By Steve Klein

Part I

Why oh why do all oppressed people of the world flee to America?

America is a strange land, isn’t it? Don’t you feel like a stranger in a strange land? I guess like Abraham and Sarah or Mary, Joseph and Jesus going to Egypt. I believe God sent them to Egypt and in His providential will, He has sent you, Middle East Christians, here in America to educate us about Islam.

I thank God you that you are here. This is a very strange country – listening to our “intellectuals” tell us this is an evil land you fled to. They tell us we are a land of diversity. They tell us Islam is another glimmering facet of our rich diversity. They tell us that Islam makes us more diverse. They tell us there is strength in diversity. This is a strange idea; it is not the idea that drew you here.

The idea that drew you here was this: “E Pluribus Unum,” out of many, one – it’s our national motto. We could say in response to the intellectuals and diversity – “Diversity without unity always causes hostility. Diversity based on unity leads to tranquility.”

Alexis De Toqueville wrote about unity in his seminal and unabridged work, Democracy in America, on page 303, “So in the United States, society had no infancy, being born adult….he [the pioneers] is the product of eighteen centuries of labor and experience….he is a very civilized man prepared for a time to face life in the forest…with his Bible, ax and newspaper.”

An intriguing notion, that the infant who visited Egypt 21 centuries ago (Democracy in America was written about 1828, hence the 18 centuries) would be the cause of unity in a new land thousands of miles away and two thousand years later. Because of this Divine Infant De Toqueville proves it was never an infant land, but a land born an adult. A government that was diverse and yet one. A bastion where people could rail all they wanted against that government without fear of reprisal. In fact, unity required that we expose the follies of our own government and if necessary we change or abolish this government: The Declaration of Independence.

Here people are pretty much free to say what ever they want, even crazy things – as long as it’s peaceful. Listening to our “intelligentsia” the American Revolution was fought so that people could use ugly words and women can dance nude. Listening to the ACLU the naïve would believe it. No!

Part II

The Revolution was fought for YOU. So you could flee oppression and YOU could share the wisdom of your ancestors to improve this land. The Wisdom of many martyrs and the oppressed poured into the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and the Constitution with its Bill of Rights. It took thousands of years, millions of lives and billions of hours of thought, arguing and – yes – even war. Then “in the fullness of time,” wisdom prevailed.

After “a long train of abuses,” wisdom sometimes comes to mankind. It did to the Americans: if not, you would not have chosen to flee to this land. Transmitting wisdom is the key element of education. I believe that the over arching purpose of education is to “transmit the wisdom – not the folly – of our ancestors to each and every boy and girl that we might ALL live in the land with the highest degree of peace, order and liberty.”

So simple, or is it? If it were so simple why have there been so few governments in the world like ours?

The men who gave us these documents never felt inspired nor did they think their work sacred. They never thought their work would stand unchanged forever. But – they did know that in order to create these charters and to change these charters so that we could all enjoy our peace, order and liberty that they had to understand two of the most simple and profound things: (1) The Nature of Man and (2) The Nature of God. Wisdom demands a simple analogy before we dive into these deep waters. Government and Zoos.

If we can understand zoos perhaps we can begin to understand the Government that was given to us in these four charters…and THEN we will Know Why You Are Here.

Zoos are built in accordance with the nature of an animal: lions’ and lambs’ enclosures are different because they’re built upon the nature of the creature.

Why are you here and not in Cuba, Red China, Sudan or Syria? Liberty. II Corinthians 3:17, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there you will find liberty.” Man does have a nature. Zoos build environments in accordance with the creature’s nature. Lambs and lions have different natures and hence different enclosures. The fact that you fled your homeland and came to this very strange and very particular country proves that you have a nature: you yearn for liberty: This is the key to human nature.

Why do all oppressed peoples of the world flee to come here? Tyranny. A tyrant uses the law illegally to prevent one from enjoying liberty. Mankind cannot stand tyranny; it’s against his nature. The fact that you chose this land is incontrovertible proof. Why don’t we all flee to lands of tyranny? We had no real choice, you and I: It’s our nature to seek liberty.

Part III

From the Nature of God they saw His will summed up in the 10 Commandments. They knew the “zoo” for mankind, government, that they wanted was to be one that offered the least amount of restraints on man. Why? Because they knew that liberty is best achieved when man is moral. What? Yes. When man is good, he is moral – he does not need restraints: against good behavior there is no need for law. Man does not need tyranny to force him to do something when he treats his neighbor as himself.

Consider a world where every man does as God tells us in His two Great Commandments: First, if man looks to God to find what is moral he will find that it’s simple: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no higher ethic any where from any philosopher or wise man than this. But, the morals come from one place: God; not man.

God’s 10 Commandments are summed up in the Two Great Commandments – if followed – then there is only a limited need for police, for laws, for prisons, for punishment: Tyranny can not grow in this soil because liberty will flourish and men who love liberty will resist the unlawful, Tyrants. “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God,” T. Jefferson.

And, second, the men who understood this wisdom also looked at the nature of man. From The Federalist Papers: Man, he is a little less than the angels. He is fallen. He is a creature of ambition. He is a creature of vindictiveness. He is a creature of rapaciousness. This is no different than a zoologist designing enclosures for the many animals he is to house. He looks to the nature of the beast and then when he knows their nature, he builds the enclosure, the government.

This is true. It’s so simple it invites criticism. But, you are living proof: The Truth is that You Are Here. You and millions of other peoples from all over the world have given up all you had in your beloved homelands to come to this very strange land. Yet no one flees from here to go and live in lands of oppression. This is Proof that the men who put this government together got it correct. So simple, so profound.

Divide power. Enumerate power. Power not enumerated to the feds is reserved for the states. The Constitution was summed up in three words: Prohibited Unless Authorized. Why? Why do we have checks and balances? The zoo. The creature. We are not trustworthy, even the most moral of people is not trustworthy. Our wise government creators knew they had to break up power as power always seeks to grow: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So they built an enclosure of Federalism or disbursed powers to keep us safe from the ambitious, the vindictive and the rapacious: ourselves.

Diversity centered on the two natures, of God’s and man’s and then we find tranquility. So simple, so profound – so elusive.

Now our best and brightest disagree. They reject God and they believe man has no inherent nature. Thinking it’s more expedient and cheaper to consolidate all power into Washington, D.C. they have deserted this provision of our charters and hence we now groan under the weight of lost liberties.

Today – our liberty is periled from a fourteen hundred century old belief system that is using our civil liberties to take over and destroy our civil liberties. Now, in order to save this land from those who come here as a gift – the Trojan Horse of Islam to the ramparts of liberty, America, we need to change the Constitution. We can. BUT, when we do, we must always remember who we are and Who created us: we must recall our form of government springs from two concepts, (1) The Nature of God and (2) the nature of man. If we change the Constitution without (1) God and His morals in mind first and (2) the Nature of man, then we will become just like the lands you fled from. What would be the point of fleeing and Islamic controlled land to come to one that has become equally oppressed?

This is why I’m glad you are here. You can bring us the wisdom of your ancestors and the pain of your persecution that drove you here. This pain will enable you to resist the siren call of our current intellectuals who have jettisoned the basis of our law that drew you here.

Part IV

In Bible history Egypt has been known as “The Place of Refuge.” When I hear these four words I sense peace and inspiration. Now you, the Copts, are here as a place of refuge. Thank God we are – at least for a while. Forces are against us – they always have been – because we are the followers of He alone Who is Good: The Triune God.

As a force, evil can only exist in the absence of good. As we serve the Ultimate Good, evil has no choice but to follow us seeking our end. Isn’t this the Copts’ story for fourteen centuries – evil coming against good? Isn’t this why you are now here? In fact – isn’t this why the ACLU thousands of miles and hundreds of years later is relentlessly looking for our Christian symbols and suing us? Yes. For evil to exist it cannot cease its search to find good and work to end it. “The only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” Sir Edmund Burke.

Of course the Copts follow He alone Who is Good. Therefore, you have struggled against evil for fourteen centuries. You, the Copts, have given us so much. In God’s providence He gives us all challenges that we may all grow in the Faith. (The Copts have had more than their fair share – but – to those who are given much, much is expected – and the Copts have performed admirably!). Often we see challenges just as an irritant. I don’t think God does. For example, consider the oyster. A little grain of sand irritates the oyster producing the beautiful pearl: the response to a challenge becomes a treasure!

The sandy irritants of two millennia have caused the Copts to give us beautiful pearls of wisdom that still influence the world. I know – hard as it is to believe today (all our law schools deny it – though a hundred years ago they wouldn’t) that America’s roots are the result of evil seeking to destroy Christianity. The early Americans were merely Christians seeking a place of refuge here that they could enjoy their faith without the threats of evil. In order to resist evil, they had to build upon the Christian legacy: the legacy that the Copts are so foundational to. Let me prove this by referring to Alexis De Tocqueville who wrote about you in a round about way.

From his Democracy in America, written about 1839, we read pages full of Christian Heritage causing America to become the beacon, the city on a hill, that drew you and is still drawing all oppressed peoples of the world here. In fact, on page 303 of the unabridged version we read, “So in the United States, society had no infancy, being born adult…All his [the American pioneer’s] surroundings are primitive and wild, but he is the product of eighteen centuries of labor and experience.”

Born adult? Eighteen centuries old? What’s that all about? He’s referring to you, the Copts. What? You say. Yes. It is true. Let me explain – a few paragraphs below – but first another quote on page 295 of this book: “There are sections of the population in Europe where unbelief goes hand in hand with brutishness and ignorance, whereas in America the most free and enlightened people in the world zealously perform all the external duties of religion. The religious atmosphere of the country was the first thing that struck me on arrival in the United States. The longer I stayed in the country, the more conscious I became of the important political consequences resulting from this novel situation. In France I had seen the spirits of religion and of freedom almost always marching in opposite directions. In America I found them intimately linked together in joint reign over the same land.”

Well, OK, you say, but what is this book, Democracy in America? Good question, I’m glad you asked. This book has been required reading in America’s Political Science classes in all our colleges for over 150 years! Of course today it’s still required reading but the professors will not assign these Christ-referenced pages to the students. They can’t. Most are members of the ACLU, which hates Christianity – and therefore hate America.

If Christianity is True, then there should be “fruit,” as Jesus said in His Sermon on the Mount. There is “fruit” – LIBERTY. You are here; you sought liberty and this is the fruit of the American “experiment.” II Corinthians 3:17, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there you will find Liberty.” Well, isn’t that what America is all about? Yes, and the ACLU can’t stand this. Their allies, the college professors who teach political science, can’t stand this. So they lie by omitting these pages. Democracy in America is a “Blue Print” for how America became America. Unedited it terrifies the ACLU!

It is a huge book, almost 800 pages long – but well worth the read – because there is page after page of references of the influence of Christianity in forming and sustaining America. This “blue print” of government explains why you and all oppressed peoples from all over the world are here!

Our modern schools have revised our American history. They have to because Democracy in America proves our history is founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is founded on many saints who were instrumental in Egypt who gave their lives to form Christianity. This book proves what we lost in America. If we know what we have lost that made us a beacon to you, then we can return to our roots, Christianity, and save our children from succumbing again to the false religion of Arabia now cleverly propagating itself here. If we want to keep our liberties to save our children from the oppression that you and my ancestors fled from, there are two books we should read constantly: First and foremost, The Holy Bible and then, Democracy in America.

Here are some more examples on pages 302 and 303, “The Anglo-Americans were completely civilized when they arrived in the land which their descendants occupy; they had no need to learn, it being enough that they should not forget.” And this is where you, the Copts come in. Today, America has forgotten. We have forgotten what we knew – our Christian heritage, but you have not! You have suffered and learned for fourteen centuries from a man-made religion that is not satisfied with just getting along, but with defiling dominating and destroying.

Here’s the connection to my proposition above that Alexis De Tocqueville in a round about way referred to the Copts in his book – the eighteen centuries actually goes back to Abraham or about thirty-eight centuries: because of the tremendous contributions Egyptians made over thousands of years of Biblical history: Abraham and Sarah fleeing to Egypt; Moses – probably the greatest Egyptian of all; baby Jesus fleeing with his mother and father fulfilling the prophecy of Hosea 11:1; and later as the Copts lead by Athanasius defended the concept of the Trinity. Therefore, I know that De Tocqueville in his Democracy in America refers back to the eighteen centuries of Christ’s influence on the world and you – the Copts are center stage! It is the Copts who were pivotal in giving us the basis of Christianity as we understand it, and it is this Christianity that the early Americans unwittingly turned to in forming their government drawing you from the original Place of Refuge to the current place of refuge. Praise God!

Praise God for the Copts! Praise God for those who stand up for His righteousness against the never-ending ebb and flow of evil.

I love Bible stories about Abraham and Sarah, Moses, Jesus and his parents – and now that I understand who Athanasius and other Copts from the School of Alexanderia, I love to read about them too. I love to read these stories because these are people who went before us and resisted evil. I hope you enjoy these tidbits of our shared history, ancient Egypt tied together to America. Now – as the Holy Family fled to Egypt, to The Place of Refuge, you have come to us. And as Copts today you are tied together with America: you can help save America and we can all help to relieve the oppression back in Egypt and the entire Middle East!

We at Courageous Christians United – ALL Christians – owe much to you, the Copts, and we at CCU are pleased to offer our services to you – that we might all work together resisting evil for the Glory of God.

Steve Klein, CEO, Courageous Christians United

*Alexis De Toqueville, Democracy in America, trans. George Lawrence (New York: Harper Perennial, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, 1966)