In any case, understanding the Quran is not important in Islam; but just blindly reciting the Quran is essential. So, it is not wrong to say that almost all Muslims do not know the contents of their Quran. The language of the Quran is also simply literal, as though of a simpleton, with no specifics. Let me give you typical examples; in sura 19:74, Allah says he destroyed many generations; in 19:98 Allah repeats this again and in 21:6 and 21:11 Allah says he destroyed whole communities, without further elaborations. Where, when, why, how, and whom this Allah destroyed, if at all {with no specifics/details} is simply left to pure speculation. Similarly, the majority of verses are not specific in the Quran, leading to all sorts of interpretations among Muslims. The language of the Allah in the Quran assumes that it is speaking to dumb morons. Those with a little bit of common sense will find it very hard to believe this Quran.
  21. The Bible gives lots of parables for information/education/wisdom.            The Quran has no parables of any sort.
  22. The Bible gives us 100 pages of Psalms.                                                           The Quran only mentions the word ‘Psalms’. Muslims have no idea of the wonders and wisdom of thousands of years of the Psalms.
  23. The Bible gives us 28 pages of proverbs for moral/religious, educational/knowledge. The Quran has no proverbs, at all.
  24. The Bible informs of God’s love and plans for the humans.                          The Quran literally makes Allah’s demands/dictates on all humans (Muslims and non-Muslims), mostly with threats/terror/fear. Allah demands humans to even fear him, in numerous verses, in contrast to the loving God of the Bible. Allah never confirms that he loves humans, but lots of threats to believers (Muslims) and especially to disbelievers (non-Muslims), such as, in 2:191, Allah says, “And slay them {non-Muslims} wherever ye find them
  25. In the Book of Job alone there are more glorious descriptions of God’s personality, unity, power, love and holiness than in the entire Quran. The God of the Bible describes himself, as ‘Love’ and is our ‘Father’ who cares for us. “See what love {of} the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are”. 1 John 3:1. “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. Luke 12:32.            The Allah of the Quran describes himself in sura 3:54 – as the “best of schemers”. Why does a supposed God scheme, as a low down crook? Is Allah always scheming against humans? Doesn’t Allah trust the humans? Allah of the Quran also describes himself as a terrorist in 4:14 – And whoso disobeyeth Allah and his messenger and transgresseth Allah’s limits, He (Allah) will make him enter fire where such will dwell forever.” Isn’t this proof of Allah terrorizing Muslims into bondage? In 4:34 Allah demands Muslim husbands to scourge {whip} their disobedient wives with no limit stated, “As for those (wives) whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge {whip} them.” Doesn’t Allah know how to treat women in a civil manner instead of physical violence? So, in effect, it is a fact that Muslims are not given a choice to think [See item b below] or act different to the Quran. All these are in complete contrast to the loving God of the Bible.
  26. The Bible does not impose/restrict on non-believers, so much so that Muslims flee from their Islamic countries to ‘steal’ into Christian or other non-Muslim countries to enjoy the benefits of the non-Muslims’ hard work. If Islam is so good, why this hypocrisy? By fleeing Islamic countries, aren’t Muslims themselves, proving to non-Muslims that Islam is really bad?                                                                                                            The Quran imposes/dictates on believers/non-believers. But, non-Muslims (82% of this world) ignore this Allah as a fake – so, ‘no sweat’.
  27. The Bible does not classify believers into different categories, as all Christians are the children of the Almighty Lord.                                        Allah clearly states and explicitly implied in the Quran, dividing believers [Muslims] into different categories [‘Muslims who sit still’ and ‘Muslims who give their wealth, money, lives, for the cause of Allah.’ – For further details see article, ‘Islam is a trap.’]
  28. The Almighty Lord of the Bible shows and refers to humans as his loving and precious creations. The Almighty Lord says every human life is important to him many a times. Thus, the humans, in return, refer the God of the Bible, with love and gratitude, for having created a wonderful human being.          In contrast, Allah refers to the humans in the Quran, as his slaves and demands humans to fear him, instead of loving him. Allah even refers to his prophet, Muhammad as his slave. This is actually, an insult to Allah, who could only produce unthinking and insignificant slaves to be used as beasts of burden for his selfish goal of trying to make this whole world, Islamic. It is also shameful for humans to be known as just slaves. Slavery is a ‘dirty’ word and is disgusting and illegal in this modern world. But the Quran condones such illegal activity and is still practiced in some areas.
  29. The God of the Bible says not to judge other humans, but to love them instead and leave judgment of humans to the Almighty Lord “Vengeance is mine,” said the Lord. Thus, humans are advised by the Bible not to retaliate.                                                                                         In contrast, the Allah of the Quran says, “O ye who believe! Retaliation is prescribed to you…” It is no wonder that Muslims are killing Muslims, even in mosques. Since the Allah of the Quran, demands humans to judge and punish each other, even kill other humans on earth, there is no peace and security in Islamic societies. Thus, logically, Islam does not need heaven and Hell because judgment on humans is already made on earth, based on individual human perceptions. Thus, Heaven and Hell are meaningless in Islam?
  30. The Lord of the Bible is sympathetic and says the poor will be rewarded, etc/ Such is the loving God of the Bible.                                                                                                But, in contrast, the Quran’s Allah says, in Sura 9:20, “Those who believe … and striven with their wealth and their lives in Allah’s way are of much greater worth in Allah’s sight.” ‘Money-face’ Allah who categorizes even his believers into 1st and 2nd class Muslims. Thus, to ‘buy’ Allah’s favour, Muslims donate generously for Allah’s way – Terrorism to non-Muslims [as the FBI found out].
  31. Because the Bible is such an array of wise books/topics, it makes it very interesting and is extensively used for prayers, research, reading, for information, for leisure, for songs, for story-telling, for singing, for knowledge, for history, for military, for psychology, for love, for marriage, for nurturing, for life, for truth, for expeditions, for travel, for compassion, for archeology, for science, for societies, for experiences, for guidance, etc. Thus, the bible draws humans closer to love the almighty Lord with all our ‘hearts’. The fact is the Bible has something of interest for everyone.           The Quran contains just ‘dry’ statements of Allah’s claims, threats, terror, reprisals, demands, and dictates, which make reading the Quran boring and does not enrich a person with knowledge in life.
  32. The Almighty Lord of the Bible, states in many instances, of the miraculous ways he worked his plans/aspirations WITH SPECIFIC DETAILS.   The Allah of the Quran, in almost all instances, demands his followers [Muslims] to do his dirty work for him. It seems to me, this Allah has no power to do anything, by himself. Why then does he ask Muslims to do his dirty work for him? [See ‘Is the Quran Holy?]



  1. In sura 2:97 & 39:23, Allah says that he revealed his Quran to an angel and this angel took its verses to Muhammad. But, no one witnessed this, neither did they see, hear, feel anything of this conveyance to Muhammad – only Muhammad claimed so. This is absurd and unique a way to pass down a religious scripture isn’t it? Why didn’t Allah talk with Muhammad, especially when Allah claims in sura 4:164 – “…and Allah spoke directly unto Moses”? Is it then that Moses (Musa) is more important than Muhammad to Allah/Islam? I know of no other religion, in which their God did not talk to their messenger/prophet, but just kept dispatching his tenets through a courier, as Allah did.
  2. In sura 33:36 of the Quran, Allah says, “And it becometh not a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and his messenger have decided an affair (for them), that they should (after that) claim any say in their affair; and whoso is rebellious to Allah and His messenger, he verily goeth astray in error manifest.”                                                                                                    No say, allowed in the believers’ affair? So, no thinking [whether rational or otherwise] is allowed in Islam, except for believers [Muslims] to obey/follow as unthinking morons. Typical to the Quran; this sura also ends with a threat to Muslims, who “goeth astray”. Thus, Muslims are terrorized with fear of Allah, into being in Islam, without question – A trap. This is absurd/unique only to the Quran/Allah. No other religion I know, forbids independent thinking.
  3. The Almighty Lord of the Bible lacks nothing and is perfect in every way. But, the Allah of the Quran admits that he is not perfect. In sura 61:8 Allah says, “Fain would they put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light however much the disbelievers are averse.” This shameful admission of Allah for not being perfect is absurd and unique only in the Quran/Islam.
  4. In sura 19:71, Allah gives his ordinance in the Quran, ‘everyone will not escape Hell when they die’. In sura 19:72, ‘some will be eventually saved from the fires of Hell’. So however good you are, the Islamic journey absolutely takes you to burn in Hell, no matter what. Imagine, an infant child sent to burn in Hell by this Allah. I suppose, morality or being good, does not carry much weight in Islam. Perhaps, for following the True Islam of the Quran, as ‘True Muslims’, Allah could have realized that their journey deserves a place in Hell.
  5. In sura 2:41 – Allah says, “And believe in that which I reveal {Quran}, confirming that which ye possess already (of the Scripture {Bible}),” As you noticed in item 34 above, Allah admits he did not mention the majority of the prophets in the Quran; and yet this Allah thinks the Quran can still confirm the Bible? Is this Allah joking or is this Allah out of his mind? In any case, why does anyone want to confirm the Bible, because the Bible does not need any confirmation, as it is the Word of the Almighty Lord? Why does the Bible need any confirmation and for what? Does Allah’s Quran need confirmation?
  6. Ishmael is a prophet only in Islam (not in Judaism neither in Christianity). Ishmael is the illegitimate son of Abraham and Sarah’s maid, Hagar. As Hagar is an Egyptian; according to Jewish religious and legal laws are not considered/accepted as a Jew. Only Jews are accepted in Judaism as their prophet. This is because, to be a Jew, one must be born of a Jewish mother, [not of the father]. Legally/religiously, a Jew cannot be a Muslim and a Muslim cannot be a Jew.  [See definition of a ‘Jew’ in the article, “Jesus is not in Islam.”] Abraham knew this and eventually, sent off Hagar and Ishmael away to Egypt for good and instead, kept his legal Jewish son, Isaac, for the rest of his life.
  7. The Quran is the only religious tenet I know, which does not permit/allow Believers {Muslims} to be friends of disbelievers [sura 4:89]
  8. The Quran is the only religious tenet, which does not permit/allow Muslims to give up Islam [apostate]. Thus, Islam is effectively a trap – once in, no getting out. If a Muslim gives up Islam, Allah demands Muslims to kill that ex-Muslim. [Sura 4:89]
  9. The Quran is the only religious tenet I know, which demands all believers [followers] to face a stone Kaaba when praying at all times [Sura 2:144 “wheresoever ye may be, turn your faces (when ye pray) towards it {stone Kaaba}.” Also in 149 & 150] The big problem with this command of Allah, is that it is humanly impossible to face the stone Kaaba, for those out of sight, on this spherical [round] earth, except to face the outer space. The question is, didn’t Allah know that the earth is actually a sphere [round]? Even an idiot should have known this, don’t you think? So, what does it say of Allah? Where does this leave the Muslims – for fear of Allah and not to be seen as disobedient to Allah, Muslims circumvent this humanly impossible task, by pretending to face the stone Kaaba for their 5 daily prayers – this is really a comedy of errors. Some place a picture of the stone Kaaba in front. The stone Kaaba is the only religious structure, I know, which keeps cracking so many times [See article, ‘Kaba, Kabah, Kaaba, Ka’aba]
  10. The Quran, 10:95, Allah commands his prophet “And if thou (Muhammad) art in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto thee, then question those (Christians) who read the scripture (that was) before thee.” This is a very shameful statement to any religion to ask another religion to confirm it, if in doubt. Why didn’t Allah clear Muhammad’s doubts? Doesn’t Allah know the answers? Isn’t the Quran confirming that Allah is less knowledgeable than the ordinary Christians? Isn’t this proof/evidence that Allah is asking ordinary Christians for confirmation of his Quran?
  11. Issa is a prophet only in Islam, but not in Judaism/Christianity. According to Allah, he is the grandson of Amram (Imran – the father of Moses, Aaron and Mary). Amram’s daughter, Mary, was the mother of this Issa and all of them lived around 1250 B.C. (sura 66:12, 3:35, 5:110 & 19:28) Judaism/Christianity does not even mention this particular Issa – Esau in Hebrew. (For details see article, ‘Jesus is not in Islam’) Without Jesus [Joshua] in Islam, the Quran is missing all that is in the entire New Testament.
  12. The New Testament has so much of God’s love and empathy for mankind. But, the Quran uniquely is full of hate verses, unlike any other religious tenet, I know.
  13. The Quran in Sura 2:106 – Allah admits, “Such of Our Revelations as We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring (in place) one better or the like thereof.”     Why did Allah abrogate [cancel] some initial revelations and improve {better} on others in the Quran? Weren’t Allah’s initial verses any good? Couldn’t he get it right the first time, instead of bungling his way around? Thus, isn’t the Quran changed/corrupted? This is repeated in 16:101; possibly to make sure Muslims do not miss this Allah’s corruption? I know of no other scripture of any other religion, in which a supposed god admitting to his bungling ways.
  14. In Sura 2:47 Allah says – “O children of Israel. Remember my favour wherewith I favoured you and how I preferred you over (all) other creatures.” Allah’s favour – what favour – Jews tell me they have no idea of this favour.  Why did Allah prefer the Jews and not the Arabs? Why did Allah not prefer the Arabs? Weren’t the Arabs good enough for him? Doesn’t this tell you what Allah thought of the Arabs, which includes Muhammad? Isn’t Allah then also a racist? This doesn’t make sense, because Allah demands the Quran be in Arabic. If Allah preferred the Jews, why is the Quran not in the Hebrew Language? Is this Allah confused?
  15. In Sura 10:2 Allah states, “These [in the Quran] are verses of the wise Scripture [Bible].” Even Allah confirms the Bible is wise. Allah also confirms here, that he is a plagiarizer, isn’t he? If the Quran is a copy of the Bible, then what is the need for Allah to make the Quran? If the Quran is a duplicate of the Bible, then isn’t it idiotic to copy it and call it a Quran? Muslims counter this by claiming that the Bible was changed (in spite of the thousands of Manuscripts, codices, evidences available and in the form of records, records of records, materials in Museums, the Vatican, history, geography, archeology and the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’) Allah claims he gave the Bible to the Jews/Christians (to Moses, see above). If the Christians did ‘change’ the Bible as the Muslims claim; then, why did Allah not protect ‘his wise Bible’, he was supposed to have given; from being changed? Muslims simply make claims, but do not say what was changed. Are Jews/Christians cleverer than Allah to change the supposed words of Allah? Or has this Allah no powers to stop the Jews/Christians? Either way, it makes the Quran and the Muslims’ claims false and ridiculous, isn’t it? In Sura 2:89, Allah says, “…The curse of Allah is on disbelievers.” Is this all Allah himself can personally do against non-Muslims – keep cursing and cursing, forever – a powerless and toothless ‘Islamic God’? Is this why he asks his believers [Muslims] to do his work for him? This is absurd and unique only in the Quran/Islam.
  16. The Islamic prophet, Muhammad was totally illiterate (was not schooled and could not read or write).  This is absurd and unique only in Islam. I know of no other religious prophet being totally unschooled and could not read or write – An Uneducated Prophet – only in Islam. It is no wonder that Islam is for the illogical.
  17. In Sura 2:183, Allah says in the Quran, – “O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you,” The Muslims obediently follow this demand of Allah but, with a Muslim twist; by first stuffing themselves to the brim, 3 to 5 heavy meals in the nights, to fast in the daylight hours. Therefore, actually consuming even more food everyday, during the fasting month (28 days) than usual. In fact, by the mornings, Muslims are so stuffed that some even vomit out. Watch Muslims flocking shopping centers and supper-markets during the fasting month, as though there is no tomorrow. This is absurd and unique only in Islam. Does Allah have night-blindness? Who are they trying to cheat?
  18. The Quran is the only religious book I know, which condemns its own followers [Muslims]. In Sura 2:65, Allah says, “And ye know of those of you who broke the Sabbath, how Allah said unto them: Be ye apes despised and hated!” Though, Allah is referring to the Jews in this sura, it also does mean that all who break the Sabbath (Saturday) will be turned into apes, despised and hated. And since Muslims do not keep holy the Sabbath; doesn’t it mean that Allah will turn all Muslims into apes, despised and hated for observing only Fridays as holy, (just as the Hindus do on Fridays) instead of the Sabbath [Saturdays], as the Jews do? Why is Islam so different from the religion of the Jews – Judaism? The answer is in the article, ‘The invention of Islam’.
  19. The obvious and blatant CORRUPTION in the Quran – In sura 17:1 Allah says, “Glory be He [Allah] Who carried His [Allah’s] servant [Muhammad] by night from The Inviolable Place of Worship [Mecca] to the Far Distant Place of Worship [Medina] the neighbourhood whereof We have blessed, that We might show him of Our tokens.” [Capital letters refer to Allah]. If Muhammad was already dead and the Quran was not yet compiled before his death, whom did Allah give this sura to? Doesn’t this mean that someone else blasphemed/corrupted the Quran by putting his verse into the Quran? Doesn’t this prove that the Quran is corrupted?
  20. Can you imagine a religious Scripture asking its followers to kill other men, women and children, just because they do not believe this Islamic Allah? That is exactly what this Allah says in the Quran sura 9:29, “Fight [kill] against such of those who have been given the Scripture [Jews/Christians] as believe not in Allah,” So be warned, every Jew/Christian is a target for being killed. This is serious.
  21. In Sura 2:216 – Allah says to Muslims “Warfare is ordained for you”. So true Muslims are forever in a state of war against the non-Muslims. This is absurd and ridiculous for Allah of the Quran, to keep all Muslims on a war footing at all times. No other religion I know does this to their believers.
  22. The Quran has only 6, 200 to 6, 6,682 verses (depending on the particular Islamic sect). Without the repeat verses; the Quran would have only about 4, 000 verses. I know of no other Scripture with so few verses. This must be a record for the ‘Guinness Book of World Records.’
  23. The Quran is not only a complete miss-match with the Bible (probably with any other religion) in any standard, whichever way you look at it. But, as you have read, the Quran is for those who cannot think rationally. These are all undeniable facts. [I can go on and on, but due to space, I will end here]

Note: There are numerous other absurdities in the Quran; where Allah says, the earth is as flat as a carpet, insisting on wiping invisible tears for every Muslim prayer, stars are missiles for Allah to shoot at the devils, the moon follows the sun, Mountains are pegs to prevent the Earth from shaking, etc. [See my other articles for these and other absurdities]. The Quran is erroneous and way off the mark, morally, ethically, scientifically, historically, humanely, etc. How can such a book be divine in any stretch of imagination? ACTUALLY, THE QURAN IS SO ABSURD AND REDICULOUS, THAT GENERALLY, NON-MUSLIMS CANNOT BELIEVE THAT SUCH TRASH AND STUPIDITY IS BELIEVED AS HOLY BY THE MUSLIMS. BUT, BEING IN A TRAP [ISLAM], I CAN UNDERSTAND THE PREDICAMENT THE MUSLIMS ARE IN [See article, ‘Islam is a trap’]


Summary: The Bible is the Story of families – the Adam family, the Noah family, and finally the Holy Family of Jesus. The God of the Bible, is loving, affectionate, compassionate, empathetic, understanding, generous, and powerful. The human aspect is given the greatest value, in all aspects of life, by this loving God.

The Quran is a Jumble of verses, written down unprofessionally, and as you see above is full of violence, hate, threats, unfriendliness, irrationality, gender biased, and a very distant Allah, who make so many mistakes, blunders, and seeks not to be loved, but to be feared by humans, instead. Actually, in many verses, Allah treats, humans as unimportant animal fodder for his ultimate goal of making this whole world, Islamic – wish full thinking, eh!

Warning – Remember the real life story of Chechnya in Russia. For those who are unaware, let me give you a brief history of the event. After the collapse of the USSR, the Muslim chechnyans rose in an independence struggle to take Chechnya out of Russia. Boris Yeltsin became the President of Russia and later signed a face-saving peace deal giving Chechnya almost complete Independence, as a weak Russia of that time could not continue the expensive war. Instead of consolidating and improving the lives of the citizens of Chechnya, the Muslims carried their fight to neighbouring territories that were mainly Christian and began clearing them out by instilling fear, etc. Meanwhile, Chechnya under Muslim rule became lawless and got worse in every way and even food became a scarce commodity. Eventually, these Muslims with the help of foreign Muslims [especially Arabs] began taking their fight all the way up to the Russian Capital, Moscow; when they took about 500 hostages in the famous Moscow theatre on 24-10-02. But, this time, with a stronger Russia and a new President, Putin; the Russians rescued nearly 400 hostages and killed every one of the Muslim hostage-takers [Jihadists]. There were 2 other incidents in Russia by the Muslim Chechnyans, also, but failed. Russia then attacked Chechnya and took it back into the Russian fold, and tore and threw away the earlier signed Peace Treaty.

My question to you is, ‘Why were the Muslims NOT satisfied with their initial victory in Chechnya, instead of trying to go beyond the Chechnya borders and terrorizing others? The answer is, the Muslims in Chechnya, did not achieve the ultimate goal of Allah, to turn this entire world Islamic. In the scheme of Allah, Chechnya was only a small step in the worldview of Allah/Islam. So given an inch, the Islamic ideology is not to take a foot, but every inch of the whole world. So, don’t kid yourself, Islam cannot and will not stop fighting, until the whole world is Islamic, whether you like it or not [See item t above]. When an Islamic atrocity takes place, the Muslims have been taught how to camouflage Allah against the atrocity, by saying, “it was done by Muslims who did not know the ‘True Islam’, as though there is such a thing as a ‘True Islam’ and an ‘Untrue Islam’ when they all come from the Quran. Why then only Muslims who do not know the ‘True Islam’ are going around committing inhuman atrocities, all over the world? If you think Islam will leave you alone, if you leave them alone; then dream on, until it is too late. A similar situation is with Iran. Having got their Islamic Republic of Iran; instead of spending their high oil/gas revenue on the country and people, Iran is funding almost every Islamic atrocity from the Philippines to California and from Indonesia to Russia – think about this.

It is an undeniable fact that, Islam was spread by the sword; all over the world, before the 11th century. But, when people realized the falsehood and absurdities of Islam, they got wiser, and Islam failed just as quickly, all over the world [See article, ‘Why did Islam fail disastrously in these countries’]. Today, Islam is in further decline and even confirmed by Islamic scholars/clergies’ point of view. [See Article, ‘Islam in Fast Demise’]

Such is the irony of the Muslims, who place their hopes and faith on such an idiotic Quran. Today, wherever you look in the Islamic countries, you see them wallowing in cesspools filled with crime, unhappiness, despair, hopelessness, decadence, insecurity, unhygienic, natural calamities of earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami, sandstorms, lack of water/electricity, lack of proper sanitation, etc, because this false Allah does not answer their prayers. We have to admit that Muslims, possibly pray the most, and yet this Allah does not grant them, with even the simplest and basic things in life.

Believe me when I tell you, that all those Islamic inhuman atrocities committed all over the world, is initiated/influenced by Islamic clergies learned in the Quran, by using a Muslim ‘sucker’ or a frustrated Muslim desperado to do the bidding of Allah as in the Quran. But the obvious and evident hypocrisy is that, these taught Islamic clergy who supposedly pretend to be so faithful to this Allah; they themselves do not commit suicide for the sake of Allah, but manipulate and cheat others to kill themselves, instead.

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