by Ahmed Simon

It is non-Muslim’s common knowledge, that Muslims almost always lie to protect and glorify their Allah and Muhammad. They unashamedly state myths in public, non-Muslims would be ashamed of; without first thinking of the consequences of what they utter. But the non-Muslim responses have been (1) ‘It is plain rubbish’ (2) ‘who cares’ (3) to a polite, ‘Is it so?’ (But perhaps, laughing inside at the stupidity of it all).

The vast majority of Muslims can recite the Quran blindly {as they are taught to}, without understanding what they recite. Some Muslims only know a sanitized version of the Quran, which they were taught. The truth in the Quran is almost never revealed, and thus most Muslims will genuinely be shocked in disbelieve, to learn the true barbarism/contradictions in the Quran.

However, almost all individual Muslims have been very enthusiastic and vocal in spreading the sanitized version of Islam, not because they are very concerned with the non-Muslims’ welfare, but because they have been nurtured in the Madrassahs or lectured by Islamic clergy, telling them that Allah will grant them extra merit points for Heaven, if they get a non-Muslim converted (basically, it is Self-interest). So, if a Muslim tries to convert you, tell him/her, “Don’t try to book your ticket to Heaven through me”. Muslim men and women, mainly aim for a Christian, because Christians are more than twice the number of Muslims and also because the existence of the Bible proves the Quran is a fake. But generally, these new Muslim converts soon find out the truth about Islam and try their best to get out or are simply trapped in a vicious cycle.

Muslims always protest that Islam is not hateful and is tolerant of others, though Islam’s Hate/intolerance is so very evident/visible in Islamic Countries. In Saudi Arabia, 87,000 foreign non-Muslims keep the oil flowing. But, there is not a single Church or temple or religious building allowed for non-Muslims. In Indonesia, even though it is a secular government, it is the same story for the past 3 decades. What church/temples exist, are bombed/damaged/vandalized. Such is the clear visible evidence but Muslims will pretend a shocked response when informed of this. They are not that dumb.

I was lucky to have met 16 ex-Muslim reconverts to Christianity in Australia during the Christmas holidays (2005), and asked them ‘why did they convert to Islam, initially?’ Their answers were always, “I never knew Islam is so evil. I was cheated into believing in Islam. He was so loving and conscience before. I got out of it as soon as I could”. Other common views given were, “There is no freedom in being a Muslim. Everything is ‘the Quran says that and this way; you have to drop everything in the middle of something and go spending 15 minutes for ablution and prayer, at pre-dawn, morning, noon, evening, and night. I used to get up at 7, but as a Muslim I had to get up at around 5 a.m. everyday for the pre-dawn prayers. There is no time for anything else – it is a dog’s life. I don’t think a real God would tie you down with so many straightjacket rules’” Most of the women had to seek police protection – some (with their children) left their original towns after they divorced their Muslim husbands – six reconverted and married Christians – one reconverted to Christianity, but is devoting her life to her 4 children and sending them to catechism classes – 2 have devoted their lives to evangelizing and they have brought 7 Muslims to Christ, so far. One woman charged her Muslim husband for three counts of rape and he was imprisoned for 30 months”. It seems to me these Muslim lies and myths are actually contributing more damage to Islam than good. This reminds me of the proverb, “Win the battle and loose the war.”

On the other side of the spectrum, I also met nine Arab/Iranian Christian converts (men and women) from Muslim immigrant families. Almost all of these had varying degrees of threats, beatings, harassments, abuse, etc. What are these Islamic lies and myths, Muslims are nurtured in? When Allah himself confirms that he is the best schemer and plotter to trick/deceive non-Muslims {3:54 & 10:22}; then you can imagine the dangers we a dealing with. This article is designed to help innocent non-Muslims from falling prey to Islamic lies and myths. To know is half the battle won. I share my knowledge in this article with others (Due to space, I have purposely left out numerous examples). I have taken some of these ‘Islamic Lies & Myths’ from the pages of this Guestbook, which were statements made by Muslims. The others are from conversations with ex-Muslims; I deal with in the course of my evangelizing work. With the one true God on our side, the worldwide efforts of Christians are producing good results.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 1 – “Islam is peaceful” – Well, Muslims might think killing human beings is peaceful, as mentioned in Quran 8:39 – ‘kill non-Muslim men, women and children, until there are no more non-Muslims in this world’, is definitely an ideology no sensible person will call as peaceful, unless he is brain dead.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 2 – “Islam is pure” – Coconut water is also pure coconut water, so what of it? This is a subjective word, which simply means it is not adulterated – like pure Honey. There are pure poisons too. There is pure Evil – like Islam is.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 3 – “Islam is for everybody” – When Islam includes killing every non-Muslims, (8:39), then of course, it includes everybody. Coconut is for everybody too, but it all depends if everybody want it, isn’t it?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 4 – “Islam is for everybody” – but Allah says it can be only in Arabic, what about the 99.6% of the ‘everybody’ of this world, whose language is not Arabic? Shouldn’t have Allah considered the other languages, like more than the 30 religions do? Is Allah capable only in the Arabic language and ignorant of the others?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 5 – “The Quran has everything, which is in the Bible” – This common blatant lie is a joke. The Quran is one book, whereas the Bible comprises 66 books. The Quran has 433 pages, whereas the Bible is of 1,709 pages. The verses in the Bible amount to a voluminous 31,173 against the Quran’s paltry 6,241 verses. The Quran has 114 Sura (chapters) against the Bible’s 1,189 chapters. And this also clearly shows, the complete ignorance of Muslims for the Bible.

Islamic Lies & Myths no 6 – “The Quran has everything, which is in the Bible” – Fact – the majority of the prophets in the Bible are not (missing) in the Quran. This also shows the Muslims’ complete ignorance of the Bible and the plentiful information missing in the Quran. This is also why in the Quran 2:159 Allah {actually it is Muhammad who was not able to copy it} cursed the Christians for hiding their scriptures (Bible). Since Allah claims he produced the scriptures for the Christians, then why are the majority of prophets in the Bible missing in the Quran? And in Quran 2:136 Allah says what was revealed to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jewish tribes, Moses, Jesus is all in the Quran – it is not. So, Allah is actually the biggest liar to say such a big lie.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 7 – “The Quran is a wonderful masterpiece” – Fact – The chapters of the Quran are not arranged in importance, continuity, biography, chronology, significance or sequence of any sort, but are arranged by length – the longest chapter first and the last chapter with just 6 lines. Verses are disorderly arranged and jumbled up in unrelated subjects/topics. Christians will be horrified to know that there is no prophecy, no chronology, no geography, no biography of anybody (not even Muhammad), no ministry, no history, no proverbs, no parables, no miracles, no psalms, etc, generally, just do’s and don’t, like an instruction manual of a vacuum cleaner; and with punitive punishments, retaliations and rewards specified.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 8 – “The Quran has everything” – the Quran has nothing worthwhile for any intelligent person, except being a recipe for the terrorists.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 9 – “The Quran 10:38 confirms and explains the bible” – This is rubbish and a big white lie. Without all the prophets, etc this claim is a stupid joke. In any case, the Christians do not want the Quran to confirm anything for them, as they already know the Bible is the ‘Word of the Lord’ and whoever copies and uses that information is cursed by the one true God in Rev.22: 18-19.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 10 – “Islam is harmonious” – Shias killing Sunnis, Sunnis killing Shias (inside mosques), Sunnis killing Druze, Sunnis killing Kurds, Hannafi killing Ahmadiyah, the list goes on and on. Is this Islamic harmony invisible?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 11 – “Islam is charitable” – If each Muslim contributed just 1 dollar, the 1 billion dollars collected, could have built 200,000 wooden houses for 1 million homeless Acehnese Muslims in Indonesia, who are suffering in tents today, since the tsunami of dec.2004. This prompted the Indonesian Ulama Council to condemn all Muslims as the ‘Invisible Muslims’. Earthquake Victims still live in appalling conditions in Pakistan, Iran, Algeria, Turkey, etc, Shame on you Muslims, not to care for human lives. But, Muslims will willing spend money for mosques, terrorism, conversion of non-Muslims as the Quran says, all for self-interest in gaining extra merit points from Allah only for themselves {selfish}.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 12 – “Islam means unity” – Then why are there more than 200 Islamic Sects ‘blowing’ the heads off each other? If Muslims cannot agree among them, where is Islamic unity?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 13 – “Islam is the final message” – a) Then why did Baha’ Allah and his Muslim followers breakaway and form their own Bahai religion? B) Why did the Shia not agree to the final message and create their own version of the Quran? Shi’ites believe the Mahdi (Jesus) will return and restore things as they should be. Sunnis view this as a denial of Mohammed as a final prophet C) Why do the Sufi Muslims have a different version of the Quran? Sufiism says that true religion is inner truth, not outer practice, as Muslims acknowledge in complete contrast, so, Sufis look to Jesus much more than to Mohammed for inspiration, guidance and as their example D) Amadiyah Muslims recognize Muhammad but, their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who claimed also to be the Mahdi (said he will re-appear again at the end of the world in contradiction to the Quran which says Jesus will come to judge at the end of the world). The list goes on and on.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 14 – “Women are equally treated in Islam” – Quran 2:223 “Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will,” 2:228 “Women are equal in Kindness {only}, and men are a degree over women” 2:282 “one man witness equals two women witnesses.” 4:3 “marry up to four women, if you can do justice” {justice in sex? When Periods?} 4:4 “give women a dowry” {if equal why dowry?} 4:34 “Men are in charge of women.” Also in 4:34 “Men must scourge {whip or lash} their disobedient wives {like animals} and desert them to separate beds” {men to decide, when enough is enough as it is not specified}. The long list of Islamic discrimination and gender inequality goes on and on.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 15 – “Women are equally treated in Islam” – Muslim women must cover themselves from head to toe to prevent the Muslim men from getting tempted sexually. If the problem is the Muslim men, then why don’t they avoid staring at women, or Muslim men wear blinkers or castrate those Muslims who cannot control their dirty sexual minds?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 16 “Women are equally treated in Islam” – Why is there no female Islamic clergy, unlike {female} nuns, sisters, preachers, church-wardens, ministers, pastors, evangelists, etc in Christianity? Why is it in Islam, only men can be Imam, Ustaz, Ullama, Mufti, Kadi, etc? Aren’t women good enough in Islamic knowledge to hold these posts? The incident in Canada, where a Muslim woman led the prayers in October 2005 was condemned and created such an international Islamic uproar. No news about her since; I wonder what happened to her?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 17 – “Islam is fair” – The five pillars of Islam are central to Islam. One of them – pilgrimage to Mecca if a Muslim can afford, is discriminatory based on being a rich or poor Muslim. Annually, more than a million make this pilgrimage. But the 99% of the Muslims better forget it, as they have no money to fulfill this cardinal Islamic ritual. Is this a fair Islamic commandment? Even in a hundred years, only a tiny percentage would have performed Haj rituals (and mind you, a sizable number are repeat pilgrims – the generations past away – the new generations coming) out of 1.2 billion Muslims. Where is the fairness in Islam?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 18 – “Non-Muslims pray to statues/idols” -Muslims always condemn non-Muslims for praying to statues/idols – But it is obligatory for all Muslims to pray to the stone structure (Kaaba), the black stone and the 360 idols in the Kaaba. Muslims also pray to graves, Mausoleums, shrines {like the Dome in Jerusalem} etc. Muslim hypocrites have no limit to their ‘foul mouth’ for others.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 19 – “Adam was a Muslim” – If this is true then from 100% Muslim world, down to 17% Muslim population is a very bad record, right? Why did Islam drop so drastically? How did Adam become a Muslim without the Quran/Hadiths/Kaaba/Sunna/black stone/Islam/Muhammad, no Allah {even the Hindu Allah was not in existence during Adam’s time}. Adam/Eve could not read or write – so who taught them about Islam/Allah, how and when to pray and face where? Who circumcised Adam? Absurd, isn’t it?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 20 – “Jerusalem is a Holy city to Islam” – The name ‘Jerusalem’ is not even mentioned anywhere in the Quran. The word ‘Palestinian’ comes from the race, Philistines who are originally from the Island of Crete. What is there today, are Arabs who came from neighbouring countries. There is no distinct Palestinian race among the Arabs today, is there? They are Arabs plain and simple.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 21 – “Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque is from where Muhammad rose to Heaven” – This is a big Lie and a Myth. {How does anyone even know if Muhammad did go to Heaven, leave alone from Jerusalem?} This false claim is based on Muslim guessing of the Quran 17:1 {Actually, the Quran says, “…carried his servant [Muhammad] by night [on a donkey] from the Inviolable place of worship [Mecca] to the far distant place of worship [Later-Muslims claimed this place as Al-Masujidi al-Aqtza] the neighbourhood whereof.” This ‘far distant place’ could mean anywhere on earth, couldn’t it? It doesn’t even mention a mosque, does it? If Muhammad was already dead, then to whom did Allah reveal this sura? {Who coined this Sura? You see the lie/fraud in the Quran? } The fact – the Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock was not built yet then, when Muhammad was killed. Did he go 700Km. just in one night and that too on a donkey, over the desert, did the donkey have headlamps, was Muhammad’s body strapped or someone holding the dead body, in the extreme cold of the desert, did the donkey stop to quench his thirst, or did the donkey have a supersonic 700 Km. flight?

Fact-Jerusalem was captured by Khalif Omar only in 638, six years after Mohammed’s death. Throughout this time there were only churches in Jerusalem, and a church stood on the Temple Mount, called the Church of Saint Mary, built in the Byzantine architectural style, started by Emperor Constantine 1 after 330 A.D. and completed by Emperor Justinian. In or around 711, or about 80 years after Muhammad died, Malik’s son, Abd El-Wahd – who ruled from 705-715 – renovated the Church of St. Mary and converted it into a mosque. He left the structure as it was, a typical Byzantine {Eastern Roman Empire} “basilica” structure with a row of pillars with corridors on either side of the rectangular “ship” in the centre {A typical church building design}. All he did was some cosmetic renovations, removed Christian items and replaced the Christian stained glasses. He then named it Al-Aqsa, so it would sound like the one mentioned by the Muslims. This Mosque still looks more like a church, and there is no Mosque anywhere in this world, which looks like it. The Muslims have no shame to claim a church as their 3rd most holy mosque. Al Aqsa mosque did not exist when Muhammad died. Allah obviously meant the Medina Mosque. But the Muslims wanted Islam to be recognized with God’s “people of the Book” and seek some acceptance from the Jews, which Muhammad tried, but was rejected all the time, as Jews consider Muhammad a fake. Historically, from 2000 B.C., Jerusalem was Jewish and Jerusalem is a Hebrew name, originally it was called the ‘city of Judah’ and once the ‘city of God’. In ancient days, Arabs had no name for this city, but in modern times named this city ‘al-Khuds’ {‘the Holy’}

Islamic Lies & Myth no 22 – The early Christian churches were mostly built in the Byzantine architecture, especially, the dome shape on top in the pre-Islamic period. When the Muslims began to copy this adapted standard of the churches to gain recognition from the Christians, the Christians instead dumped this architectural standard, as they felt embarrassed to be associated with Islam. So you would notice very early churches with a dome on top {built before Islam was born}, like in Israel, Vatican, Italy, Greece, Russia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. The Muslims are unashamed copycats. Why couldn’t they design their own standard? Muslims did their level best to copy/plagiarize the Bible, and many aspects of Christianity, but failed drastically and resorted to all sorts of Lies and Myths in the end. But, our ONE TRUE GOD protected and preserved Christianity as the true faith of God.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 23 – “Islam is not terrorism, it is a very sociable and a open religion” – Sura 8.12 says, “I will throw fear (terrorize) on the unbelievers. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.” {Here, Allah himself admits, he is a terrorist who terrorizes non-Muslims. So how can Muslims say Islam is not terrorism and contradict Allah?} Why does Allah say in the Quran 3:28 & 9:23 Muslims not to be friends of non-Believers of Islam, even if he is a brother or father? Sociable? And 25:52 asks Muslims not to obey non-Muslims. So, non-Muslims cannot employ Muslims, can they?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 24 – “The Quran is scientific” – Allah says the earth is as flat as a carpet {not a sphere} and the sun revolves around the earth and here is the best part – the sun sets everyday on planet earth {whew and without burning up the earth? How can this Allah be so idiotic?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 25 – “Islam is the fastest growing religion” – this myth is debunked in the article “Islam in fast Demise” & “The Myth about Islam being the fastest growing religion” in this website. The official OIC figure in 2005 was ‘1.2 billion in 2003’ out of this world’s 6.7 billion = 17.5%. In the Guestbook, Siti said her whole family in Indonesia is officially listed as Muslims to avoid Islamic persecution and harassment. There are probably millions of such non-Muslims in Islamic countries, thus making even the real figure much less than the 1.2 billion. Muslims can visibly see converts into Islam, but more Muslims who leave Islam are invisible to Muslims because they mostly leave Islam secretly, to protect them from being killed as apostates by the Muslims, Quran 4:89. Islam is actually dying, and top Islamic scholars are very worried of this (Please read the 2 articles for proof).

Islamic Lies & Myth no 26 – “Islam will improve life” – Muslims are risking life and limb to flee Islamic countries, legally and illegally, and they don’t want to go back, even if caught. In most cases, they had to be forcefully kicked back to Islamic countries. If Islam is so great why do Muslims want to stay in non-Muslim countries, instead of Islamic countries, – This evidence is proof of their lies.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 27 – “Islam is good” – Agreed, only for the terrorists.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 28 – “Muslims who terrorise do not know the true Islam” – Does that mean that it is okay for non-Muslims who do not know their true religion can murder Muslims? All terrorists are true Muslims because they follow what Allah said in the Quran, which is to murder non-Muslims.

Islamic Lies & Myths no 29 – “Quran is original and has never been changed” – The Quran itself admits to cancellations and changes in Quran 2:106, 16:101, 22:52. 22:52 says Satan proposed some Quranic Sura. The Quran was fabricated hundreds of years after Muhammad. None of the Authors (Hadiths) of Muhammad ever saw/met him. Sahih Bukhari died in 870 A.D. (Bukhari vol.6:385) 238 years after Muhammad was poisoned to death. In contrast, the authors/Apostles of Jesus ate, drank, slept, walked, talked, prayed, preached, and lived with him.

Islamic Lies & Myths no 30 – “Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, are Muslims and Islamic prophets” – But the Quran says in 22:52 “Never did we send a messenger or a prophet before you (Muhammad)” So who is lying – Allah or the Quran or both? How did they become Muslims before Islam was born, or when no Muslims were around them? Or when nobody knew the Quran? In other words, Allah is telling that without Muhammad/Quran, one can be a Muslim. If that is so, then what is the use of Muhammad and the Quran? Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 31 – Muslims say “what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the tribes, Moses, and Jesus are in the Quran”. This is from Sura 2:136 in which Allah confirms that he revealed the Christian scriptures to them and it is in the Quran (“revealed unto us” [Muslims]). Revealed to Ishmael – where? What? Moses in the Bible {Exodus, Leviticus, numbers, Deuteronomy} is 137 chapters and 4,415 verses {against the Quran’s 114 chapters and 6,241 verses. This alone takes up almost the entire Quran} Jacob is another 25 chapters. Mind you, we have not considered Abraham, Isaac, the Jewish tribes, and Jesus yet. Ask any Muslim, how can one accommodate all these in the Quran? And all this doesn’t account for 25% of the bible. This proves Allah is lying to the Muslims. Allah also said, he specifically gave Jesus scriptures. But, Jesus never handed any scripture to anybody. Did Jesus throw it away because there is no such scripture in the Bible and the Quran. All we have is what apostles wrote about Jesus (Gospels). If Allah gave Jesus scriptures, then what happened to it? Where is it? It’s a mystery. The mystery draws weird because these scriptures given to Jesus and even the four Gospels are not in the Quran. Making a few inaccurate references of Jesus here and there in the Quran, are not Gospels. Did Allah lie again to the Muslims?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 32 – “There is no compulsion in religion.” – Muslims always quote only the first sentence of Quran 2:256. But never complete the whole Sura, which is “ There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejected false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold, which will never break. Allah is hearer, knower.” So this means that there is no compulsion in Islam, only if disbelievers reject ‘false deities’ {false to Islam means all other religions} and believe only in Allah in the ‘right’ direction forever. This hypocrisy of the Muslims only to pick the first sentence and mislead non-Muslims is a devious deception in cunningness, practiced by most Muslims to deceive non-Muslims as though it is a very free religion. But in reality, this Myth is furthest from the truth.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 33 – Here is the clear evidence that Allah himself lies. In Quran 2:266 “Thus Allah maketh plain his revelations unto you, in order that ye may give thought.” And then Allah says in Quran 3:7 “None knoweth its explanations, save Allah.” {The Question is – Are revelations in the Quran plain for Muslims to understand or does only Allah know the explanations to understand them? Which sura is correct and which sura is wrong? They both cannot logically be right, can it? This is a contradiction within the Quran. Why is Allah lying to all the Muslims?}

Islamic lies & Myth no 34 – “There is no contradiction in the Quran 4:82” – the above item 33 is a contradiction. In Sura 2:117 Allah confirms he created the Heavens and earth instantaneously. In Sura 41:9-12, Allah confirms that he created the earth and the Heavens in two days; Allah goes further to confirm in Sura 7:54, 10:3, 11:7, & 25:59 that he took six days. But then again, Allah elaborates in Sura 41:9-12, to describe his creation of the Heavens and earth in 8 (2+4+2) days. If Allah can give Muslims such inaccurate information, it sure puts this Allah in the fake category, isn’t it? How can an Allah be so wrong? The list of contradictions is so long and humongous [about 286 pages], that I will direct you to ‘Internal Contradictions within the Quran’, ‘External Contradictions to the Quran’ in

Islamic Lies & Myth no 35 – The Muslims all over the world say, they face the Kaaba for all prayers – This is a lie and a myth. How can anyone who is out of sight of the Kaaba face it? As the world is round, Muslims beyond sight can logically only face outer space to pray. This came about because Allah thought and said in the Quran, the world is as flat as a carpet. Why did this Allah make Muslims the laughing stork of the non-Muslims? Muslims must be ‘going bananas’ in trying to face the Kaaba. How can a supposedly creator of the earth not know the earth is a sphere? This proves Allah is a fake and Muhammad was lying about this Allah all the time – thus hasn’t Muhammad been deceiving the Muslims all along about Allah/Kaaba? That is why the pilgrimage to Mecca is cursed and every year Muslims die there in natural causes {heart attack, etc} and in accidents. In 1990 – 1,019 pilgrims accidentally died, in 1993 – 254 died, In 2004 – 127 died, in 2006 – about 400 died {this doesn’t include the 96 pilgrims died, 4 days earlier, when their 8 storeys hostel near the Kaaba collapsed in 2006} and smaller numbers died in other years. The natural and accidental deaths are unprecedented. Muslims claim it is because of the large numbers. The Mega Mela {Hindu Pilgrimage} in Allahabad, India draws 20 to 22 million every year and no stampedes. The 12th Mega Mela is the 12th cycle called Kumbh Mela {pronounced Kumba Mela} which drew 70 Million pilgrims {see internet for details}. These pilgrimages last about 12 days, each year and is generally so peaceful that even journalists/tourists find it astounding for the largest human gathering in the world {see Guinness Book}. There are many other pilgrimages of above 2 million pilgrims. Paranormal experts believe the spirits of those innocent Christians and Jews, Muhammad and his companions beheaded, are still roaming Saudi Arabia, especially in Mecca and Medina Areas for revenge. These spirits are said to be those untimely killed by Muhammad and will keep killing in revenge, until Christian and Judaism prayers and offerings are made to their spirits over years {equal to Muhammad’s killing years or more} to appease them. {This they believe is not an absolute cure}. The common incidents of seeing spirits even in daylight and the sudden hysterical screaming and collapse of groups of Muslims (especially girls/women} all over the world {Like to the Muslim girls in Jakarta/Lahore/Madrid) is due to the spirits of those innocent civilians killed by the Muslims all over the world. These spirits roam about, looking for their prey all. The paranormal experts strongly believe these spirits are causing these natural and accidental deaths all over the world (they cannot be contained), it is denser in areas of Muslim killings for revenge, targeting only Muslims. They are not known to have attacked any non-Muslim. Even if Muslims produce more Muslims, the overall Muslim world population is reducing, due to natural calamities, accidents and the rudimentary facilities in Islamic countries {especially medical}. It is as if the One True God is working against Muslims or is it the terrible curses in the Bible (Rev. 22:18-19) for copying a small part of Bible or both? Probably both.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 36 – “Islam is in Pure Arabic and cannot accurately be translated into English” – This is partly true, not because Arabic is very wonderful and great, but for the opposite reasons. This assumption comes from the Quran. If you listen to an Arabic broadcasting station speaking in Arabic, you will be shocked to hear a lot of English words thrown in into the Arabic broadcast. This is mainly because the vocabulary is lacking. For example, a lot of you reading this article have seen the word ‘Sura’ and probably know that it refers to chapters in the Quran, right? But ‘Sura’ actually means ‘fence’ in Arabic. There is no specific word for ‘chapter’, so ‘Sura’ became the norm during those days and it has carried on today. Another thing about Arabic is that they write ‘backwards’ {from right to left}. This was a very big problem, especially, in the olden days when ink and a feather {for a pen} were used for writing. If the written ink were not yet dry, your palm would smear the written words. Thus, it is time consuming, clumsy, and prone to error, even if a small smudge changed the letter to something else. {Try writing backwards and see for yourself}. With all these problems, Arabic is chosen for the revelation of the Quran – A stupid choice. Because of the Arabic language, Muslim interpretations vary and are almost never the same, among Muslim sects and between Muslims themselves. Try it yourself – ask 10 Ustaz/Imam [Islamic teacher or priest] and don’t be surprised to get 10 different answers/interpretations. So when a Muslim tells you it is not possible to translate word for word – you could sympathize with him and say, “what a Pity for Islam”. Let me prove to you that Muslims generally don’t know the meaning of what they are reciting from the Arabic Quran. Muslims, say prayers 5 times everyday in Arabic, read symbols/signs, Friday prayers and other Islamic literature in Arabic all the time, right? So one would think Muslims are sort of Arabic experts, right? But the Organisation of Islamic Conference Countries {OIC} uses their medium of communication during the conference, speeches, agreements/documents, etc in the English language. Now these Islamic countries do not send their drain sweepers to this international conference, but the best; and yet they do not conduct the conference in Arabic. This is because if a delegate refers to a Sura {of a document), some other delegate might possibly walk in with a ‘fence’. So the delegates had no choice but to dump Arabic and use the English language for their Islamic conferences every year {even though they use/recite Arabic everyday of their life}.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 37 – “Muhammad was fighting wars and in wars people do get killed” – Trying to ‘Whitewash’ Muhammad’s savage life? The dictionary’s definition of ‘War’ ‘is fighting between nations, states or widespread hostility throughout a country, such as a civil war’. There was never, any of this, during Muhammad’s lifetime in Saudi Arabia. The truth is that Muhammad never fought a war in his life, and, they were just raids in the true sense. Muhammad initiated and raided villages and towns for profit; capturing women and children for slavery, trade and sex, after beheading their men and stealing all their belongings (see “Biography of Muhammad” in this website). Out of 68 raids in his lifetime, 67 were aggressive/offensive raids started by Muhammad.

Islamic lies & Myth no 38 – “Islam is universal” – And so is Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Bahai’ism, and the thirty other religions. So what is special?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 39 – “If America don’t help Israel, the Middle East problems will be over” – Muslims always condemn America for supporting Israel. They think, without this support, the Jews will not ‘spank’ the Arab Muslims again. The Arab Muslims fought 5 wars with Israel, and each time the Jews gave the Arab Muslims a ‘bloody nose’. In 1948, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Arab volunteers, formed a united front and simultaneously attacked {1-day-old} newly independent Israel. Israel did not have American support then, and there was no proper Israeli government yet, and no regular army, except a small defense force, ill equipped and fighters made of Jewish volunteers {male and female}, Israel not only defended itself, but also taught the Arab Muslims a lesson not to take Israel lightly as it had the backing of the one true God {and Allah Lost}. Israel has amply shown the world, without American support, and facing Allah’s armed forces from 7 Arab Muslim countries, they can spank them good and proper. I remember during the Six-day {1967} when 12,000 men of the Egyptian armed forces, fled for life in the hot Sinai desert and had their feet all burnt. I hope Muslims have learnt their lesson that they cannot defeat Israel, then and now, because the one true God is on the side of Israel {with or without America) and this Allah cannot do a thing. But of course, Muslims can always dream on.

Islamic Lies & Myths no 40 – A man from Istanbul narrated how his sister was dying of leukemia for more than a year. She faithfully prayed to Allah {as the family was Muslim then} but she was only getting worse and finally, more than a year later, being bed-ridden, Jesus appeared and consoled her. Thereafter everything happened fast, and she had a bone marrow transplant in London and eventually her family of 6 became Christians. A Pakistani Muslim’s response to this message in the Guestbook was that Allah sent Jesus to cure her. So it was Allah who cured her in his opinion.

First, no one believes this Allah has any power to answer Muslim prayers. Just for argument’s sake say Allah did initiate this cure, then this Allah must be an idiot, because by doing so, these 6 people {family} apostated. So every time Allah sends Jesus, the Muslim population reduces? Couldn’t this Allah foresee that by sending Jesus {if it is true}, Allah would be damaging the Ummah {Muslims} by reducing it? The truth is Allah never responded for more than a year’s Muslim prayer, and finally on her deathbed Jesus appears to her, and she is cured. This Turkish family then realised that Islam is a fake and converted to Christianity, because only Jesus answers your call. She became a nun and probably is responsible for bringing even more Muslims to Christ, today.

What I am trying to point out here is that, Muslims just blurt out to defend Allah, without much thought of the consequences of their words. It is as if, it is an automatic Muslim nurtured response to just lie, any which way they can, to defend this Allah.

Islamic Lies & Myth no 41 – “The Kaaba was built by Abraham.” This is a Quranic lie.

Abraham never went to Mecca. According to Judaism, the Bible, The Dead Sea Scrolls and all encyclopeadias, Abraham took the same route with his family/slaves, sheep, donkeys, etc, journeyed from Ur in Chaldea (west of Basra in Iraq) to Haran, Turkey (directly northwest along the Euphrates) and down through the Beka Valley (Syria/Lebanon) to Shechem, Hebron (in Israel), Egypt (near Alexandria) and Beersheba back in Israel along the common fertile land route. (If Abraham went to Mecca not only his sheep, donkeys and his people would have died due to the desert and lack of water, but it was not the route used in 1900 B.C. through those desolate deserts). He lived and died and is buried in Machpelah in Hebron and it is a lie to say that Abraham ever went to Mecca to build the Kaaba. There was no Jewish youth by the name of ‘Abraham’ as the Quran claims. His name was changed to ‘Abraham’ only at age 99. If this Allah is God, he should have at least got the original name of Abraham, right? Why is circumambulating the Kaaba 7 times a pagan ritual (2:158) if Abraham built it and purified it according to Allah (2:124-5)? Why would any Jew ever build anything for the Arabs, either before or today? If a Jew built the Kaaba, why doesn’t it look like a Synagogue, but as a common Mandabum (Hindu God house for Idols with one door) of a Hindu temple? Why are there 360 idols in the Kaaba and why practicing the 7 circumambulating of the Hindus? THINK – Has any Jew ever built a Cube-house of God, anywhere in this world or circumambulating 7 times? The truth – Kaaba was a Hindu Siva Temple, highjacked by Muhammad to create Islam. See the article, “The Invention of Islam.”

Islamic Lies & Myth no 42 – One of the women, I met in Australia told me, most women in Iran (except the rich, who are mostly the Islamic clergy), make do with a rag and a string for their menstruations. The local sanitary napkins are of poor quality and embarrassing leaks are common, so, she sends her sister in Iran, Australian sanitary napkins. And yet the Islamic government wants to build nuclear facilities. Their aim is not for the people’s well being, but to destroy Israel and other non-Muslim countries. It goes to show the mentality of many Muslim minds. I predict, one day, Israel will blow it all up in smoke, just like they did to Iraq’s nuclear facilities in the late 80s. History will repeat itself here, as they will never learn to co-exist with other religions peacefully. If that happens, all the billions spent will be wasted. Iran exports 4.2 million barrels of oil a day and spends huge sums for terrorism all over the world, while their own people suffer. Theoretically, by any ranking, Islamic Iran should be a very rich and powerful country instead of turning it into a sewer and pariah today – 18 million have fled Iran and most gave up Islam – is there an unseen hand here at play?

Islamic Lies & Myth no 43 – “Islam is a good and proper way of life” – President Bush once said, “The entire Arab World of 22 countries have a total GDP less than Spain alone.” Can you imagine with all that oil and with Islam and yet, they have nothing much to show for it, except grief, crime and a miserable life to its people. Saudi Arabia has an unemployment rate of 18%. Even Japan-Buddhist, India-Hindu, China-Taoist/Buddhist are all doing better. Islam is the only religion to self-destruct. If there is a way of life to take a person, backwards, then Islam it is, as the 22 Arab countries have abundantly proven. Which Muslim country adequately provides the basic necessities of life for its people – none?

Islamic Lies & Myths no 44 – In conclusion, if a Muslim brags about Islam, keep challenging him/her and you will soon find out that it is just Islamic Lies & Myths.

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